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Full Version: A Chat With Michael Engberg (possibe Spoilers)
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Here I go again! I'm posting an older conversations with Michael Engberg, one of the "beloved" *cough* Dont' think so *cough* members of the DRC. Again as last time, I warn you of possible Minor spoilers...

I mainly am posting to help those that are both in game and out to make their decisions of sides a little more easily. After all, we know a decision will need be made soon enough.

(11/19 00:33:13) Dusante: yeah that disappearing act was, a little freaky
(11/19 00:33:19) Garvin: have a drink, Mr Engberg?
(11/19 00:33:31) Michael Engberg: enjoy this for now.. and the DRC will have to have a meeting to see if really want it open..
(11/19 00:33:42) Archais: So were do you get teh greeter shirts?
(11/19 00:33:54) Michael Engberg: i don't drink..
(11/19 00:34:01) Dalamith: soda?
(11/19 00:34:10) UbiqriD'NIculous: that's good, because we have no drinks
(11/19 00:34:10) Daniel: Mix me up a Geotherm Gin. On the rocks
(11/19 00:34:20) UbiqriD'NIculous: well, you know that
(11/19 00:34:20) Dalamith: comin up daniel
(11/19 00:34:27) Daniel: bless you
(11/19 00:34:29) Dalamith: here you go
(11/19 00:34:33) Garvin: Then give us purpose, Mr. Engberg
(11/19 00:34:36) Zardoz: I was mixing the drink
(11/19 00:34:46) UbiqriD'NIculous: the jumping seems a touch unsafe to me, more than the drinking
(11/19 00:34:49) Archais: I couldn't get the drink ... apparently its too heavy
(11/19 00:34:50) Michael Engberg: So.. all I ask is becarefull ok
(11/19 00:34:59) Archais: I should stick to feathers
(11/19 00:35:01) Michael Engberg: any other questions?
(11/19 00:35:01) Daniel: You've got it Mr. Engberg
(11/19 00:35:06) Archais: but there are no feathers
(11/19 00:35:08) UbiqriD'NIculous: are there any first aid kits in the city, mr. engberg?
(11/19 00:35:13) Daniel: There were qquestions? I didn't hear down.gif
(11/19 00:35:15) Dalamith: no problem. i don't think abunch of drunk explorers can do too much harm
(11/19 00:35:18) Dalamith: just kidding
(11/19 00:35:22) Archais: cool your back
(11/19 00:35:32) Christoph05: Where can I find a bed, i'd like to take a nap before going back to the surface.
(11/19 00:35:33) Michael Engberg: no.. only on the surface..
(11/19 00:35:39) UbiqriD'NIculous: in case of accidents, i mean
(11/19 00:35:47) UbiqriD'NIculous: OK, may I bring some down?
(11/19 00:35:47) Michael Engberg: nap in the neighborhood..
(11/19 00:36:01) Christoph05: ok, sleep in the fountain and get pneumonia right?
(11/19 00:36:04) Dusante: gee, thats pretty far to go, especially if you have a serious injury
(11/19 00:36:12) Michael Engberg: Ubi.. follow the DRC and there won't be any..
(11/19 00:36:13) Dalamith: nah, there's no water in the fountain yet
(11/19 00:36:13) UbiqriD'NIculous: it seems a bit odd to leave such things on the surface
(11/19 00:36:15) Blue Max: Well, the waters' still turned off...
(11/19 00:36:15) Dusante: i should get one for my relto
(11/19 00:36:21) Archais: So who is the Dn'i that was referred to in the letter on the Baron's City Office Desk??
(11/19 00:36:27) UbiqriD'NIculous: well, you do look quite healthy
(11/19 00:36:30) Daniel: I keep some stuff at my relto. Man. There was this lava incident once..I won't get into it
(11/19 00:36:30) UbiqriD'NIculous: smile.gif
(11/19 00:36:38) Archais: Has the DRC seen him/her around?
(11/19 00:36:39) Michael Engberg: what letter?
(11/19 00:36:54) UbiqriD'NIculous: I've seen some barefoot people near the ferry, that's what made me concerned
(11/19 00:37:11) Archais: There is a letter on the Baron's Desk that talks about the DRC meeting a Dn'i that survived
(11/19 00:37:15) Michael Engberg: I don't go reading other peoples stuff
(11/19 00:37:27) Michael Engberg: so I don't know..
(11/19 00:37:28) Daniel: ::whistles innocently::
(11/19 00:37:40) Christoph05: Is it possible that Douglas Sharper will come visit us soon?
(11/19 00:37:56) UbiqriD'NIculous: yeah, isn't he supposed to be fixing this place up, Michael?
(11/19 00:38:19) Michael Engberg: chris.. maybe.. I'll see if i can talk to nick about talking to him..
(11/19 00:38:32) Christoph05: thanks
(11/19 00:38:36) Zardoz waves
(11/19 00:38:42) Michael Engberg: Ubi.. another reason to close it..
(11/19 00:39:01) Christoph05: Is he that wreckless??
(11/19 00:39:03) Archais: So when do you think the rest of the city will be open
(11/19 00:39:10) Michael Engberg: Did you guys know Nick visited the DRC 1 today..
(11/19 00:39:20) Dusante: yeah i saw nick for a bit
(11/19 00:39:28) Garvin: yeah
(11/19 00:39:28) Daniel: I visited DRC1 today. i saw Ka'tie and Rand..and a camera
(11/19 00:39:29) Dalamith: was he the one who took the video camera?
(11/19 00:39:31) Christoph05: I was on the surface all day. Missed him
(11/19 00:39:44) Daniel: Rand was..very Zoned Out
(11/19 00:40:00) Archais: Cool when was Rand down here?
(11/19 00:40:02) Michael Engberg: I heard Kodama had a conversation with someone too..
(11/19 00:40:03) Dalamith: man i had to be on the surface all day. i wish i could have met them
(11/19 00:40:18) Daniel: Oh yeah. I think i remember Kodama as well.
(11/19 00:40:32) Michael Engberg: lets say Kodama can be harsh...
(11/19 00:40:36) Archais: I tried to meet with him the other time he was here but traffic was to bad
(11/19 00:40:39) UbiqriD'NIculous: is there any security down here, other than the Council members?
(11/19 00:40:57) Michael Engberg: bi.. not yet
(11/19 00:41:07) Dusante: what did kod say?
(11/19 00:41:08) Michael Engberg: ubi
(11/19 00:41:14) UbiqriD'NIculous: so there will be?
(11/19 00:41:22) Archais: So is the DRC working on fixing one of the boats?
(11/19 00:41:37) Christoph05: How do the barriers manage to keep us from going over them?? Some kind of D'Ni magic?
(11/19 00:41:38) Michael Engberg: Who knows about if there will be..
(11/19 00:41:41) Blue Max: Fixing? Those heaps need a drydock...
(11/19 00:41:48) UbiqriD'NIculous: smile.gif
(11/19 00:41:58) UbiqriD'NIculous: that's what I'm trying to find out, Mike
(11/19 00:42:12) Michael Engberg: boats.. another thing we might someday get too..
(11/19 00:42:19) Archais: cool
(11/19 00:42:20) Dusante: nice
(11/19 00:42:34) Michael Engberg: someday.. might be another 5 years...
(11/19 00:42:42) Blue Max: If you want a boat it'd be a lot faster and more efficient to hoist down a couple of Zodiacs and jerrycans of gas
(11/19 00:42:42) Michael Engberg: smile.gif
(11/19 00:42:46) Archais: oh ... not so cool .. heh
(11/19 00:42:53) UbiqriD'NIculous: Might I reccomend kickboards for the interim?
(11/19 00:42:54) Christoph05: Is that D'ni years or surface years?
(11/19 00:42:59) Garvin: 5 years!?
(11/19 00:43:12) UbiqriD'NIculous: recommend, that is
(11/19 00:43:17) Daniel: Gah. kickboards. Sytrofoam Doom
(11/19 00:43:18) Michael Engberg: surface..
(11/19 00:43:46) UbiqriD'NIculous: thsi guys kind of odd, I dare say
(11/19 00:43:53) UbiqriD'NIculous: smile.gif
(11/19 00:43:53) Michael Engberg: guys i must get going..
(11/19 00:44:04) Michael Engberg: again email if you want.. and be safe
(11/19 00:44:04) UbiqriD'NIculous: Nice to meet you
(11/19 00:44:07) Blue Max: OK M.E... have a good night
(11/19 00:44:09) Garvin: ok, thanks for stopping by
(11/19 00:44:11) Dusante: ok bye
(11/19 00:44:13) Christoph05: Thanks for stopping by
(11/19 00:44:17) Archais: bye
(11/19 00:44:19) Michael Engberg waves
(11/19 00:44:21) Hobeaux: cu
(11/19 00:44:22) Dalamith: take it easy Michael. don't be a stranger
(11/19 00:44:24) Hobeaux waves
(11/19 00:44:24) Archais waves
(11/19 00:44:24) Garvin waves
(11/19 00:44:24) Daniel waves
(11/19 00:44:28) Dusante waves
(11/19 00:44:29) Forever waves
(11/19 00:44:29) UbiqriD'NIculous waves
(11/19 00:44:36) Dalamith waves
(11/19 00:44:40) Michael Engberg: oh and enjoy this.. we might have to close it for repairs...
(11/19 00:44:53) ...Chat.log stopped.
(11/19 00:44:54) Hobeaux: it's broken?
(11/19 00:44:57) Christoph05: I'll volunteer to help repair!
(11/19 00:45:10) Dalamith: ok drinks anyone?
(11/19 00:45:11) Daniel: Poor guy has to run all the way down. Must not be special enough for a Relto smile.gif
(11/19 00:45:17) Garvin: bar, didn't he have any?
(11/19 00:45:38) Zardoz: Ooops -sorry
(11/19 00:45:39) Michael Engberg waves
(11/19 00:46:13) Hobeaux: when the cat's away, the mice will play
(11/19 00:46:18) Daniel: Allright..he's gone
(11/19 00:46:18) Hobeaux does a dance
(11/19 00:46:22) Christoph05 does a dance
(11/19 00:46:25) Daniel: Let's Jam
(11/19 00:46:29) Archais: and poof hes gone
(11/19 00:46:31) Dalamith: now for revolution!
(11/19 00:46:31) Daniel does a dance
(11/19 00:46:39) Dalamith does a dance
(11/19 00:46:39) Hobeaux cheers
(11/19 00:46:42) Daniel: As I was saying...THE UNBELIEVERS WILL PERISH!
(11/19 00:46:46) Blue Max: OK Folks... gotta get some sleep... Have a good night!
(11/19 00:46:48) Ar'tenen shrugs
(11/19 00:46:55) Daniel: D'ni will be REBORN into a new STRONGHOLD of FREEDOM
(11/19 00:46:55) Christoph05: does anyone know if we were supposed to ask?
(11/19 00:46:55) Dalamith: night
(11/19 00:47:03) Guiun waves
(11/19 00:47:03) Archais: goodnight guys
(11/19 00:47:09) Daniel: Ask what?
(11/19 00:47:11) Dusante: cy arch
(11/19 00:47:18) Hobeaux: cu
(11/19 00:47:20) UbiqriD'NIculous: supposed to ask what?
(11/19 00:47:24) Christoph05: anything
(11/19 00:47:30) Daniel: I don't see why not
(11/19 00:47:31) UbiqriD'NIculous: yes, yes indeed
(11/19 00:47:44) UbiqriD'NIculous: but good to give him some space, too
(11/19 00:47:48) Daniel: You don't show up as a major fella of the DRC and expect NOT to get asked questions
(11/19 00:47:56) UbiqriD'NIculous: if you ask the wrong question, you might get the wrong answer
(11/19 00:48:01) Daniel: I think they just aren't used to so many visitors
(11/19 00:48:02) UbiqriD'NIculous: smile.gif
(11/19 00:48:12) Dalamith: so bacically we're gonna get locked out of here again. yay...
(11/19 00:48:14) Ar'tenen: so did we get any info from him?
(11/19 00:48:16) Dusante: they said they are trying to get to know people
(11/19 00:49:15) Christoph05: Well see you all around, going to head to DRC1 and then get some winks
(11/19 00:51:47) Rendell: Hi Christoph
(11/19 00:51:52) Christoph05: hi guys
(11/19 00:52:09) Christoph05: so, we have party lights, what else?
(11/19 00:52:19) Rendell: Nothing else new I have seen
(11/19 00:52:34) Rendell: A new message in Incoming
(11/19 00:54:14) Christoph05: is that the one about nexus?
(11/19 00:54:16) Rendell: Someone menitoned going to the Gallery but I am not sure what they meant - and Hi J'nilou
(11/19 00:54:23) Rendell: yea the nexus one
(11/19 00:54:48) Christoph05: have you finished, or at least worked on the 5 ages?
(11/19 00:54:54) Rendell: I have finished
(11/19 00:55:05) Christoph05: the gallery is from Kadish
(11/19 00:55:19) Rendell: But I am usually pretty slow - I was in the beta so kinda knew most of the puzzles already smile.gif
(11/19 00:55:38) Rendell: is there a shared book around soemwhere? or were people just sharing their own?
(11/19 00:55:43) Christoph05: I know what you mean, finished in like 4 hrs
(11/19 00:55:43) Rendell (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(11/19 00:56:01) Christoph05: sharing their own most likely
(11/19 00:56:12) Rendell: Ahh you are a Greeter - cool
(11/19 00:56:46) Christoph05: yeah, kinda off duty, but I love to help out
(11/19 00:57:06) Christoph05: so you remember what I was talking about... that's good
(11/19 00:57:07) Rendell: Yup - was a very cool beta - found a lot of people who helped, and like to help
(11/19 00:57:35) Christoph05: Yeah, it was a challenge, but fun at the same time
(11/19 00:57:39) Rendell: Hi Dalamith
(11/19 00:57:42) Christoph05: shora Dalamith
(11/19 00:57:53) Bakura: Hi guys. I was afk for a min
(11/19 00:57:57) Christoph05: err shroah, and hello Ubiq
(11/19 00:57:58) Dalamith: shorah all
(11/19 00:58:05) UbiqriD'NIculous: hi there smile.gif
(11/19 00:58:21) Rendell: I noticed that the Journey t-shirts are not very popular hehe
(11/19 00:58:24) UbiqriD'NIculous: just fresh in from ae'gura
(11/19 00:58:25) Bakura waves
(11/19 00:58:30) Christoph05: Yeah
(11/19 00:58:37) UbiqriD'NIculous: I just haven't had a chance to access mine yet
(11/19 00:58:39) Rendell: I think the whole "taking sides" thing is gonna be a big deal
(11/19 00:58:42) Dalamith: hmmm...know where everyone is?
(11/19 00:58:52) UbiqriD'NIculous: it'll be fun to watch
(11/19 00:58:52) Christoph05: It started tonight
(11/19 00:59:00) Rendell: What started?
(11/19 00:59:02) Christoph05: Luke, come to the dark side!
(11/19 00:59:08) UbiqriD'NIculous: lol
(11/19 00:59:10) Rendell: I just got home - fill me in smile.gif
(11/19 00:59:12) Christoph05: The taking of sides
(11/19 00:59:31) Christoph05: many of us stumbled on a loose Nexus book, and went to the city
(11/19 00:59:44) Rendell: ahhh, so you stepped around the DRC wink3.gif
(11/19 00:59:49) Christoph05: Michael Engburg came and found us all there and warned you to get out
(11/19 00:59:52) From UbiqriD'NIculous: where did you find the book?
(11/19 01:00:01) From UbiqriD'NIculous: someone shared theirs with me
(11/19 01:00:08) To UbiqriD'NIculous: It was on the Nexus podeum this afternoon
(11/19 01:00:12) From UbiqriD'NIculous: ah, ok
(11/19 01:00:19) From UbiqriD'NIculous: silly me and my job smile.gif
(11/19 01:00:27) From UbiqriD'NIculous: my other job, that is
(11/19 01:00:30) From UbiqriD'NIculous: lol
(11/19 01:00:31) To UbiqriD'NIculous: it may have been one of the "inconsitencies"
(11/19 01:00:51) Bakura: what is this thing you stick your hand into next to the Gahreesen book?
(11/19 01:00:52) From UbiqriD'NIculous: yeah
(11/19 01:01:05) UbiqriD'NIculous: that's the nexus register
(11/19 01:01:09) To UbiqriD'NIculous: that's supposedly why they took us down and uploaded the new client, to bring us on the same page... so to speak
(11/19 01:01:23) Rendell: It allows you to register with different neighborhoods
(11/19 01:01:25) From UbiqriD'NIculous: yeah, but still missing books
(11/19 01:01:38) Bakura: it didn't do anything when I stuck my hand in it
(11/19 01:01:47) UbiqriD'NIculous: it won't until the nexus is active
(11/19 01:01:53) Rendell: It doesnt work yet I think
(11/19 01:01:57) Bakura: ah.
(11/19 01:02:28) Christoph05: much better, get to sit now
(11/19 01:02:46) Christoph05: do you know where Michael said to sleep?? I still don't see any beds'
(11/19 01:03:06) UbiqriD'NIculous: i think he forgot that we can't get to them yet
(11/19 01:03:08) UbiqriD'NIculous: lol
(11/19 01:03:20) Christoph05: oh no, you mean i have to stay up for days???
(11/19 01:03:26) UbiqriD'NIculous: they're working very hard, I think Michael isa touch disoriented
(11/19 01:03:34) Christoph05: but my shift is over now!!!
(11/19 01:03:35) UbiqriD'NIculous: I saw him walking into walls earlier
(11/19 01:03:43) Christoph05: yeah
(11/19 01:03:44) Rendell (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(11/19 01:03:59) Christoph05: shorah SmkViper
(11/19 01:04:07) SmkViper: Shorah
(11/19 01:04:12) UbiqriD'NIculous: he horrified me when he told me that there are no first aid kits in D'ni
(11/19 01:04:15) Bakura: is there anything that can be done, or is it all closed off until later?
(11/19 01:04:28) Christoph05: still closed down
(11/19 01:04:48) Rendell: You can practice sharing books and exploring ages with friends smile.gif
(11/19 01:05:04) To UbiqriD'NIculous: should have taken a KI shot when i was in earlier, had fire marbles and the banner, plus nexus and the middle books
(11/19 01:05:15) Bakura: hehe... This neighborhood is very pretty
(11/19 01:05:17) From UbiqriD'NIculous: oooh nice
(11/19 01:05:26) To UbiqriD'NIculous: I forgot my KI-mera
(11/19 01:05:32) From UbiqriD'NIculous: hehe
(11/19 01:05:40) SmkViper: Having fun on the fountain I see
(11/19 01:05:51) Christoph05: yup, this is my fav seat
(11/19 01:05:54) Rendell: Wish they would bring back the Aroheek table
(11/19 01:05:54) UbiqriD'NIculous: I hate to say it, but I must slepp
(11/19 01:06:01) UbiqriD'NIculous: sleep, that is
(11/19 01:06:03) Bakura: fountains need water
(11/19 01:06:09) Christoph05: I should, but i wont, there's no bed here!
(11/19 01:06:13) UbiqriD'NIculous: Have a good evening, folks
(11/19 01:06:18) SmkViper: Good night
(11/19 01:06:19) Christoph05: G'night
(11/19 01:06:23) Bakura: night
(11/19 01:06:23) Rendell: lol
(11/19 01:06:24) UbiqriD'NIculous: i'm going to go lay down in my relto
(11/19 01:06:27) UbiqriD'NIculous: hehe
(11/19 01:06:31) Rendell: Error: Don't know how to /sleep
(11/19 01:06:34) SmkViper: The heek table is still being worked on by the DRC
(11/19 01:06:42) Christoph05 starts to laugh
(11/19 01:06:42) Christoph05: don't know how to sleep
(11/19 01:06:44) UbiqriD'NIculous: watch for some "news" tomorrow
(11/19 01:06:46) UbiqriD'NIculous: wink3.gif
(11/19 01:07:11) Christoph05: i think that was a spoiler!
(11/19 01:07:17) Rendell: sounded like it to me
(11/19 01:07:26) Bakura: Is he an Ubi employee?
(11/19 01:07:34) Christoph05: nope, former beta like me
(11/19 01:07:42) SmkViper: Who, me?
(11/19 01:07:46) Bakura: nice
(11/19 01:07:46) To Rendell: you were beta right?
(11/19 01:08:05) From Rendell: yes, although I had some computer problems and missed the last 2 months
(11/19 01:08:16) To Rendell: I have a good hunch... the Echo is comming back, I think
(11/19 01:08:23) From Rendell: but I was in since like October of 02
(11/19 01:08:23) Dalamith: well hopefully we'll see some new stuff tomorrow. night all
(11/19 01:08:30) SmkViper: night
(11/19 01:08:41) Christoph05: night, good to see you, thanks for the drinks
(11/19 01:08:51) SmkViper: So, had much work to do with the new people down here in D'ni, Christoph?
(11/19 01:09:09) Dusante: hey all
(11/19 01:09:16) Christoph05: hey dus, welcome to the after party
(11/19 01:09:17) Rendell: Hi Dusante
(11/19 01:09:18) SmkViper: Evening
(11/19 01:09:26) Bakura: hi Dusante
(11/19 01:09:42) Dusante: yeah why did everyone leave the city so fast?
(11/19 01:09:58) Error: Don't know how to '/shrugs I dunno'
(11/19 01:10:02) Christoph05 shrugs
(11/19 01:10:02) Christoph05: I dunno
(11/19 01:10:09) Dusante: i just left to help a friend then poof came back and the place was empty
(11/19 01:10:20) Bakura: how do you get to the city?
(11/19 01:10:25) Rendell: I havent gotten the Ferry link yet down.gif
(11/19 01:10:50) SmkViper: The city is still under construction and hasn't been approved for explorers yet
(11/19 01:10:55) To Dusante: should I share?
(11/19 01:11:02) From Dusante: if you want
(11/19 01:11:18) From Dusante: i think this nexus city thing is part of some cyan plot
(11/19 01:11:25) Bakura: Heading to bed. Nice talking to you all
(11/19 01:11:30) Christoph05: good answer... but there are some people who will let you in
(11/19 01:11:31) SmkViper: night
(11/19 01:11:43) Christoph05: night
(11/19 01:11:55) SmkViper: The DRC cannot guarantee your safety if you use an unmarked book
(11/19 01:12:21) Rendell: they cant guarantee it anyway
(11/19 01:12:28) Christoph05: was your book marked Dus?
(11/19 01:12:32) Dusante: yes
(11/19 01:12:32) SmkViper: this is true
(11/19 01:12:50) Christoph05: hmm, there ya go... It's marked therefore it's safe!
(11/19 01:13:03) SmkViper: but it is safer if you stay out of cordoned off areas
(11/19 01:13:15) Rendell: Dusante, want to link me over there ?
(11/19 01:13:31) SmkViper: hmm...drawing a blank on which book that would be...
(11/19 01:13:56) Rendell: We already have the Aegura book from prime, just not the ferry terminal page
(11/19 01:14:20) Dusante: anyone else?
(11/19 01:14:27) Christoph05: got mine, thanks
(11/19 01:14:41) Christoph05: are there any working hoods w/ the page?
(11/19 01:14:43) Dusante: k, bye
(11/19 01:14:46) SmkViper: Don't need it, but thanks for the offer
(11/19 01:14:55) SmkViper: there shouldn't be
(11/19 01:15:20) Christoph05: well with the bugs that were going around this afternoon, there should have been
(11/19 01:15:27) SmkViper: I thought we went through and removed the Nexus books from the neighborhood
(11/19 01:15:28) Christoph05: I saw the banner, and firemarbles
(11/19 01:15:48) SmkViper: Hmmm...I'll have to get someone on that then
(11/19 01:15:51) Christoph05: that was supposedly part of the fix
(11/19 01:16:41) SmkViper: so, been busy tonight?
(11/19 01:16:51) Christoph05: eh, not too hateful
Just wanted to add a post note of a few things:
It now seems that Engberg is the one that's majorly responsible for our "Safety" from the DRC.
SmkViper seems to be a suspicious character... anyone know more about them??
I still haven't found a bed, besides the one that looks like it is in the upper shroom.
I work too much... was supposed to have posted this 3 hrs ago (thanks Boss)

Also if you haven't read my other Log from a conversations with Douglas Sharper, the independent contractor for DRC, Click Here
The plot thickens! Thanks, Christoph05! This is a great read! thumbsup.gif
Oh man, I've heard better from Burbank CA. Comon. Even N. Hollywood.

They're Imps. Trust Yeesha. My God, get a clue. sorcerer.gif
It now seems that Engberg is the one that's majorly responsible for our "Safety" from the DRC.

Danger ?

HA.......I laugh in the face of danger !! bleh.gif

I say let me climb the rocks and go through the "dangerous" parts of the city and ages . I'm not afraid . Let me at them . I'll even sign a waiver saying I wont hold the DRC responsible . Let me explore like us explorers SHOULD be able to explore . I wanna find the new and unexplored stuff . Danger is my middle name . wink3.gif
I just heard from a few people that have talked with Douglas Sharper last night... He request that we keep the DRC out of our conversations... HA HA HA. I live in America, Free Speech! No way can DRC keep me from speaking. Umm Uh, Right??? *runs off to hide in a distant corner hiding.gif*
Engberg was just in the city about half an hour ago. I got a picture of him sinking into the floor that I will post here as soon as I get it edited to the right file format.
Ever get that sinking feeling? laugh.gif

I got a better caption for it...
"Where will you be when your diahrea returns?" roll.gif
Tink caught one by sneaking her camera between the slots on a barrier . . .

But Mr Engberg was only up to his ankles . . .
Here's the picture I was talking about:

QUOTE (knitcucumber @ Dec 5 2003, 08:22 PM)
Here's the picture I was talking about:


He's melting.... melting!!!!!! shock.gif
OMG! shock.gif

That is too funny biggrin.gif
And he told me it was just my KI malfuntioning. Mass hallucinations. That wasn't taken with my KI. smile.gif I hope he sees this. wink3.gif
Hate to burst a bubble, Engberg doesn't know this area exists... hopefully we keep it this way! Nice shot thought, I've seen all the DRC guys, Rand and Sharper do that... I've even done it!
Is it possible to add the DRC people to your buddy list, so you can at least see when they are around? Unless these people have no Ki numbers at all... wink3.gif
QUOTE (oldbushie @ Dec 6 2003, 03:25 PM)
Is it possible to add the DRC people to your buddy list, so you can at least see when they are around? Unless these people have no Ki numbers at all... wink3.gif

Ask anyone who has been following the characters ... someone will have their KI numbers ... blink.gif
I added Sharper - I'll post back with his Ki number unless someone else has it handy.
KI #`s
phil 277876
engberg 22479
dr kodama 22486
rand 22563
sorry i don`t have sharpers wrote down and can`t get in uru, my player is off playing some where out side of the vault verymad.gif
I have all of the #'s as far as I know. But, the person that gave it to me said to not give it away unless you really trusted the person. So, I will respect their wishes. It doesn't really matter though since they are hardly ever on anyway.
Went back down under tonight - and wrote down Sharpers Ki# from my list.
It's # 126309
TiNK be curious . . .

Did you all . . .
the ones publishing those KI #'s . . .
get permission from their owners to publish them?
QUOTE (DaDungeon @ Dec 8 2003, 08:04 PM)
Did you all . . .
the ones publishing those KI #'s . . .
get permission from their owners to publish them?


Good point Tink. I haven't been putting up private logs I have with people, only public ones where there were other people to hear (with the exception of one private message I sent someone).

I haveta say. I'm surprised people are so openly talking about invading people's privacy and reading their journals. Yes, I eventually caved and read the journal. But I'm not going around announcing it to the wor.......... just did didn't I? bleh.gif
You know, if they feel like they don't want to be followed, the DRC can walk right up to a Ki machine & get a new Ki & Ki # anytime they want. As for me, I like to see where they are. It gives me a heads up.
I'll admit that I've been sharing the numbers with anyone that asks. I feel that since the characters are a major part of the story, so it can be important to stalk them....errr... follow their actions around the game. The one thing that I think anyone that gets those KI #s should be careful about: Don't broadcast to your buddy list when they are on! Be very respectful of their privacy. Don't send them chat spam.

I know I had something else to say, but the brain gnomes have stolen it.
I have shared when I first got them but after I stopped cause I didnt feel as if I should..I know I have given phils to a few people but unlike some people I have seen I have PM'ed them not broadcast the the entire age.

I think the official Uru characters' KI numbers should be shared. All players should have equal access to them. It's a part of the game. We don't want anybody to be left out.

I would ask before sharing any player's KI number, though.

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