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Full Version: More Information about the D'ni language
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Hello everybody!

I have found myself frustrated by the lack of materials available about the D'ni language again. So I did something about it! I made an online petition to Cyan to release more info about the D'ni language. I think it would be a good idea. After all, look at the following Klingon and the Tolkien languages have! It's time to prove to the world just how obsessed we myst fans are! clapping.gif Anyways, you can view my petition here
I sent a nice e-mail to cyan, telling them about the reasons I think this would be a good idea, and told them about the petition.

So sign on! It won't hurt!

P.S. The Jackal promises not to sell your email adresses to spammers... roll.gif
have you tried looking at Tweek
A nice lengthy dicitonary and instructions on sentance structure would be nice! (I signed!)
Have you guys tried looking HERE ? Its pinned right at the top of this very forum . You might find alot of interesting things there .
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