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Full Version: The Airstream's License Plate
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DaDungeon has an older Radeon All-in-Wonder 7500 graphics card . . .
which seems to handle URU in a quite acceptible fashion.

But . . .
the FIRST thing that popped into Tink's head . . .
upon discovering that Zandi's trailer . . .

has plates that contain the number "7500" . . .
was . . .

Does the plate match a player's graphic card in some fashion?

A peculiar surreal egg?

What number does everyone else see on Zandi's trailer?

Make or break Tink's typically Tink-ian theory?
I wondered about the license place some months ago.
Not along those lines though (DaDungeon is a place of mystery).
I was thinking someone from New Mexico might be able to identify it.
Are license plate number traces still able to be done?


what's the number anyway?
I have a GeForce4 ti4600........the plate still has 7500 on it.

I have a feeling it is probably just a number that was made up .
Oh the PAIN!
*Tink dramatically draws the back of her hand over her anguished brow*

Theory BROKE!

*Short pause . . . measured in nanoseconds likely*

Ah well . . .
back to the drawing board . . .

*peruse the crowd of half-baked theories clustered there*

It says 7500 in my Cleft as well. Sorry Tink.
The secret of the license plate has been solved. Apparently a former Cyan artist copied it from the website of a license plate collector. There is a URU forum thread about the license plate and the German Spiegel Online magazine posted the story. So unfortunately it seems there is nothing MYSTerious about this license plate down.gif
I used to have access to an NCIC screen. New Mexico's plates used to be orange and yellow with a sunset & mts. That is from when I used to live in that area. I miss the Southwest. down.gif
Kaiser Sol
Odd ............ Mine says "Centauri System B" and has strange looking glyphs under that. shock.gif
clapping.gif good one kaiser!

i'm pretty sure that that is what mine says also.

terribly sorry Tink.

her goes your already partially-deflated theory: blow.gif
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