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Full Version: D'ni HELP PLEASE
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Sensual Heart
First of all let me say it is a great pleasure to be here...I have never been in a forum so please be gentle with me hehehehe...I have come here because Iam stumped in Myst...I bought the complete Myst 4 set on the weekend with both expansion packs...Im at the end of D'ni...I have gotten all the markers and the holo picture and I have seen Yeesha's new symbol...I can't figure out how to enter Zandi's co ordinates into the machine...The walk through I have been following has left me very confused and times...Can somebody please help me...
Shorah Sensual Heart.
Welcome to the GoG. thumbsup.gif
If I understand you right.
Yeesha's new symbol the Shell?
You do not have to enter the co ordinates into any machine.
The co ordinates are where the symbol show up that you have seen. smile.gif
Did you do anything with the Symbol when it shows up. ?
Hint look only if you have not done anything with the Symbol.
Click here to view a spoiler.

Psst... Uru is not Myst 4. Uru is not part of the Myst series.
Hello and welcome to the GoG Sensual Heart . Its great of you to drop by . As Cats already stated , the Zandi coordinates are where you find the symbol . You dont have to enter them into anything . There is something you need to do though once you see the symbol .
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