In my squee like, Mac lovin way, I have had no luck finding a working demo of Myst IV. On several forums there are many problems mentioned with launch and play and save game. There are complex solution methods suggested but I just dont want to go there. I finally found a post with a link to a workable Mac Demo. [Dear Mod- I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I said I would report here about Mac related issues. Please move this if you can find a better spot]

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I also had problems with most of the downloadable PC/Mac Demo's. I finally just called UBI support and they immediately sent me a working disk (got it in 3 days). In the meantime, I found the following link which DID work for me...

(In case the linked page changes, just do a search in the box at the top center of the web page, using "Toutes les rubriques".)

The site is in French, but click on: "Démo jouable #1 (MacOS)"
then "Télécharger" to download the MacOS demo.

The MystIV Demo is in English, and works fine on my G4 1G, 1G RAM, with Radeon 9700

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I've moved this to the Myst IV forum and will make an announcement in the News from the Cavern section also.