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What ever happened to the add on for myst called pyst It changed the game scenery. Did they make and others for any of the other myst games? cool.gif
Actually ... PYST was not an add-on at all. It was just a slide show comedy spoof of Myst. You can still find them occasionally on eBay ... though I can tell you now that is will not work on XP and I have tried every Compatibility option there is. I have asked on a number of forums for help and never did get a response either.
Mysti Sage
Ah... PYST. I saw several screenies of it at Myst Illustrated, and I'm not sure I'd really want it to work with XP.... shock.gif blink.gif whistling.gif yucky.gif
Wolf, did you try VDMSound from Sourceforge?... I've gotten just about any old game to run in XP with this program...

...well, I suppose I can ask you personally when I see you tomorrow at...

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