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Full Version: Cleft Device
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This may be covered somewhere else, i don't know. If so, feel free to delete it.

In the cleft, in the imager room, on the writing desk, has anyone noticed the strange mechanism attached to the stone? It has d'ni writing on it, whitch i believe says:"ehrt ahleeo". does anyone know what this means? confused1.gif
It that what you are asking for? rolleyes.gif

Check this and similar threads initiated by Futographer. They are very educational and enlightened. clapping.gif
Oh, that cute object is a small model of the Great Shaft. In early beta, Yeesha used to touch it when she was talking about how the "water flows downward".
not that one, the other one. it had a lot of gears
This belongs in the cleft section wink3.gif

i put it here because i wanted a translation of the writing on the object, its just that no one has found it yet. cool.gif
do you mean this: linky

if what you're talking about is in here, then it's 1 piece of a device...looky
Oh, I see. its an unassembled clock. Thanks everyone!

(although the real point of the discussion was to find the measning of the d'ni script...)
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