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Full Version: Hyperion has agreed
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The announcement was confirmed by RAWA on the Lyst . . .
On May 12, 2004, at 9:37 AM, Kehrin wrote:

> I'm so excited to see this!  I read it over on Myst Obsession.  They
> are reprinting the three Myst novels in one volume!

Yes, we're very happy about this.  We've been repeatedly asking
Hyperion (the publisher) to reprint the novels since they went out of
print several years ago, but Hyperion has not been interested.  So
we're just glad that they've finally changed their minds.

For those who have asked about a hardback edition: Yes, we would have
been thrilled to have a hardback edition. But considering how hard it's
been to get Hyperion to reprint them at all, we'll take what they've
offered without complaining about what we'd rather have  Maybe if the
paperback sell well enough, Hyperion will reconsider a hardback
edition, but I'm not holding my breath.

For those asking why they should buy it if they already have them: It's
pretty simple... if you don't want it, then don't to buy it, for crying
out loud!  We aren't asking you to. But there are many people who've
written asking for the novels to be reprinted because they haven't been
able to get them.  Now they have a chance to get them too.  Hurrah!



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Hyperion is going to publish a trilogy paperback of the three backstory novels!

The preorder I found was on Amazon.

The Myst Reader . . .
is what it's called.
ONLY $14!!!!!! shock.gif

But then, it's not a hard cover. down.gif

Hmmm... I guess I'll see if I can pre order it anyways, just so I can read it. Though, with a hardcover, I can walk up to my friends with the book outstreatched and ask if they would like to link with me. biggrin.gif
Now I'm also curious about something else!
If these paperybacks sell well . . .
will Cyan move The Book of Marrim . . .
and the other one mentioned here and there . . .

closer to the front of the stove/

OFF the back burner?
Oh wow......this is great news!!

I just preordered biggrin.gif I also prefer hardcover........I have one of the books
in hard cover.....sure would like the other two...hint, hint smile.gif Happy just the same.
Great! would prefer hardback, but will take what I can get. Didn't want to pay the exhorbitant prices seen for them on resell.
Are there more details, info available about Book of Marrim?
QUOTE (Norfren @ May 15 2004, 01:55 AM)
Are there more details, info available about Book of Marrim?

The Book of Marrim is still on the back burner as of about a month ago when I asked about it.
Marbles Ky Marbles
I am delighted that Hyperion has finally decided to print all three together and it's about time such fantastic books came back into print, I'm sick of lending my copies.
Hardback would be fantastic though. I'm currently contacting a friend who works at Hyperion for any info or getting suitable poking device to try for hardback.
Welcome to the forums Marbles enjoy your stay.
Wow you know someone that works for Hyperion cool. clapping.gif
That would be great if you could, Marbles. Just tell them to look at the after market in hardbound resells. There is a desire for the hardbound.
The trilogy book is going to be called the 'Myst Reader' and it's available for backorder here.

I want it now... down.gif
I do too. I had wanted to read all three books and it looks like now will be the time to get them.
Linky I found. smile.gif

This omnibus edition of the hugely popular Myst trilogy is published to coincide with the release of Myst Revelations,
the latest in the line of the bestselling Myst interactive CD-ROM games.
More........... The Myst Reader
I have all three of the books, is there going to be new information in the new addition that is not in the other three? If anyone should start a poll on hard back vs soft cover, add me to the hard back side, thanks wink3.gif
Well, I was fortuneate enough to be given all 3 of the books (paperback) when they were first out. However, as a highly devoted Myst fan, I think I might end up buying this anyway, for two reasons. 1. The Novelty of all 3 in one. 2. To support Myst by adding one more sale to the Hyperion publishing stats.

Plus, why chance only having one copy of the books?
QUOTE (Tohno @ Jul 20 2004, 05:13 PM)
Plus, why chance only having one copy of the books?

Exactly my theory as well, Tohno! I have all 3 in hardcover, softcover, and "Book-On-Tape" format. shock.gif
I got all hardcover books as they've been published, BoT got lost someplace down.gif Now I preordered the Trilogy thumbsup.gif
Thanks for the answer, Tohno, and you are right about having only one copy. I have Myst The book of D'ni in hard back but my other 2 are well read paper backs, and it would be good to have all three in one. It's good to go back and re read them once in a while, just for the history. I would urge all Myst fans to buy the Myst Reader, I am going to. biggrin.gif
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