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Full Version: The Linking Tablet
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I found the linking tablet in the building which leads up to the mining gun, this is the part where we needed the gun to shoot the rocks to get the ladder. I decrese, this tablet takes you to a small room with a tapestry and an opening into what appears to be a sewer system, wondering around you eventually find a ladder that takes you up to the street level, you finad a door and there is a decativated KI machine and what looks to be robots in two corners and a map in two other corners, going up the ladders in the take you to a balcony. Does anyone know the significance of this age? confused1.gif
That is the part of another age.
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Mysti Sage
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Ohhhhh, that. I got really excited for a second there. lmao.gif
I did notice the colour similarities in the tapestry to another world that has been leaving me a little confused, I thought they were connected when the building was rotating. Kind of reminded me of a place I was once visited. Also reminded me of the Calgary Tower as well but just because it rotated.
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