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Full Version: Crashing To Desktop @ Spire
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Anyone crash to desktop when doing the final puzzles in Spire?

Since I don't see spoiler tags anymore, I'll just say that its the annoyingly tedius puzzle involving music.

I had crashed once just after (and finally!) getting it done, and a second time a short time after the second time I finished it.

Third time I learned my lesson, saved before and after the puzzle, and never crashed since (as if the saving fixed it), wierd. The 'no-save' experience of Uru must have gotten me spoiled rotten. wink3.gif

I know I have out-of-date drivers, but due to the model of nvidia card I have its needed to run Uru correctly. Worst case I'll finally go get a new Ati card, but was hoping to delay that for a PCI-X version some months from now.

I too had problems with crashing, and some pretty mean corrupted game state problems later on. Lots of games crash, but gameplay related glitches are just lazy. I had to revert to a saved game and do several things over again.

I also had the really weird problem of seeing nothing but the skydome when I tried to read certain books. This game desperatly needs a patch, as soon as possible.
Are you using a Creative soundcard? I have had some sound errors in Revelation at that point, including one CTD.

Removing the Microsoft drivers and installing the Creative web drivers from fixed this.
Mysti Sage
blink.gif Strange.... I've only gotten two graphic related glitches. One is where in night Tomahna, if I turn the light on and aim it at the family tree, it goes back to dark when I zoom in. The other is a glitch with the helps system, it doesn't show the last paragraph or so of each page of text. I've found that you can fix both by pressing and holding Print Screen. For some reason, that brings back the light and makes the ext show itself. Don't know if it would work for any of the other problems, though...
Mysti: those are PKIs, listed in the readme. The 66.x Nvidia drivers fix it smile.gif
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