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Full Version: Would You Like To Be Like The D'ni?
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This means the ablity to write books and the long life span and all the orther stuff that comes with beind a D'ni!!! shock.gif shock.gif shock.gif
As long as I could be Atrus whistling.gif

If you had phrased your poll . . .
"Would you like to have the tools the D'ni had?"
I'd have voted differently.

But BE the D'ni?


I . . .

labeled a mere beast . . .
a bahro . . .
by the D'ni running their show . . .

would never take that elitist . . .
snobbish . . .

Nope, not The Mental Mob.
Some of the d'ni were nice to the least.ranting.gif ranting.gif ranting.gif
But THEY weren't running their show . . .
which is really too bad.
Aint that the way in our world today?

I can think of a few examples where, in our modern world, those who do the right thing don't speak up, and where those who are unfit to lead make the rules, just because they spoke louder?

Would you like to be like the D'ni is a bit too vague.
Would we be the upper class elite?
Or would we in one of the poorer classes, unable to write linking books, unable to even leave the Cavern if it wasn't for the public libraries that the more benign kings placed?
Mysti Sage
I agree with Tink, in that I would not willlingly be a D'ni. I would love to have their abilities and lifespan, but not the attitude or mental stability.

The D'ni were too proud.
The D'ni went crazy too often.
The D'ni lived in a cave.
The lower-class D'ni were very poor.
There is even a sub-poor, what does that tell you?
They had a caste structure, something I think is wrong.
The upper classes were the targets or rebels and internal conflict, sometimes mortal.

I would not want to be a D'ni.


The D'ni could write links to any type of Age .
The D'ni lived longer than us 'ahrotahn'.

Frankly, I think the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. Besides, who says that a normal human couldn't write links, given the instruction and materials? And it's fairly likely that with the advent of life-span enhancing medicines, that the lifespan gain wouldn't be too significant either.

All in all, I vote no.
I guess I see your point blush.gif headbang.gif It would depend on what class. What was I thinking when I wrote it headbang.gif bash.gif headbang.gif bash.gif mobrun.gif sprint.gif
Dang, 4dak!
Your head's gonna be achy and lumpy!

No Homerian self-flagellation!


When you become a D'ni . . .
start spreading the word!
There are many things in the D'ni culture that I would love to be able to do , but I dont know that I would actually want to be one myself .

After a couple hundred years the arthritis has to be something fierce . wink3.gif
You don’t have to be D’ni to Write: remember Ti’ana and Catherine. (And Marrim).

You do need their tools.

And I would want to be a D’ni noble or minor noble, like Aitrus...
Mysti, now why does your description of the D'ni sound SO familiar to me????
confused1.gif OH yes!!! whistling.gif An exact portrayal of the Human race. shock.gif bleh.gif
Hey guys!!! /\ she is right you know. clapping.gif idea.gif
Puzzle Person
You donít have to be Díni to Write: remember Tiíana and Catherine. (And Marrim).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Ti'ana D'ni? And I don't think Catherine wrote anything(Atrus thought she wrote Myst but didn't it turn out Tiíana wrote it?). In BoA Ghen says you have to be D'ni to write. Is that just another example of Ghen's insanity or was he right?
Anna, a.k.a. Ti'ana, was a human from the surface. She and Katran, a.k.a. Catherine, both could write Ages. They wrote the Age of Myst together. Catherine wrote the torus age that is mentioned in BoA, and the Age that the Rivenese went to when Riven was destroyed. I'm sure they wrote others. smile.gif
Wouldnt it be kind of frightning to be a D'ni?
To have an infinite amount of worlds to explore, I mean we haven't even explored all of our own yet.

It would sove lots of problems like overpopulation and hunger, but it would be easier to commit crimes and escape ( you'll know if you've read The Book of Ti'ana)
Each well developed society, that can differentiate between good and evil, will have criminal elements in it's midst. Nevertheless I would have liked to be like D'ni smile.gif (the good ones, of course) smile.gif
Is spite of (or is it despite of?) the strain of insanity that seems to run in the D'ni race (or at least in the Atrus branch), yeah, rabbit.gif would like to be a member of the Guild of Healers.
Dalken Starbyne
Go Human-power! thumbsup.gif

Woohoo! linking.gif
I would tend to cast my lot with Tink, Philophus, Mysti Sage and kurt... I think the disadvantages FAR outweigh the advantages... I would like to have some of their abilities, but wouldn't like to BE one!
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