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Full Version: Tracking The Drc
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Last night, during all the CTD and AUTH errors, I decided to stay put in the Greeter's Neighborhood and tinker around a bit with my KI. From the recent visits by Engberg I had managed to snag his KI number, and felt pretty swell about being able to know when he was near. It also seemed reasonable, that the other DRC members would have KI numbers in the same ballpark, assuming they received their devices at about the same time.

(fast forward----)

After some rather unscientific meddling, I found myself in possession of all 5 main DRC members, as well as 8 others (some of which are very familiar wink3.gif ). I assume the 8 others are also DRC, since they are in the same group shared by Sam, Tricia, Jenny, Nick, and Matthew (remember the DRC research tables in Ae'gura?). Now some may think that knowing when these characters are online would "ruin" the intrigue, so I won't post their numbers. But they can be worked out without too much effort. Oh, and let me add - there is a special significance to the numbers. rolleyes.gif

Watching us, are they?
QUOTE (Snerticus @ Dec 7 2003, 12:36 AM)

I agree...
I'm reproducing a message I sent to Snert to clear things up. Caution to those that wish to "collect" KI numbers first-hand.

Click here to view a spoiler.
Eltheras, excellent post! Thanks for the info. Riven = 5. Uru = 7. I love odd #s.

Except for the area code of Vermont.....802. It always reminds me of a clicked description within old PC Sci Fi adventure game. Lonely purple wall. 802 just fits.
Thanks Eltheras, I was hoping you'd post to the forum too, because there were probably some who wanted to know. smile.gif
Thanks Eltheras thumbsup.gif

That was an excellent interpolation, bravo! thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif
-Sonya Michaels (???)
-Michael Simpson (???)

You'll find this info in Sharper's journal biggrin.gif I'm pretty sure Michael is mentioned in Sharper's journal as well
Oooo... Eltheras, that's sheer genius! And thank you so much for sharing this with us!

I wonder the signficance of seven will prove to be. I love this stuff!

Great post and even better reasoning. Hmmm That is interesting the separation by 7's.

Not to dash the theory - but saving ki numbers separated by 7's may just be a coding tool to keep those numbers available for in-game personalities and big wigs.

Still it does open up some intyeresting possibilities....
Following Elthera's extraordinary extrapolating forumula I gained some KI numbers today. blush.gif
Click here to view a spoiler.
Super work Eltheras and Ayli thumbsup.gif
Nice going Eltheras...
...after seeing this Forum thread this morning, I thought I would have a go.

I already had phend + KI ID down - then after seeing this I added @least two pages to my KI [just goes to show how many ppl could be potentially watching us huh.gif ]
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