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Full Version: Teledahn in the book in Relto...
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I looked into the book in Relto to see what he had to say about Teledahn. Now, I have to be missing something (or I'm not even there yet) but what does having to look in the dark have to do with the actual Teledahn? Teledahn's main power source is the SUN... so what's with the hints to look in the DARK?
Hmm?? headbang.gif
here's the quote:

The truth of a man is found in the darkness beneath the surface. Some light might reveal only what some men want to be seen.

Regeltavok Oorpah - Book 9, Entry 221 Item 29

it doesn't say anything about looking in the dark, only that there are things in the dark, and that using light will reveal hidden that happened.
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oops.gif I suppose I wasn't paying too much attention! blink.gif
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