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Full Version: Stuck At The Gun
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I'm trying to aim this gun, but managed to aim it all the way to the top without being able to move it back down. Is it only supposed to have two directional buttons and is it ok that it's aimed up as far as it can go? I've been shooting at everything just because I can't seem to shoot down the wieght holding the ladder up.

Any help is much appreciated!

Nyrphame Danilaise
From what I remember, the vertical movement button is sort of in two parts...the upper part part takes it up and the lower part takes it back down. It is really important to aim it don't want any bits of Shroomie floating in the water! down.gif

Keep searching for a hotspot down at the lower part of the scope...

Windy RedOak
you want a hint
well Ill give one but you have
to think about it

I will talk double talk and add other things to throw you off

Click here to view a spoiler.
Hmmmm....let me ask this: Is the view from the telescope supposed to be off center?

Thanks for your help!

Oh, me gosh! I got it. I was convinced something was wrong with the game, but no. eventually I got it. Just because I don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there...
Thank you Nerf & Windy RedOak!
I'm off to play!
My husband just figured out that something was wrong with my display settings and that's why I couldn't see the buttons on the telescope and also why the picture looked off center. I was able to get around it by bringing the mouse out of signt to where I thought the buttons might be and clicking blindly. If I hadn't had your help here, I would have been stuck until DH got home.
Man, I was frustrated in thinking the rest of the game was going to be like that. My son probably played with the settings while I wasn't at the computer.

clapping.gif All better!
Nyrphame Danilaise
Yay, spiceoflife! clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Happy to have helped! innocent.gif


Don't let Nerf kid you...she shoots people who come into her Teledahn...I was there when she shot Dahn!!


gotcha Nerfie!!

(OK...actually, I was on the phone with her when we ambushed poor Dahn, I was the one that told here he was coming around the corner so she could keep her head in the scope!!!)

linking.gif There goes the accomplice!
Nyrphame Danilaise
I shot the Dahnster, but I did not shoot the DOC!!!!

I love that song!


Aw, he was okay; it was only a fleshwound!

QUOTE (Nyrphame Danilaise @ Oct 6 2004, 04:01 PM)
Aw, he was okay; it was only a fleshwound!


Ok, I can't resist . . .

Black Knight: "Tis but a scratch."
Arthur: "A scratch? Your arm's off!"
Black Knight: "No, it isn't."
Arthur: "What's that, then?"

*uncomfortable pause*

Black Knight: "I've 'ad worse!"
Arthur: "You LIAR!"
Black Knight: "C'mon, you pansy!"

Nerf started it . . .
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