Question from Moleculor:

What ever happened to the linking books (and the descriptive one) that was designed near or after the Fall (by... Catherine?) that had two sides to it, one with a giant lake, the other with a giant geyser.

I believe you are referring to the age written by Katran (Catherine.) This one definitely had a geyser in it. In BoA pages 242-251. There you can read where Atrus visits the age with Catherine. The book doesn't mention specifically what happens to that age, but there are a couple of things that could have happened. If I missed something here someone please post in the discussion forum and post your source so I can correct anything.

1. BoA page 257 paragraph 2 "There was but one solution: to trap Gehn on Age Five and destroy all Linking Books that led out of that Age. But to do so he would have to take the risk that he, too, might be trapped there. And now that Catherine had created Myst island for them-as a sancutuary, away from Gehn-the thought of failure seemed suddenly quite hideous."

So we could think it was destroyed when destroying all Linking Books that led out of the Age of Five.

2. BoA page 260: "'Come,' he said, taking her hand. Let's go to your hut and get any remaining books." Page 261: "He was standing on a wooden jetty, the knapsack holding the books heavy on his back." BoA page 264: "But even after the last of the books were transferred and safely stacked ina corner of the cabin, Atrus lingered on Myst island."

It is very likely that Catherine had her first age in her hut and that these went with them to Myst. If you played the game Myst you will notice that more than half of the library books there were destroyed. Was this age amongst them? We don't know.

I am assuming when you are speaking of the Fall you are talking about the fall Atrus takes into the fissure. If you are talking about the Fall of the D'ni. I don't know if that age had a geyser. It definitely had a large lake and a waterfall and volcanic activity. But, it was written by Atrus and Ti'ana before the Fall of the D'ni. Just in case I included some information regarding that age too.

After teaching Ti'ana about how to Write Ages, Aitrus set about Writing an Age with her, which they named Gemedet, after the popular D'ni game of the same name. Gemedet was a lush, green Age. Plants, grass, trees, and even the rivers were green.

Gemedet also featured a set of caves and signs of long-dormant volcanic activity to the north, near a set of mountains.

Aitrus and Ti'ana's camp was set up near a huge 200-foot waterfall, which cascaded over the black rock of the cliff face into a pool, and farther to the south, the land gave way to a great blue ocean.

It was on this Age that Ti'ana, Gehn, and Taesera sought refuge during the Fall, and it was here that Taesera died. Gemedet was seemingly one of the few Ages spared the absolute destruction of D'ni; a final act of kindness from Veovis.

The above information was posted on the DPWR site by Alahmnat.