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Shorah .
The rules Name as many Real Sweets/Treats that are on the market in any part of the world.
No doubles in the thread.
If needed a brief description of unknown sweets and or country.

I will start. Cherry Ripe. Aussie
Ok, this one is from Norway:

Non Stop - dark chocolate lentils covered with a thin, hard and sweet shell in different colours
Hmmmm . . .

M&Ms - milk chocolate lentils covered with a thin, hard and sweet shell in different colours
Dutch Drop -- Kind of liquorice mostly salted but you have sweet too

There are only a few places in the world where you can buy it.

So when abroad we miss it very much.
Mary Jane -- (USA) a sort of peanut butter nougat/taffy that will rip your fillings out!
Sugar Daddy - carmel sucker on a stick

roll.gif oh my roll.gif
Big Hunk

A very old candy bar. With nuts and a white nougat, like a taffy almost

Turkish sweets made out from sesame seeds.
Jelly Babies -- (UK) Fruit flavored jelly candies shaped like babies -- Dr. Who #4's favored snack
Hershey's Candy Kisses

Hummmmmmmchocolate and more chocolate
layers and layers of chocolate.
Whoppers -- chocolate covered malted milk balls
Blini, also known as blintzes or crêpes.

When stuffed with sweetened cottage cheese or antying fruity and top with sour cream, it is a delicious dessert.

Also well known: blinis with caviar!! mmmmm bleh.gif
Callard & Bowsers(sp?) licorice bars.
This is the most intense addictive soft black licorice in the world. Comes in a silver box that almost looks like a pack of Benson & Hedges cigarettes.

USA & Western Europe.
Necco Wafers -- sugar paste discs flavored like spices or fruit, come in a roll (USA)
Polly waffle.
Marshmallow covered in Biscuit cylinder then chocolate coated .

Open for Aussie bush tucker... shock.gif
Click here to view a spoiler.
Mmmmmm.......ant heads..........

Devonette! Yay! Necco wafers! clapping.gif I love them all...except for the purple ones. They don't taste like purple. They taste like they were dipped in someones' cologne or sprayed with WD40.
Raisinettes -- chocolate covered raisins

How big are those honey ants, Shadowcats?

If the purple Neccos are the clove flavored ones, Corona, I think they were my favorite! Haven't had them in years!
Pop Rocks - Not a clue . . .
Sugar bits that start effervescing in the mouth?
Bit O Honey

A chewy honey tasting thing
Zero Bar ~ Caramel, milky chocolate, and (peanuts?) inside of a white chocolate bar. (Not sure where this originated, but I get it in USA. Easier to find in the south.) tongue.gif

Ozalan ("KI girl") upsidedwnsmiley.gif
Similar to Pop Rocks were Zotz. Hard candy with a fizzy center.
USA- NERDS! sour shell with sugar inards roll.gif
Flying Saucers -- Thin pastel wafers (made from rice, perhaps?) shaped like a hollow flying saucer with tiny hard candies inside. (USA)
Now I'm all hungry! shock.gif

How about Sixlets? Those teeny tiny lil chocolate balls covered with candy a baggie tube of 'em and tip the whole thing into your mouth....
(drool) The large Chunky bar. Flat & divided like the typical large Hershey bar. But it's Chunky. (/drool)
Snickers - its packed with peanuts biggrin.gif
Twix Oz
Chocolate biscuit
Sno Caps -- small chocolate drops covered with tiny white nonpareils (USA) -- usually only find them at the movie theater anymore!
Reese's peanut butter cups USA

peant butter flavored center, covered in chocolate

Boy, I haven't heard of hardly any of the USA treats.
Nick-L-Nips -- small chewable wax bottles filled with sweet fruit flavored liquid, in little 5 pack bottle carriers. (USA)

ellen, most of the ones I'm naming fall into the "retro" category --they were common in corner candy shops 35 years ago, and are still available in specialty shops today.
pixie stix >>> flavored powder in a straw that is closed on both ends.

there is a candy bar from about 40+ years ago that I have been trying to think of. It had 25 little squares in a five by five layout in the shape of a bar. each row had a different flavor. I remember caramel and chocolate. the name had five in it. Does any one else remember it? It was my favorite when we could have a candy bar. It was priced similar to the other candy bars at that time.
Mr. Goodbar - Milk Chocolate with peanuts in it.
Peanuts + Chocalate... YUM!!!!

York - Peperment patty
The little halloween size are the best.

Cadbury Eggs - Cream, Caremel, or Chocolate in a milk chocolate shell
Easter time fave. in the states
Charleston Chew

An old fashioned chewy favorite since 1922! Flavored nougat covered in chocolate.

Available in original vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. <---my favorite

We used to freeze them, then crack them up & eat the pieces!! bleh.gif
solid colored sugar candy on strip of paper (usa-I shop at the penny store too.)
koetjes reep --> a small chocolate bar made from very milky milk chocolat
jujubes --> small cubes made from soft sugar covered licorice
kokintjes --> soft and sweet licorice, very addictive
pepernoten --> very small (+/- 2 cm diam.) cookies made with spices like cinnamon and aniseed (these are treats given by "zwarte Piet" who is the helper of "Sinterklaas" ( our equivalent of santa claus, only our santa has his party on the 5th of december instead of at christmas)

I know many many more typically Dutch sweets and treats ( I'm afraid I'm addicted to them all! icecream.gif ) but I think this is enough for now...
Some German stuff:

Super Dickmanns (general: "Negerkuss, Mohrenkopf, Schaumkuss")
marshmallow on circular waffle coated with chocolate

Goldbären (general: Gummibären)
"Gummy bears" small sweet fruit gums in the shape of a teddy bear

chocolate bar, nougat+waffle covered with chocolate, claims to be the "probably longest chocolate candy of the world"

big chocolate bar with lots of caramel inside, very sweet and sticky.

I need to stop. I haven't touched any candy for 3 weeks and going to continue that for a while.
Good And Plenty
Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer...(can't remember the rest)
Pink and white candy coated licorice

Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize...That's what you get in CrackerJacks
Мишка косолапый/Mishka kosolapiy (Clumsy Bear) — chocolate covered waffles, candy

Белочка/Belochka (Squirrel) — chocolate candy with hazelnuts

All Russian, but can buy here in Russian delicatessen stores.
Fairy Floss.
My Favorite.
Buckeyes -
Chocolate covered peanut butter type candy.
Crunchy Bar (NZ)
Hokey Pokey covered in milk chocolate.

Fruit Bon Bons Aussie.
Fruit candy with a chewy center.
PS just saw Bryans post. roll.gif he loves his Fairy Floss.
Stroop Wafels -> 2 thin waffles with sirup in between
Ellen I think this is it


An old-fashioned chocolate bar that's actually four different candy bars in one

Four different flavors covered with milk chocolate: caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge.

I was curious about the name also and found this site that has all types of candy - Geez, they bring back many memories rolleyes.gif
Moro bar
similar to a Mars bar, but richer/creamier (made with NZ full-cream milk)
Lohengrin - a very old sweet fom Norway, my mum used to eat it when she was a little girl. A piece of dark chocolate shaped like a dog bone and filled with yellow vanilla cream. Yummie!!
Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs - Australian

and I have no idea what was in them - popcorn coated in toffee?? - but they were great!
Lolly....Gobble....Bliss....Bombs? blink.gif Now THAT is a scarey name...

Topic? Oh, uh...homemade fudge? biggrin.gif
Walnettos - walnut flavored carmel chews

Remember the Artie Johnson - Ruth Buzzi skit on Laugh-in... "Want a Walnetto?" rolleyes.gif
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