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I am new here I was just readinng about the shroomie and a few other things , what i came here for is the tree stump in the swamp . Is there any significance for it ?
someone suggested it might be a "shroomie play area" and how can i get to see this shroomie everyone is talking about ???/
Ravenleigh, is the stump you refer to one that gives you a good view of the bucket conveyor system? If so, then

Click here to view a spoiler.

If not, then you need to describe again where it is you are . . .

And as far as shroomie goes,

Click here to view a spoiler.

Oh. And welcome to the GoG!

Edited by Tyr-anun: Because I'm too goofy to answer all the questions on the first try!
Reading some of the in-game journals might give you a hint as to how to see Shroomie... If not, then just ask for a hint in the "Hints and Nudges" sub-forum.

We don't like to outright spoil anyone here, so we will try to point you in the right direction and let you figure it out yourself! Besides, it is more fun when the actual discovery is your own, isn't it?
The mushroom stump in the area further back that you can link to was probably meant to use as a viewing area after you 'captured' Shroomie, or lured it into the muddy field.
You can see Shroomie occassionally in the distance by the gun telescope. But you have to get its attention a certain way.
Yeo Tyr-anun thats it and thats what i thought but after playing all the Myst Games sometimes you just never know wink3.gif

YES i donI want spoilers or many hints for that matter LOL I have done well in this so far and it is so much more fun to discover on your own!!
I was thinking o fthe shroomie like an easter egg .

and thanks Corona
and I think I am gonan like it here biggrin.gif
thanks for the welcome

Welcome Ravenleigh. It is nice to have you join us. We always try to please, just ask for a hint, nudge or all out spoiler. We are always glad to have another join us. Find a place to sit, there are always goodies going around. Just the other day, Rabbit was sharing iced mint tea and butter cookies dipped in chocolate. We have many interesting places to explore and enjoy while you are here, so have a snack and join in anywhere.
Lotta Lagg
Welcome! Shroomie is sweet who likes clam quiet places.
Click here to view a spoiler.

Have fun and it's nice to meet you. bye2.gif
ok i have trying everything, How do you get shommerie to show up.
Is there certain things he likes or what?

p.s. i don't mind if it is a spolier
Have you tried
Click here to view a spoiler.

Click here to view a spoiler.
Windy RedOak
The first time I saw,
well heard shroomie
is when I first got URU

I ran the other way fast"
thinking shock.gif "yeps, its coming after me!!"
safe in the cave think well it dont get me
and Im not doing that again down.gif

after hearing all about her
and what she is and think Oboy
I had to laugh at myself for thinking lmao.gif
that way. roll.gif
I am totally searching for shroomie noe, I have become obsessed LOL
ShadowCats I have been all over Teledahn *i think* blush.gif

Click here to view a spoiler.

I am not going to be able to continue my game until i find this shroomie

ps I put a question in the spoiler up above that referred back to another spoiler shadowcats .. not wanting to spoil anything


You may want to look near a certain gun . whistling.gif
AHHHHHHH Chehv shehm
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