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Full Version: Behind The Door
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The entire process of closure and ending and grieving is so difficult for me, forgive me if I just skim over all of that and ask...did anyone post pictures of whatever lay beyond the door at the back of the Great Zero? I was only able to get 20 markers, and was not able to open it myself to see what was there. Thanks and love to all. Ariel2
Well since this is no spoiler any longer. Or is it ?

Have a look at the site of UruObsession>>D'ni Rezeero Hint Guide wink3.gif
Mclan, I posted the pics in your thread at the Uru Live forum.

But, here they are again....


Calibration 1

Calibration 2

When heading back to the Calibration room to start & end a mission, I always seem to favor the machine closest to me in that 2nd pic. I don't know why. Just habit I guess.
Funny I always went to the same machine also. But mine was the first one on the left. Thought I had to go to the same one I guess.
I spent like 4 hours in the Great Zero area....including Great Zero Calibration room...waiting for the end LAST midnite....

and with nothing better to do... whistling.gif

I shot like 250 pictures....and about 2 Gigs worth of Video film... cool.gif

(Ever notice the progression of the numbers on the floor around the outside of the Great Zero?? Starting with 0 0 at the base of the stairs??? )

Anyway I will post up a page or two of shots soon as the juice flows through the electric chair.... wink3.gif

The Video of the machine itself is outstanding...and when you stand and look at it long enough there are just an amazing amount of moving parts....

Anyway the mechanics of the Calibration unit are also amazing as is the power source. smile.gif

Figure I'll study it later and submit a report. tongue.gif
I love the 3 rings on the top of the Great Zero machine that slowly Oooze back & forth. It seems to be saying OOOOoooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo.
I've just spent the last 20 minutes feasting my eyes on all the pictures--thanks, Corona! Thanks, Yoram! Alazar, I can't wait to see your pictures and read your report. With all the numbers everywhere in the Great Zero and Great Zero Calibration rooms, it seems like one of those complicated algebraic problems most of us were mystified with in high school! When the calculations are made, it will be akin to opening the Greater Key of Solomon!

It was easy to spend time at the Great Zero, marveling at the awesome power of it, the beauty, and the advanced radionics. And, yes, watching the machinery slowly revolve was fascinating.

I'm so glad there are hundreds of us with all these pictures of D'ni and the Neighborhoods and the Great Zero in our heads--not only proof that URULive lives on in all of us, but what a comfort and a brotherhood. I'm so glad you're all out there, remembering.

I swear that thing was hypnotizing blink.gif
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