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Full Version: The Lords Of The Last Day
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There we were. A small group of brave players, with nothing in common except for that we were walking around in the city to catch the final moments of a great age. The Live D'ni was soon to end, and anything that was said or done would therefore echo in eternity.

We were the lords of the last day, and this is a group photo we took with sadness and awe:

Click here: 10:45 GMT outside library

After a while people started to fall asleep. This greeter, for example:
Click here for IBnetweasel and the cones

I guess this is where the cones go when they disapear before your eyes.

It could also be where Lync drags all the cones she can find, when a fellow Lord of the last day falls asleep.

Darth This
Greeter John Drake...

Look at that texture mishap under her feet! huh.gif
Darth, were you still on when the servers stopped? If so, what happened? Did you get an error message or a loss of connection one? confused1.gif
My game crashed while I was linking, though I saw another player walk by when I couldnīt move. When I restarted the game, all I could get was a blank screen. This happened around 1500GMT, and I still donīt know if it means itīs all over.

Still trying to connect.

Oh, itīs sad.
I just hope the spirit will live here at GoG and in the other forums.
I will always remember this day.

the servers wont be down untill 5am GMT

They are still up

I'm not gonna hang out with a defribulator trying to keep zapping Life back into this iffy connection.
Yes, I have managed to enter my Relto twice, but when I try to link I'm not going anywhere. The view is still there, but no controls and no linking.
It is 11:40 AM CST on Monday February 09, 04.

Passed another 12 something or other deadline. shock.gif

I am hangin in my Relto and all is well. clapping.gif
I just might hafta check this out when I get home from work....... shock.gif
QUOTE (BrunotheDoorman @ Feb 9 2004, 05:41 PM)
It is 11:40 AM CST on Monday February 09, 04.

Passed another 12 something or other deadline. shock.gif

I am hangin in my Relto and all is well. clapping.gif

That's exactly what I'm doing.
I'm taking a series of screen shots just to remember my Live Relto.

I have no wooden dock in my Single Player Relto. I'll miss it.
Staying around here as long as I can.
Thank you Darth for the photo of what may be our or my final moment in the city- I like the title- I enjoyed being lord of the city with my fellow rulers, however briefly.

"For we are all well met, though the circumstances be sad."

Shorah to Darth and all of you on the forums and in Uru Live.

Some of the mixed states of last night as represented by emoticons: sleep2.gif confused1.gif biggrin.gif down.gif and a bit inebriated from the drinks which Ad'ytum served up in the pub.
we had a great time last night.. Thanks, Darth, for posting those very cool pictures.
I met new people last night and even met one of the members of my own hood for the first time... smile.gif

I tried to log in this morning, but only got a blank screen.. then I had to go to work. So it is all over for me now lmao.gif

Sorry IBnetweasel.. I couldn't resist surrounding you with those cones... lol

QUOTE (LaReh @ Feb 9 2004, 02:49 PM)
Darth, were you still on when the servers stopped? If so, what happened? Did you get an error message or a loss of connection one?  confused1.gif

Ok, now I know what the end looked like.
The Katran server was down, that's why I couldn't link from my Relto.

I went to Achenar instead, wich was open, and waited among some others in the GoG Neigbourhood. Suddenly I noted that none of the others had moved for a while, and that no one seemed to say anything either.

I could still chat and walk around, but the others just stood still, all quiet. Not frozen, but moving slightly just as an avatar does when the player is passive.

I then realized that it had ended. They all stood in the position they were when the servers went dead. It was quiet like a grave.

To be really sure of what had happened I went to the coloured light buttons on the bridge. Nothing happened. I was on the other side, on a game server that had gone into oblivion.

Alone, like a single-player lord of the last day, surrounded by these ghosts. Ghosts of players that with no doubt experienced exactly the same thing.

This is sad. I took a picture, and have entered the names of the "ghosts".
Click here to view a spoiler.
You need to hurry on over to Atrus... apparently CyanBill is there in the Gog Hood telling a story... I SO WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks again for all the pictures
As far as what happens when the game ends- I am still in Uru and can walk around my Relto and all- Relto looks intact- but cannot link anywhere else- although I can click on the Nexus book as if I'm about to link- nothing happens- if I type /look, it tells me that I am in the Nexus. Makes for a cute screen shot- this odd glitch.

Anyway, that is my update of the state of things in Uru Live, as of 8:43 p.m. PST. I'll see what happens at 9 pm...the end of it all.

Now I know what happens... "there seems to be a problem with the online connection. please quit and try again"...only I know that if I quit, I will not be able to try again. I cannot bear to press the "okay" button, knowing that is the end....

9:02 p.m. PST

Shorah, Uru Live.
You are right Darth.

I was on Katran when it all went away.

I have video (I think) of us all dancing, jumping and cheering......

Then like a silent cloud,

We all just stood there.....

I screamed....."Can you hear Me?"

There was no response.......

They all stood there....shifting from foot to foot....but silent....


No response....

We were the walking dead.....

As they say "Dead Men Walking"

URU was snuffed out..... and we were the victims.....

###### those guys.....

I don't believe in the death penalty...... down.gif

Goodbye bravehearts!!!
This is a shot of the last of the Lords of the Hood, Achenar shard, moments before the end of URU.

I will try to get names etc as best I can...but if you're know it. biggrin.gif

Farewell Bravehearts!! innocent.gif
No farewells are necessary! Meet up at the Greeters Live Chat! thumbsup.gif
Hey look at me...I'm all NEW!!!!

cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
QUOTE (NewAlazar @ Feb 11 2004, 08:21 PM)
Hey look at me...I'm all NEW!!!!

cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif  cool.gif

Ok, congratulations then. What happened with the old one?
gig ask Tijara!!!

I better not say..... shock.gif

Is all long as Im here I am happy! smile.gif
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