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Full Version: Calibration Marker
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I am on the last one of my first three calibration markers. I am at the coordinates I hear it and my marker flashes red. I know am so close but so far away (its the marker for hight). I do not know where it can be. Searched high and low and even tried balcony jumping (was not good at it then sure am not good at it now). Efforts were futile. So if it is higher (than the area of "higher" learning) how can I get there and if it lower (than my feet) were is the tunnel. Or perhaps I am in the wrong place but so close.
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Just a little push.

I can taste it but it is bitter sweet. Makes you want to pucker-up huh.gif
If you take a little time to stop and 'smell the flowers' you might find a new approach to what you are seeking.
Yes, go back to the garden and pay homage to the rotating statue. You might find he has some words of wisdom to share. whistling.gif
Thanks. I would never have guessed something like that blink.gif
But were did a clue for that come from huh.gif
Thanks for the "push" ja'de but, Dragonball161 you are too rough whistling.gif blush.gif huh.gif
Sorry. down.gif

I'm terable about doing spoiler things... blush.gif
QUOTE (ydontuknow @ Jun 2 2004, 05:58 PM)
But were did a clue for that come from huh.gif

This goes way back to the beginning of beta ... and those in at that time had spoken of this stone and it's location . and that it had since disappeared ... and those of us that came in to the beta later and listened ... remembered. biggrin.gif
Thanks Wolfie for the insight. But that does not fit the game as far as I can tell. What if the person who has been playing the game never was in or even heard about the beta, and never went on or looked at any of the forms for help. What/how are they suppose to finish the game? For if you look at it in a logical/geometrical sense you would never go back and look in a place like that for an artifact. You have been there and it was not there the first time so why would you go back unless there was a clue of some sort. Unless the clue is the one in Sharpers notes that say "I think there is someone here" but that can allude to "you" (he senses your presents.) But still that is not a good clue.

HUH, I do not know. I feel that is/was a bad way to have to find the last piece. Hopefully they have added/ installed some clues on The Path of the Shell. I like playing the game to try and figure it out with out having to ask a lot of questions. Now when I get stumped and ask then a clue is provided that tells me where I should of found the clue now I feel that is alright. But when the clue stems back into a Beta game, well that's not right thumbsdown.gif .
Isn't the whole purpose of the game; use clues (that are provided) to help you figure out/ solve the puzzle.
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ydontuknow ... I can and do full agree with you. I only stated what and how I knew the stone was back there. The only other thing I could think of for those that never read the forums or go looking for help ... would have at least ventured back there to read the hieroglyphs on the wall ... but then if they had already done this in Prime then why would they go back there again.

To sum it up ... again I agree that this was not well thought out and there should have been some clue to point you back there ... other than the "explore everywhere" response ... I mean how many times can you explore a certain area before you stop going there? I also agree that I would probably never have found this stone either had I not heard the information from beta to know to even look in the first place.
This brings up a good question. Does the Exhaustive walk thru that is sold at the games stores have this in their books? I think the book came out before the xp1 did.

The only alternative is to jump over, however I think they changed the dynamics a bit, of recent when I jump over, I wind up on the ground, not the overhang above the class room. can any one else confer with this?
I agree, there is no clue to send you back there. Most people, having explored an area, will not return unless a clue sends them back, as in sharper's journal to go back where it refers. They needed a clue somewhere to let one know of this out of the way place.
Now its entirely possible that sharpers journal could provide that clue. he does leave a clue about distance, where he says ' its pretty obvious that the distance is a hood, but which one?'
perhaps if you were not sure of where to go at that point, the journal could have provided that clue. now being that you ran in to this problem, i dont know if you checked his journal at that time or not. However, it seems that some of the clues that others have seen did not show up in my jounral, where others did that others didnt see, im willing to guess it was becasue i didnt need a clue to find what i was looking for. im curious now.
Well , XP1 did turn ABM into a new game and did alter some of the existing ages ( even if some ever so slightly ) . As such you do need to re-explore pretty much everywhere anyway , just to see what is new and what isnt .

Although I do agree that that stone could be very easily overlooked and I too knew that there was one there from back in the beta . It probably wouldnt have been a bad idea to add a small clue in somewhere as to hint to it .
The only reason why I have made the past statement is because I would rather feel that I was ignorant to the clue that point there. I know that I have gotten stumped on a few if not many clues, but when I read a nudge and figure it out and I feel silly and think "Now why did I not see that? headbang.gif ".

I guess since the game is over, until the "The Path of the Shell" arrives, I am going to have to scan through Sharper's journal and look around just to see if there was a clue that I and some of youns might have missed. I just can not thing that Cyan did something like this. Or maybe they did.
It might of been like this----

Philip: Yo Roger
Roger: Yea whats up Philip
Philip: How are we/ or were are we going to put this calibration marker
Roger: Humm, now that is a good question
So the dynamic duo pondered on this for days. UNTIL
(the phone rings 3:05 a.m.)
Philp(sounding groggy) Yea
Roger: Philip is that you
Philip: No its your freaking DAD!! What do you want and this better be good.
Roger: You know that last marker
Philip: Yea what about it
Roger: Well I been contemplating and looking over the game, Why don't we put (if you have found it you no where. I do not want to give out any spoilers)
Philip: Sure go ahead, Lets finalize it at work
11:00a.m. the same day
Philip: So Rodger is it in there
Roger: Yes, but.......
Philip: but what
Roger: How are they going to get to it
Philip:Wow that is a good question. Why not balcony jump they were doing that in the beta test.
Roger: they blocked it
Philip: yea you are right. Lets move it to a different location then or we can put that bahor stone back were we had it in the begging of the beta testing
Roger: Excellent thinking Phil E X E C L E N T
later that day
Boss Man: Philip, Roger is the expansion ready for release? If so we would like to release it to day.
Roger and Philip: Yes it sure is Boss. We have just finished it up. We know that they will LOVE it
latter that night Philip and Roger are out celebrating the release on the expansion
When suddenly Phil looks at Roger and Roger looks at Phil and they remember something that they forgot to do.
Phil: Hey Rog......You know what
Roger: I think I know what you are going to say....We did not put any kind of clues in the game for others to go back to that place
Philip: Yep per that is what I was going to say......OH well somebody will remember the stone
Roger: You are sooo right...............OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWeeeeeeeeee lets party.......

So that is the end of that whistling.gif

Until da ta da....... ta "THE PATH OF THE SHELL" HIT-and-drag.gif
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