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Full Version: Back from the desert
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OK, so I've been back to the cleft
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, couldn't find anything new there so here I am back in my Relto wondering what to do next. I have access to Bevin, Kirel and the Ferry Terminal, have been to all of them and can't see what I'm supposed to do there
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. I can see from the postings in here that there are new places to go but I need a nudge in the right direction. I do remember coming across something that mentioned 'private rooms' in Bevan/Kirel but I'm none the wiser..
A gentle (or maybe not so gentle) nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks whistling.gif
Remember Phil’s '04 journal in Teledahn? He mentioned a room that could be reached from somewhere in Teledahn…
Also read that journal often as it appears to be added to from time to time.
Aslan , I am assuming you are playing ABM with the Xpacks installed . It can be confusing as when the first part of the game is completed that way . Did you happen to notice any markings in the Bahro cave when you returned the pillars that may look familiar ? You may need to try something that you did before you really started your journey , and talk to Yeesha again . wink3.gif
Thanks for the hints... I'll go and check them out. kurtg1265 mentioned the expansion packs. I have To D'ni installed already (downloaded) and have recently got POS but have not yet installed it. Is it best to continue with just to D'ni or should I install POS straight away?
Wait, it's less confusing. wink3.gif
You could install it right away , but I would say to avoid confusion as to when each one is done , just play them in order . wink3.gif Each expansion pack will put more books on your Relto bookshelf , and apart from the little icons on the top tab , it may be hard for you to tell which game you are playing if you install them all at once . You could actually play parts from all 3 games at the same time that way . blink.gif
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