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Full Version: Teledahn Problem
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Can anyone please lend a helping hand? I've done the powering up and ridden in the bucket to the control room, been upstairs and messed around with fishtanks and books and things, and got the manhole to open. However, no matter how much I fiddle with the lever, the water won't go. I've tried resetting the age, but that hasn't worked either. Am I missing something somewhere?? down.gif

How did you try to get the water to go? You said you've been to the control room. Sure you tried all the buttons and levers?
I think so - turned the lights on, figured out what makes the buckets work, unlocked the manhole and opened it so the light comes on - but the blasted lever won't go down properly - only goes halfway and then flicks back up like it's blocked or something. Is it me???? Or have I truly missed something?? blink.gif
You can't climb down into water.

Beware, strong spoiler...
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That's your problem right there: you can't open the manhole before you drain the water. If you do, the water won't drain. You'll have to set the control panel to what it was before you opened the manhole and then do it in the right sequence: drain water first and open manhole next.
The boys said it all wink3.gif Try it Racegirl and you should do fine!
I just thought of this.

Has anyone gone to Teledahn with a friend & one of you stayed down near the hut while the other drained the water? Too late to try it now, bit I wonder what it looked like. Did it just lower or was there a cool whirlpool effect?
I did it twice - once on the bottom to watch and once doing levers so my friend could watch. Both times the water just drained slow - no whirlpool.
frumpy.gif speaking of whirpools, whatever happened to yours, Corona? I liked that big, blue toilet bowl at the bottom of your posts. biggrin.gif
Hey guys - thanks for your help - it worked a treat! Pretty logical really (if I thought about it a bit more!).

Really appreciate your assistance! biggrin.gif
Your welcome, Racegirl. biggrin.gif That's what we're here for. hug.gif

Danie, I change my sig every so often. I liked the Tidybowl sig too. But I felt it grew old so I put up Sirrus & Achenar for a while. I wanna change it again soon to some cute shrooms.

Thanks Jo! Now I know. No real biggie, I guess. It just lowers. wub.gif
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