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Full Version: Speed Uru
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I present to you all:

Speed Uru===------ - - -

The rules are simple. Finish an age with the shortest time from the time you originally click on the linking book into the age to the time when you enter the bahro cave door.

For the cleft its from the time you link in to the time you link out.

Here follows are the rules:
- You must start a new age. (Delete the age and start again)
- You must collect all the journey clothes.
- Side quests etc don't count.
- You mustn't use notes that you already have. You must get all the clues again (That means going to the Gallery for those that don't realise)
- Loading times count (Sorry those peoples with slow computers...) It'll be a little difficult to do properly if it isn't.
- You can use a stopwatch to check
- If you panic link out of an age cause you falled down and goed boom, too bad, keep the timer rolling.
- Edar Gira and Edar Kemo count as one age.

Any questions?

I'll start:
Cleft: 10 mins 41 secs
Teledahn: 17 mins 28 secs
Gareehson: 23 mins 28 secs
Edar Kimo / Gera: 23 mins 54 secs

*and its arowin in the lead, followed closely, but wait, whats this? More people approaching the track! The game is on!*
Cleft.......................19 min 04sec
Teledahn.................24 min 54 sec
Garrison................. 1hr 9 min 02 sec My CD Drive went haywire. down.gif
Eder Kemo Gira....... 38 min 17 sec

Yay I'm Second. blush.gif

Can we reset and try again and post our times or we only get 1 shot?
By all means, try as much as you like smile.gif
how about if you remember parts from the kadish gallery, do we still need to go and just take quick look at it??
Won't work for me... the walkthrough is permanently engraved in my mind and I can replay Uru without the aid of a computer. blush.gif

EDIT: Argh... it's "replay" not "reply". Oh TDS, thy name is Rabbit!
QUOTE (yakuza-911 @ Jun 21 2004, 08:36 AM)
how about if you remember parts from the kadish gallery, do we still need to go and just take quick look at it??

That's my problem ... after plying through sooooooo many time ... can we say Vault Wipe twisted.gif I have now gotten to the point where I have all or most ... no ALL ... puzzles memorized. blink.gif

So yea ... do we just link in and out of those areas?
Has to remember to link there to begin with.
How long should we look at papers and maps?
There were/are a number of clues in the journals ... are we required to re-read those?
OK, OK...

You have to link to where the clue is located (Kadish Gallery, Open a journal etc) but you don't have to copy it down/read it all if you don't want to. (Ie, for the Kadish clues - puzzle 1 - I took a digital camera image of my screen smile.gif
Windy RedOak
I havent found the time to finish the game
to get the fastest time wow I think that you can go
all of the game in a coup days if you tried hard enough
Rex Havoc
QUOTE (CAGrayWolf @ Jun 21 2004, 04:52 PM)
... can we say Vault Wipe  twisted.gif


Wolfie, bite your tongue. Don't even utter those words!!!
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