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Full Version: Another pressure puzzle question
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Hi all!
I need help!!
I powered everything up, I raised the platform in the room with the four machines and I have been upstairs, cleared the path and came back downstairs. Turned the pressure machines on again.
When I set those machines to the number I got from the hint (the so called number of waiting...) some sort of clock starts ticking.. but I see nothing change anywhere in the age. I figured since its the number of waiting I should wait.... ( I' m not good at waiting at all!!... MAN am I going to have a bad time in the pub from what I've heard..) but nothing happened after the clock stopped ticking.. have I missed something or do I have to do something else.. oh and I did power up the last room too, but haven' t done anything there (I am afraid to hit the wrong buttons smile.gif)
please help!!!!
When you have waited go to the last room and look very carefully. There is something changed
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E'ni! hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif Looooooooong time, no see!

Well, you have got the right idea, but the wrong code... have you been to the upper Bahro Cavern yet? Looked at the drawings? Do they remind you of something?

hug.gif from rabbit.gif
RABBIEEEEE!! rabbit.gif

How are you??
Wrong code?? Oh noo! I thought I found the code!! (I was all proud of myself!) I have been to only one bahrocave, and made pictures of the drawings on the wall.. but no.. they dont look familiar.. ( must admid I havent been eating my carrots regularly.. so my eyes might not see that good anymore cool.gif )
I thought I was getting closer but it seems I' m not there by far!!
Does the code I entered do anything at all?? and where can I find the right code.. oohh.. I feel so stupid I cant solve this on my own.. shy.gif

Please Rabbie?? If I give you a nice fresh carrot salad would you help me?? innocent.gif
Hugs, Enitra.
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