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Full Version: Pool at the broken trestle
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I went back to Er'cana out of boredom to see if I had missed any hidden or hard to find stuff or animals, etc. I walked back to the place where the Trestle is broken.
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blush.gif Did I do the spoiler thing right? This is a first for me--spoiler-wise--using of...
whistling.gif I jumped down there on purpose first thing.....figured there'd be SOMETHING down there to reward my snoopiness...but nope....had fun tho. laugh.gif
Yeah, I'm like: "this is like Gareseen, there's a page in that crevice and I have to link out." I just KNEW there was something there. But no. down.gif

But you can FLY to the other side of it and walk around... Though there is a place where there is a great drop off and you fall endlessly until you link out.
once i installed pots, the first thing i did.. was go there.. fall in and realize that nothing was there..

i havent play it since huh.gif
Exploring the wall areas around that crevasse . . .
looking for a way over . . .
also led to explorations at the pool.

The Goof also walked that ridge separating the two rails . . .
except where it was too steep to get on top the sweetheart hole, etc . . .
looking for ways to get up on the tops of those cliffs.

But the neatest place The Goof came across was tucked away . . .
in a notch . . .
a "back door".
That's the 1st way I found a way into that cave.
I liked that spot too. You are all set to think it just wall art, then find the secret.
Mysti Sage
That was one of the first things I found in Er'cana.
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After coming down off the ridge and snooping around in the unrewarding break in the canyon floor . . .
which still teases my mental wiring . . .

what is at the other end of that interrupted rail?!!!

Click here to view a spoiler.
laugh.gif ...I was so entranced by this topic I had to come in to look.... Since someone was playing pool at a pub called "The Broken Trestle" and was having fun to boot! I wanted to find out where this pub was located and why it was so much fun to play pool and hang out there...

Then I found out that it was about the pool at the bottom of the broken trestle in Er'cana... roll.gif

I didn't even bother to look at the forum this topic was in... can tell I'm getting old! shy.gif blush.gif
QUOTE (Snerticus @ Sep 8 2004, 08:53 AM) can tell I'm getting old!  shy.gif  blush.gif

You're getting old?? I can't even remember where the broken trestle IS in Er'cana!!! shock.gif laugh.gif
shock.gif There's a cave there?!! Oh I have to put that darn game back in.
QUOTE (JoSmiley @ Sep 8 2004, 04:00 AM)
shock.gif There's a cave there?!! Oh I have to put that darn game back in.

Mee toooo!!!! I can't believe I MISSED this one the last go-round! I found the stone diagram, but never thought to actually go INTO the crack!

(I got POTS *very* late, right after UU was announced.... so I was kind of in a hurry to finish! I guess I was a little too anxious to get into UU, wasn't I!)
What I want to know is what caused that fissure there?!

The canyon around the crack isn't broken, so I doubt is was an earthquake or anything like that...

Could it be... Sabotage!!! shock.gif

The Bahro have returned to take Kadish down!!! bash.gif
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