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Full Version: Myst IV Revelation requirements?
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Okay, I know somewhere we had a topic discussing what you need for playing Myst IV - and I remember one of the things is a DVD player. I still need to get that before I can play but I can't find that thread discussing it.

Can someone tell me what DVD player to get? I'm going to replace the CD drive with a DVD/CD drive - but I don't know what kind/brand/speed etc. is good for this game. I'd like it to work well, but I also don't want to spend top dollar - don't have the money. Can someone just "point" me to the right one to buy please? I'm stupid with these things... blink.gif
I bought the

Artec 16X DVD-Read 48X CD-Read DVD-ROM drive

More of a generic brand but have been very happy with it. I think most drives are pretty standard and only actually manufactured by a few companies then with what ever "selling" brand name added to the box. I paid $49.99 for mine with a $10 off coupon ... but you can probably find one for less. BestBuy would probably be you best choice but shop around ... has them fairly cheap as well ... but if you buy online be sure to check shipping charges for sometimes it is still cheaper to drive to say BestBuy then have it shipped.
Thanks Wolfie! hug.gif I found that one at TigerDirect for $39.99 - sounds like a deal to me! biggrin.gif That's what I'll get! Whee! Stay tuned for the "Jo inside the computer story" coming to a forum near you later this summer. roll.gif
QUOTE (JoSmiley @ Jun 12 2004, 10:09 AM)
Stay tuned for the "Jo inside the computer story" coming to a forum near you later this summer.  roll.gif

Really Really Really needs a *shaking head* smilie ... or a specific *clutz* smilie just for JoJo.

Be careful JoJo. hug.gif
zzzzzZZZZAP! huh? blink.gif roll.gif
biggrin.gif Well, I wanted to buy from Amazon cuz the TigerDirect charges a high shipping price - like you told me they would - and so I went looking on Amazon, found one pretty close to it but not I kinda hemmed & hawed...looked closer at my computer and realized I have an empty bay... shock.gif Oh, goody! So I changed plans and bought a plain DVD drive and it also DVD writes - don't know if I need that, but it has a bit faster speed, and the price was only 10 dollars more...and because I grouped it with my preorder that I have sitting there, I was able to get free shipping! Yay! biggrin.gif June 24 ship look for a first week in July story of how Jo zaps herself inside the innards of her computer.... whistling.gif
hug.gif (((Wolfie))) thanks for the help!
QUOTE (JoSmiley @ Jun 12 2004, 09:03 PM)
... June 24 ship look for a first week in July story of how Jo zaps herself inside the innards of her computer.... whistling.gif

*sets up camcorder to film it*

I'm all set! bleh.gif

I told Dad he needed to upgrade his machine by September. So he has ordered all the parts, even a new case. He just needs a good motherboard. The reason he ins't just getting a DVD drive? The parts he has currenetly are at that point where they are good and still work, but can't be upgraded any further because the change of tech. So... He's making a new machine. And it will be faster than mine. down.gif Oh well... mine has been the fastest in the house for a couple years.

ANYHOO! Good luck JO! biggrin.gif
Good one Jo - now you'll be able to put The Tree onto DVD when you've finished writing it for distribution!!! wink3.gif

Speaking of Myst IV Revelation requirements, does anyone know what system requirements are needed? I have just had my computer rebuilt for Uru (bigger, stronger, faster) - do I need to do it again? unsure.gif
Go to the Revelation site, it should be there. Or Wolfie might have it somewhere. He'll be back in a bit... I don't want to look it up now.

But if it could play URU and you have a DVD drive, it SHOULD work... rolleyes.gif
Yeah, as far as I remember, if you have all the requirements to play Uru, then the only other thing you need is a DVD drive. I think.
The system requirements are not much higher than Exile. If I can remember where they are I will post them ... should have them posted anyway.
That's great - I upgraded my CD-ROM to a CD/DVD drive about a year ago. So - just waiting, waiting, waiting to get my hands on it.......................
Jo If you're planning on adding a third cd or dvd player, I hope you only have 1 hard drive. Most pc's only have 4 Ide connections and if you have 2 cd's and a hard drive, you've already used 3. Or am I mistaken that you have 2 cd's?
I have one hard drive...not partitioned...and one cd player, and one cd writer. Then an empty bay. So is a third player too much for the machine?
Well it could be done , but I would suggest keeping the other spot on the hard drive cable for another hard drive . If you are getting a DVD burner , I would really suggest just swapping out the CD burner as the DVD burner will also burn CDs too . You can still use all your CD-Rs and RWs you have laying around before going out and buying the more expensive DVD-R and RWs .
You sure a DVD burner will burn CDs too? In that case, maybe I'll do that and be safe....but what am I gonna stick in this other empty bay? A toaster? blink.gif
Yes Jo it will. I have a dvd burner and it still burns cd's as well. In fact, I hardly ever use my second drive as the dvd does it all. plays dvd and cd and burns dvd and cd.
Oh goody! *claps hands* Maybe I could just shift the old CD reader to the empty bay and use it for a cup holder... lmao.gif
Do you know how to hook up a DVD-R/W? I don't. There's prolly a wide flat cable that has to be plugged into it.

When you get your DVD thingy, go to a PC store & ask how to do it. You'll prolly also need to install a driver for it. It may come with a CD that has the driver on it. (DVD players can easily read CDs.)
JoSmiley won't be hard. Trust spite of my clumsiness I'm not too bad with computers...well, not anymore anyway...I killed my very first computer when I went inside it....yeah...but since then I've gotten better. roll.gif
This may help you Jo.

Installing a CD Recorder/DVD Burner/Player

How to install a DVD or CD burner

It should come with a book or there are many sites on the net for reference.
You could open up your computer & send Baby inside with a video cam strapped to his head to guide you around.
This is like so totally simple ...

I mean like you rip the old one out and yank yank yank the three plugie thingies ... you shove the new one in and cram the three plugie thingies into the back of new drive and close your case ... what's so hard like about all that. wacko.gif

This is about the easiest thing you will ever do with your computer ... the two plugs ... sound and power ... are easy because they can only go one way. The IDE cable on the other hand ... even though they will claim can only go one way ... it is easy to get it backwards.

Rule of thumb for IDE cables to and device (ie: hard drive, CD/DVD drives/burners, zip drives, etc) is that the res strip on the cable ALWAYS goes to the side closest to the power supply input plug.

DOH! Just remembered that not all sound cable have the little prongs. I will always set the cable so that the red wire is closest to the IDE cable. I suggest that you look at the sound cable BEFORE unplugging it and note which way it is currently plug in. BEFORE closing your case you will want to turn one your computer to make sure all is working well. If you have any sound problems usually it's just the sound cable installed upside down. Turn off computer and unplug from the wall and flip the sound cable over.
wolfie.gif's right: the red IDE strip goes to same side as the red power wire. Done that enough times this year already...
Mysti Sage
Just wondering, since Revelation is going to be pre-rendered. I have a Radeon 7200 PCI card, 32MB RAM, and all my other system spec's are well above. Would Revelation look any better with a different card? Or does it not matter?
The only thing that mighy cause a problem is the jumpers. Just make sure the new device is jumpered the same way as the old device and you shouldn't have a problem. Cables now a days usually only go in one way but if both jumpers are set to master only one device will show up. Windows should be able to detect the device and load the proper drivers.
QUOTE (Mysti Sage @ Jun 13 2004, 01:22 PM)
Just wondering, since Revelation is going to be pre-rendered.  I have a Radeon 7200 PCI card, 32MB RAM, and all my other system spec's are well above.  Would Revelation look any better with a different card?  Or does it not matter?

To put it easily , if your computer plays Uru without any problems , then you should have no problems at all with Revelation . A better card may not make any difference in this case ( although it certainly wont hurt either biggrin.gif ) .

Jo the back of the DVD drive will look pretty much exactly like your current CD drive . As Jade said the biggest thing to get right would be the jumper . You want to put it in the exact same position as the drive that you are removing . Other than that , the wires should plug in the exact same way that you removed them from your old drive . You shouldnt even have to pull any off your motherboard . The hardest part will probably be getting the 4 mounting screws loose and putting them back in without dropping and loosing one ( hope I didnt jinx you there bleh.gif ) . As for the drivers , XP supplies the drivers for the DVD players and should find and install the drivers all on its own . Neither my DVD ROM or burner that I just installed in my new computer came with any drivers , just movie and burner software .

Although I did go to the manufacture website and found some updated firmware for both drives . If you are going to do that though , you want to make sure you have the exact model number and download the firmware for your specific model drive , if there is any available . The firmware is kinda like the drives BIOS and works seperate from the drivers running it .
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