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Full Version: Help me get 'there'
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I need some help.

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Ah! No! Nay!

Just a hint please, what vital step am I forgetting?
QUOTE (jordarkelf @ Jul 20 2004, 02:19 PM)
I need some help.

Just a hint please, what vital step am I forgetting?

Not sure but did you try:
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Yes, my Cloth goes there... touched it down.gif

I haven't moved it to another Cloth so I should be able to Link there. I don't recall how I got there before!
I am having the same problem , and yes I even tried your suggestion Indy . I also followed some suggestions in another thread with Lareh and Rabbit ( I think ) , and that didnt help either . I got tired of the linking after a while and gave up . down.gif
Well, I still do not know how, but I ended up in A4 somehow... so could now complete PotS. I've placed my marker at the last point in Ahnonay so I never have to search for A4 again.
A4 is very Symbiocom endgame in design. Lots of black & white & gray. Lots of high & low unreachable areas.
You might have to pull the 2 levers a few more times before you can reach A4 again. Each time spins the 4-ball mechanism once.

Why is it that a shell cloth from A4 won't bring us to the same areas in A1, A2, & A3?
Shorah Dyne
I am stuck in the 4th age. I got the tower powered up, opened the door, swam back to the dock/tunnel, but there was NO tunnel!!! So, I linked back to Relto, used the shell cloth thinking that would take me back to the tower, but instead took me to 4th age, dark control room. SO now when touched the control, nothing happened and I can't get back to water Ahnonay.What went wrong/how can I fix this?
Ah the Annoying age err Ahnonay age. lmao.gif
There are many ways this goes and links together to get to the right spot and most times I
gave up down.gif
and wanted to chuck the game but keep trying and wait for other posts here with help from them
you will get there.
Have you tried linking back to relto and NOT using the bookmark link?
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