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Full Version: Cleft
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I've found all the clothes and made it down the tree and linked to my Relto. Now I don't have a linking book in the shelves to go back to the Cleft. Did I miss something? Do I have to start over to be able to go back? Help, please.
Welcome lonegamer to the Guild of Greeters,

You didn't miss anything, continue on your journey and, who knows, may be the road back will be revealed. linking.gif
Welcome to the GOG. This is a good place to come for help.

On not getting to go back home:
Did you go to all the ages stored in the pillars?
Did you find all those journies and listened to all the speeches at the end?
Did you 'return what was taken?'
Are you sure you are done?

After asking yourself these questions, see what you can do. If you are still stumped, you can always come back.
Yes, just keep going and your answer will be at the end of your journey.
Hi Lonegamer - I'm new too!
Have you truly checked out everything on Relto? Sometimes you can walk right past the answer.........

Have fun!
I can't understand how anyone can finally get to their Relto Island after figuring out the head-banging Cleft puzzle, & then be stumped. There is no puzzle to figure out when you 1st arrive at Relto. Just the opposite. You have a major huge reward. 4 new Ages to explore. Go explore!
Welcome Lonegamer
You have only just begun. Keep going so much ahead for you. We are always here for you so just keep checking with us.
Lonegamer if you get grumpy-bear replies, just ignore them. Come back often and Granny will bake you cookies and I will get you hot chocolate.

Welcome to the game and to the forum!!!!!!! cat2.gif cat2.gif
You thought that was grumpy-bear? Well, maybe it was a tad. Oh well, sorry for the grumpy-bear.

What kind of day has it been for me today? Well, let's just say I had to call a studio in LA today & let them know I was really still alive. unsure.gif
Are you still alive? unsure.gif lmao.gif hug.gif

Welcome Lonegamer! Now you're at the FUN part of the game! biggrin.gif
Oh Corona bad day. Poor baby. Granny loves.

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I feel so comforted by Granny hugs! hug.gif
I want to make real apple cider. I want to squeeze the apples in Autumn.

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I just realised I missed some relto pages. I am wanting to go back and get them before I end the game. I ended up here because I am wanting to know the same thing. Is there a way back to the Desert Cleft once you arrive at the relto Hut?
Yes, you can go back. But only after you have finished the game you will be able to get the Cleft book.
If you missed relto pages in any of your can go back at any time....don't have to go to the cleft to get that what you are asking?
Shorah Dyne
I am also stuck-I completed the Ages, returned the pillars,Yeesha told me the beginning story and didn't give me a book. I'm wondering, if I returned the pillars out of the order that i completed the Ages, amn I screwed? Do I have to start all over again, or visit each age, write down all the signs on the floor, and then keep trying to get the right order?
Nyrphame Danilaise
the order shouldn't matter - if you are in the online game there is a KNOWN BUG whereby you do not get your cleft book and you have a permanent fissure in your Relto.

Not sure if this applies to the offline version or not, but for the online version Cobbs supplied a patch I believe for the fissure and I seem to remember that INDY gave me my cleft book...

There ought to be a thread around here somewhere, let me see if I can find you a linky...


there is an link there to the cobbs page, which may no longer work - pm Deledrius on the Cobbs site if all else fails as he is the patch author..

hope that helps!

Shorah Dyne
Yes! I finished, I went back to all the ages and got the right order...what i wasn't doing was pushing the blue button the second time...silly me. Thanks!
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