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Full Version: The Star Fissure
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I noticed something really odd when going through my Ki Images…
Click here to view a spoiler.

I don’t have a good screencap of the Cleft from above yet, as Fly mode won’t work for me, but I think I’m not mistaken here.
Here ya go smile.gif

Nice captures!

It would seem that they are indeed shaped identically...
Yes, they are. and if you look at another fisser in the Myst series... shhh.gif whistling.gif

I will go on my way... *runs*
Read the BoA.

I need a macro for that.
I have. Don't recall anything on this in there though.
Remember when it rained, and the Cleft filled up with water and reflected the stars?

It's all literary and metaphorical and stuff.

Or you could say that Catherine heard about it from Anna, and based the Fissure, conciously or unconciously, on that incident.

But I don't think that's the point.
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