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Full Version: WooHoo!
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I got my copy of Revelation today! ... /dance... I got my copy of Revelation today!

la de da...

I'm so happy, I'm off to install and play it.

Heh, I'm sure I'll be back quite frequently to ask questions and to download rabbit.gif 's walkthrough...although I'm going to resist as much as I can before I do that... laugh.gif

ps - see you guys in about 5 minutes! roll.gif

Moderator Note

Fixed Topic Description fot to Got

oops, umm....mods, can you fix my title? shy.gif blush.gif
clapping.gif Yay for you!!! Glad to have you join the ranks of the "dazed, amazed, amused, and confused"!! laugh.gif

edit: (Just make sure you wait till after the interview tonight to start playing, or you will be so engrossed you'll miss it!)
I fot it too! roll.gif

Have fun exploring Tomahna, Snert! biggrin.gif
Good for you, have fun.
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