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Full Version: Am I done with Er'cana
Guild of Greeters > Ages of Myst (including all Myst games and related media) > Puzzle/Gameplay Help > URU: Ages Beyond Myst > Path of the Shell Ages > Er'cana
I *think* I am finished with this machine complex, but I'm not sure. Maybe you want to give your opinion if you also activated the last room in the complex.
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Bah'tahm have you completed Ahnonay? If you haven't then no you haven't finished with the pellets yet.
Thanks! I didn't get very far with Ahnonay. All I did so far is swim to the little island with the house. But your answer seems to imply I got as far as I could with Er'cana and should try the other ages smile.gif I created a new character for PotS, so I also have to catch up with the old ages (and maybe find new stuff). For example, I found a new marker in the city part accessible from Er'cana!
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