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Full Version: Bucket Brigade
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confused1.gif I have managed to get the power on (with the sun 180 degrees away from the periscope view!), powered the two camshafts and made it to the lever on the walkway that powers the bucket line. I've even made it back to the bucket in time to get into it, only to have the whole system power down and leave me dangling in mid-air, leaving me no choice but to link back to Relto . . . again, and again, and again. How do I keep the power on long enough to get to the top?
ahhh Teledahn.

Ransome, you played this Live didn't you? You probably got "The Bug." There is a thread here you should go check - Cagraywolf helped me as well a few weeks ago with this little bugger.

It might sound crazy, but I had to actually go back sveral times and repower the the telescope, then play with the bucket control, then go for a ride. The worst part was going around and around in the bucket - something like 15 times before it finally dumped me out on the floor. (The other times I had to link out because I was trapped inside the bucket.)

A mild solution is resetting the age. A drastic one is starting your entire game over, buy way of unstalling everything inclluding the folder and reinstalling. But this really is drastic! You will have to go back to the cleft and do it all again. After Live died, I went back and did this and my telescope works perfectly now. go figure!

Once you get up inside after your bucket ride the game will go much more smoothly.

Good Luck!

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