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Full Version: Describing Myst
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I need help explaining Myst (MREDUR) to a friend. He knows NOTHING about the entire series. He vaguly understands URU, because I've told him about it a number of times, but he knows NOTHING on the rest of the Myst games. blink.gif

I was trying to show him the wonderful trailors, and he's like "I don't get it." And I'm just too worked up to EXPLAIN the dynamics of the wonderful beauty known as Myst. I was hoping y'all could help me in this task of EDUCATING the unknowing.
Poor poor Danie. Here's the skinny. They either 'get it', or they don't. And for those that 'don't get it', forget it. It's a lost cause.

1st of all, have them try Myst. See how far they go. If they get frustrated, try pointers & nudges & some spoilers. If they stilll are PYSTed, forget it.

Trust me. They either 'get it' or they don't. And the bulk of this planets' population would rather shoot kittens in a barrel than enjoy beauty. It's a sad fact, but it's a fact.

But definitely try to show them the series.

I'm a loner Myst player. I've never met another person in flesh & blood who loves Myst. The closest I've been is through the internet, & a lone phonecall with JoSmiley. (I've gotta call her again! biggrin.gif )
Thing is, he's never played it...

I know, I know, I'll get him to try it this summer.
What games is he used to?
Anything on the Nintendo systems, especially Zelda and Mario.
*cheesy grin*
tell him there are Zelda link tunnels in Uru . . .
(the bahro tunnels . . .
walking far into them . . .
like the tunnels in the little labyrinth of tunnels Link traveled while still in DaForest . . .
in Ocarina of Time).

Then tell him you kinda need to learn to aim and jump like Mario in places in Uru.

Maybe you can work him into it backwards . . .
starting with Uru?

EDIT:re-discovering the function of the space bar.
QUOTE (Corona @ May 14 2004, 08:50 PM)
And the bulk of this planets' population would rather shoot kittens in a barrel than enjoy beauty. It's a sad fact, but it's a fact.

shock.gif That's a really icky expression..... *tries to get the image out of her head* blink.gif

Yeah, you may not have much luck with him on the games....although if he likes Zelda, he may like the Myst games...I've never known anyone around here that likes the games either - drives me nuts. How can there be so many of us online and none in the same "real life" area? roll.gif
JoSmiley Posted on May 15 2004, 05:13 PM
How can there be so many of us online and none in the same "real life" area? roll.gif

The net is a hub where people are in immediate contact with each other and our interests and in Real Life we have to travel great distances to see each other.
Some of us are lucky that we have people close to us but that is rare.
cat2.gif from Jo .....
well, I like mario and zelda and halo and warcraft 3, but i'l a HUGE myst and uru fan...

have him try myst, that would be good...
I think Myst fans are a special breed of people. It takes patience, an imagination
and a desire to explore. I too have tried to turn a few friends on to Myst and failed. Most people I know would never spend as much time as I do on a computer
game...their loss. smile.gif

Anyway, wish I could help out Dragonball161, but I never had much luck on this subject myself. down.gif
Just let him try, some may like it after they try it. They seem to sell in the stores but meeting another myst lover is difficult I have my son, that's all I know that are into the game.
lol Take all the other games off him and just give him the one you want.
Guaranteed he will not tough another type of game again. roll.gif
If he doesnt want to think to much in a game then hes not going to like it. If he gets frustrated easily in games then hes not going to like it, and well you cant make him lol.

You just have to let him try it and go from there.

Me myself i love all kinds of games but i also love a good thought challenge maybe you could tease him alittle by saying jokingly to him *what is it to hard for you* or something like that.

I dont know thats my 2 cents wink3.gif
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