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Full Version: Why Read The Books (again)
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It's about time we get this forum started. This week I started reading the Myst books again. Starting with The Book of Atrus. It's been about five years ago that I read it and I find it a great addition to my exploration work. Seeing how things onfold below the surface and how they relate to the things described in the book is very usefull.

Maybe at this moment reading the books is just a nice extra for novice explorers. I'm pretty sure though that within a couple of months it will turn out to be a must or at least will clarify things that happen. Especially 'why' things happen.

I suggest explorers to read the books in the order they came out. For general D'ni history start with The Book of Atrus to learn at an easy tempo. After that The Book of Ti'Anna will get you up to speed. The Book of D'ni is a good story, but if I remember well (and I have read it only once and will finish the other two first before reading it again) the first two books are more about D'ni itself.

Have fun reading smile.gif

I agree with Marcello.

The books are a great source for filling in the blanks and do explain a lot about D'ni that the games didn't touch on.
I recently reread 2 books: Book of D'ni and Book of Atrus. I find the story more alive, since I've been in some places, described in the books.

I found myslef visualizing the Cleft as it is in the game. Seeing the tiny blue flowers in the cleft near the water puddle, gave me an understanding that you get by reading the book. smile.gif

I had a Book of Te'ana but could't find it now, so I didn't reread that one. headbang.gif
Wow, I thought I was the only person to read these books. I got them from the library and they were in perfect condition (I wonder why). Anyways, they were all great and I read them all at least twice. They are a very great addition to the story and you can really get a good view of what happened to D'ni.
I'm finally reading the books too. Two very sweet people sent me copies of BoA and BoT. I purchased BoD and am reading it now.

It really brings the D'ni to life. :-)

The books are great reading, and the map that came with the Book of Tiana provides a nice guide to D'ni. The map probably was the reason I read the BoT first. This was great because I didn't know how it ended, on the other hand the Book of Atrus was in known territory. I had bought all books (hardcover) directly from Cyan after playing Myst and Riven.

The books leave a somewhat negative image of the D'ni people. However, the Book of Tiana only covers a certain upper class of the D'ni society and little was known about everyday life. I hope the DRC uncovers more of this aspect, so we can judge the D'ni a bit better and maybe learn from their mistakes.
I just finished the BoA and will start the BoT tonight. I forgot about the maps smile.gif Can't wait to start again. I don't mind the D'ni sometimes not being sweet angels. It makes the feeling of real society and problems more real. If the were saints and everything was happy and merry than there wouldn't be much suspense. That's what I liked about the book of Dn'i too.
Man... I bought and read Atrus and Ti'ana in paperback when they first came out. Don't remember a thing about them. I didn't understand them back then. Now when I really want to read them, can't find them. Not anywhere. And they should be there with the rest of my books. Drat!

Soooo... of to Ebay. Hopefully I can bet my hands on a nice newish copy of all three books.
Maybe Cyan or whoever owns the rights to these books should consider releasing a trilogy.
That would be a great idea . Possibly even put all 3 books into 1 so you get them all at once .
QUOTE (Ja'de @ Jan 24 2004, 07:12 PM)
Maybe Cyan or whoever owns the rights to these books should consider releasing a trilogy.

Ahhh ... a nice three book boxed set ... with stunning graphics ... and that perfect Myst font ... wonderful addition to my collection.

Make it so ... linking.gif
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