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Full Version: New area found in Ae'gura
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If you need a hint look below. biggrin.gif
Click here to view a spoiler.

Oh, and I brightened it a little bit. wink3.gif
QUOTE (nutrioso @ Apr 15 2004, 05:55 AM)
Wish I could fly, then could I find it?

Nutrioso we'll get you taking off today, if you let me help you a bit... want to PM me and tell me what keeps you from flying? Maybe we can solve your probs wink3.gif

And yes Danie, that DOES look hard to find! I'll go hunt that place soon as I have nutrioso up in the air laugh.gif
I know the Age ... just can't find the location. blink.gif
Yay! I think I found it cool.gif

Click here to view a spoiler.

That should be the place... whew! Took me quite a while, Danie didn't make it too easy either laugh.gif

I love this game! thumbsup.gif
Yup. That's it. biggrin.gif
I actually came to it from the left side and figured it kinda looked like it could almost be in the city. I was just looking around the age after seeing the weird paper floating in the air outside of the office.
Guess it was a pretty tough one, but that's what makes it fun. biggrin.gif
Who's going next?
I do have another one, It's kinda easy.
Click here to view a spoiler.

And a little hint:
Click here to view a spoiler.

I won't be back untill 3pm Central Time. Good luck. biggrin.gif
Inside the closet.
QUOTE (trickster721 @ Apr 15 2004, 05:08 PM)
Inside the closet.

Dang...! trickster beat me but it was close laugh.gif

Click here to view a spoiler.

And yes, it was rather easy with the hint... the first one was tougher wink3.gif
Yeah the closet. rolleyes.gif A bit easy.

It was the first place I whent after getting fly. wink3.gif
QUOTE (Dragonball161 @ Apr 15 2004, 12:47 PM)
Guess it was a pretty tough one, but that's what makes it fun. biggrin.gif Who's going next?

Ok I got another tough one for you...

Where can you find this door...?
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bon voyage, et bonne chance thumbsup.gif
....this should be kadish tolesa, floor of the moon room. right ?
Yep, that is correct, I wanted to answer but was too late. thumbsup.gif
Yeah, that image was one of those that I knew exactly were it was. Never looked at the thing that close before, though. Quite interesting all the technical work that whent to making it. It almost seems out of place, especially when you get through the age and see the other things. Very weird.
well i taken out my kadish gallery barriers wink3.gif wink3.gif
...i know this door by name, because for uncountable, frustrating hours i thought THIS would (could/should) be the exit of the moonroom.
for me this puzzle was the hardest by far, because the kadish concept (look for the unseen....) was not that clear at this time. the first puzzle, as you all remember, was "straightforward" - do exactly the "seen"....
Look what I found while taking a ride (fly) down the Bahro cave....

Click here to view a spoiler.

(And before anyone asks, that was not manipulated in any form.)
shock.gif wow cool that is awesome
What a great way to see it. clapping.gif
Is it not the door near the bleu tiles in the pyramide?
Veralun blush.gif
I wonder if perhaps that door might lead somewhere in future xpacs?
QUOTE (Matanawaiian @ Apr 17 2004, 06:07 PM)
I wonder if perhaps that door might lead somewhere in future xpacs?

Since we have been told that we would have to revisit Kadish ... then there is probably a book hidden in the closet there ... or maybe it does go further and we might see the sides of Kadish that we have not seen ... except in screen shots ... assuming Cyan hasn't totally done away with this area.
Closet in Kadish???
shock.gif UruBoo, That was an incredible shot!! Wow thanks for posting that. As one that has not yet gotten the flying thing working, I really appreciate the pics everyone is sharing from flying. Awesome!! thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (nutrioso @ Apr 18 2004, 10:02 AM)
shock.gif UruBoo, That was an incredible shot!! Wow thanks for posting that.  As one that has not yet gotten the flying thing working, I really appreciate the pics everyone is sharing from flying.  Awesome!!  thumbsup.gif

Nutrioso, that pic was taken in some of a strange way. I went to Bahro Cave and, instead of fall down the hole, I start flying down there to see the place. Then I saw a little bright "dot" way way down. I approached and there it was - the bahro cave. I was asking to myself "what the heck this is doing down here? It supposed to be up in the ceiling not here!". Well, I had to share what I found with you all. I never returned to see if it stills there but I guess so.

Flying mode does let you see and "feel" new things. wink3.gif
Oh! I thought you just flew outside of the Bahro Cave & took that pic. That's another Bahro Cave way below the 1st Bahro Cave?! Cool! shock.gif
Two colors ... two caves?
There are new and exciting things just around every corner in URU I guess. I am more determined now than ever to try to get the flying thing to work. headbang.gif
If you get it to work nutrisoso, let me know. Kind of scared of screwing up my computer and URU that I have. But since you and I are about the same experience figure if you do it maybe I will give it a try. But so scared. rolleyes.gif
You know, when in "Fly Mode", some weird things can happen while flying around places and changing views from 1st and 3rd person. I guess that's what happen to me, when I changed from 1st to 3rd and then to 1st person again. Then I was able to see that bright dot down there. A bug? Who knows...

Moderator Note

Please stop yelling ... no need for this huh.gif

The Wolfmeister has spoken. worship.gif
cat2.gif *runs* n hiding.gif
QUOTE (nutrioso @ Apr 18 2004, 08:00 PM)
I am more determined now than ever to try to get the flying thing to work. headbang.gif

No headbanging needed. I am working with nutri, and we should get it done, I'm positive... and soon as nutrioso is up in the air, we will get memiki there, too laugh.gif

Belated congrats to Maraca'thu, for recognizing that door so quick. I thought that would be harder to find... anyone else maybe, with a shot of an unusual view? Post it please, make us search tongue.gif
Memiki, I gave you very detailed instructions. I think you have more of a challenge with the Copy & Paste commands on your PC than you do with installing & running Uru with the Fly document. laugh.gif

hug.gif You should create dummy documents & dummy folders & practice Copy & Pasting, & dragging documents, & and creating new Folders, & renaming new Folders before you attempt to use the Fly mode.

See? We're teaching Memiki how to USE HER COMPUTER here. Kind of a scary concept to a wonderful kind woman who is used to wrestling with Lynx's. roll.gif
Listen, I will take wrestling with Lynx's and trying to make horse move that don't want to move, to trying to make computers work any day. Have bruises to prove that one. Reason I have mini horses, I can shove them around.

The computer scares me, the animals don't. I know Corona I have to do it. I am always losing things on my computer. No wonder I have so much stuff on it. I do things and then can't find it.

I probably have duplicate copies, at least 3 of them, out there when I have been trying to do things.

At one time hubbies and my computer were networked and then he was always having problems, so when I had to reinstall everything on his, that was mind boggling to me, I still have hook up stuff on here. Or something. I probably need to wipe everything out and restart it all. But I have so much saved on here. I know copy to cd. Easy for you all to say.

I have your instructions here and I read them every morning. Every morning I think today is the day. Then I chicken out. Yeah, I would rather enter Windsor cage on his bad day than try to mess with my computer. rolleyes.gif

Hubby will be gone for a few days, maybe I will try this week, when I have no interruptions. oh shivers up my spine.

I do appreciate it Corona. Just chicken. hiding.gif

frumpy.gif I know, I know frumpy.gif
{{{{{{{{ Granny }}}}}}}}
You can do it. clapping.gif
You're up bright & early. cool.gif
You MUST post more pics of your mini horses. I love those critters. blush.gif Take a few pics of them wandering around the kitchen & exploring the kitchen table. biggrin.gif

Somehow I get the feeling that Remote Assistance is the only way to analyze and remedy your PC. Remote Assistance (RA) is where PCs share the same desktop (over the internet?) so someone else has full command of your PC. Scary, eh? Well, not really, when it's a trusted friend or an IT professional, & not some cracker. laugh.gif

But I've never done it before. I just know it exists in Windows XP by reading about it.

You probably have many unneccessary duplicates floating about. And maybe a bunch of spyware? Have you downloaded Adaware & run it yet? Do you have Google as a Favorite in your browser?

Can you see the picture on your desktop, or are there 500 documents cluttering up your screen? roll.gif

I'm no big fan of the original XP look of the 'tiles' with explanations next to them. I like the look of Windows 98 & using simple smaller icons, not those fat 'tiles'. yucky.gif And I like the scheme of the W98 windows better. Blue & green & silver are not my favorite colors. (Okay gang, don't start telling me about Desktop Object, etc. Been there, done that.)

And I like windows to open up in their own separate windows. I hate using the navigation buttons. I use the task bar to navigate. tongue.gif Look at the top of my screen...

Is yours that narrow? Look at all the useless icons that aren't there. Yep, I put my task bar on top. An old Mac leftover that makes a lot of sense.

frumpy.gif I know, I know! laugh.gif Okay........the City! I love the City!
There, that oughtta hold 'em back. whistling.gif
(Okay, I'm using a silver scheme right now. How embarrassing.)
Oh Granny Memiki!! Blueice tried to help me and I messed it up. Send me a copy of your instructions that you read every morning and I will give it another try. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that loses things on my computer!! rolleyes.gif
We are gonna get this figured out yet! cool.gif
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