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Full Version: Installation problem-Please read and help
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I have a recent Dell XPS (eg tons of everything) w/ a TEAC DV W58E. Had no success with the install. I update the DVD from the Dell site and got the firs CD to install but in changing to the second, no dice. Any ideas?
Seems that this drive is a problem as stated Here on the Ubi site.. I haven't found a work around but I'm looking. Do you have a second dvd drive you could use?
Instead of sticking the second DVD in and just hitting ok , try using the browse button and find the drive you have the DVD in and highlight it , then try hitting the ok button . See if that might help .
Thanks both of you. I have had to restore my system a bunch of times, I'll try the idea of going to Explorer next. Thanks, at least now I know I have a real problem and won't just keep hitting my head on the wall. Great way for the creaters to show appreciation for longtime Myst fans, exclude a common drive!

Susan ranting.gif
I am not really talking about going into Windows Explorer . When you insert the second DVD , you should get a pop up with the location it is installing from and 2 buttons on it , one should say ok and the other should say browse . Even though the location should be correct , click on the browse button and manually choose the location of the drive you have the DVD in and highlight it that way . Then click the ok button . It may not even be a bad idea to find the setup.exe file and highlight that .
Thanks for the tip Kurtg but it did't help. The first disc loaded fine, but the second one locked everything (browse wouldn't even work). Interestingly, when I upraded the firmware from Dell for the DVR, the first disc locked everything immediately, but without it, I was able to get through to the request for the second disc. Now it is doubly frustrating! headbang.gif

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