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Full Version: Is Yeesha Mad?
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I decided to "take back what I returned", just to see them standing tall in my Relto. Well, after that, I have notice that I can hear some Bahro noises in my Relto, from time to time. It scares me! shock.gif

What do I do? Return what I have taken or wait to see what is coming? confused1.gif
From what i've heard in the past, the noises will keep getting louder and louder the longer you keep the Poles. If you want to be the guinea pig, I will watch and see what happens to you. shock.gif
I took the pillars back and displayed them in my Relto ... proudly ... mainly as a significance toward my feelings of the building factions of the time ... the first few times the screams bothered me ... but I quickly got use to them and soon they became a part of the background noise ...

I had also hoped that this might affect Yeesha and/or the Bahro enough ... to make an appearance and denounce the rising factions ... but alas this never happened ... and I never saw any sign or warning ... after several months of having the pillars ... other than the continual screams ... I began to realize that Yeesha or the Bahro had never ... or ever intended on visiting me ... this went on till the day we were all made to leave ...
Thanks for the back ground. Now I know I will retain them and make them my "flag poles". Only if I can climb one and put a flag up there... The GoG flag (do we have one?) blink.gif .
I like the BG ambiance of the Relto music too much to have it filled with Bahro screams. shock.gif
Reading the title to this thread, I interpreted it as is Yeesha mad. As in, is she nutzo?

In that case, I belive so. To a certain extent that is. The way she made us go on the quest and only answering our questions with yoda-like speeches that only created even more questions and when it was over we didn't know what to think because we were told that the D'ni died on pride, but she is a hypocrite and has too much pride. So, yes, Yeesha is mad. Mad in the sence that everyone with a cause is.

As for he being angry about you steeling the Bahro, I don't know. She's weird. Just hope she has taken her happy pills before linking to your Relto. wink3.gif
I think Yeesha's only pride is the she keeps us guessing and confused. She probably takes a long hard laugh after every holo-recording she left in the Cleft. lol. roll.gif
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QUOTE (Arowin @ Mar 27 2004, 06:24 AM)
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"Eau de Bahro: for those moments you need to feel special..." lmao.gif
You must return what has been given. wink3.gif
That reminds's that $5 I owe you.
Wait a minute, there's nowhere on Relto for them to be hiding...

Does this mean they're invisible? Or ghosts or something?

They could have been all around us in the cavern...
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