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Full Version: Fireflies
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How do you get the fireflies in Relto? I though they were only in the Eders. I'm almost positive that they are not a Relto page. Do you have to hack it or something? But how do I get them?!?!? Please help me! headbang.gif
First of all, WELCOME to the Guild of Greeters, mishra! Glad you have stopped by! You will find we are a friendly bunch and eager to help when called upon!

All you do to get fireflies in relto is, when you are in Eder Kemo and have them "attached" to you, use your relto book to link out of the age... They will immediately fly out of your hut if the windows and door are opened, but they will stay at your relto flying around. They will, however, go missing if you have the rain turned on, so make sure you turn the rain off before you go to Kemo.

edit: Oh, and there *are* fireflies in ages other than Eder Kemo, just not in the same large quantity... There are a couple scattered here and there in Kadish, the neighborhood, etc. Ask Shadowcats, he can probably tell you where all of the "onesie/twosie" fireflies are!
Rex Havoc
Yes, Welcome!!!

The fireflies can also be brought into the neighborhood with you and there they stay! Running, jumping and playing in the fountain doesn't phase them a bit!!
a lesser known way of bringing the fireflies to your Relto is by contacting any of our southern D'ni gentlefolk (Miss Mariposa Memi, Miss Kitty, Dr. Frank Lee B'fudl'd, etc.) who will be happy to have some captured in a mason jar and have delivered to your Relto... however, this method has proven to take a long time... you know how "laid back" things are in the deep south (and it don't get much deeper than D'ni South)


seriously though, see above...

and WELCOME! smile.gif

Rex Havoc
Da Genral, would normly be morah than happah to ablige ya on them there flah thins, but ah am occupied, at da moment, makin Sausage Patties... (Them flahs with laghts, do add a sumpin special to da sausages though...)
clapping.gif Welcome Mishra!!!! & Shorah
The fireflies are great flying around your Relto.
Come join us at Until Uru!!!!
We can teach you to climb the rope and sit on top of the tent whistling.gif
...or accidentally fall through the hidden "holes" in the tent, or go to the stage area and sing for us, or hop onto the map sign and perch like a bird... smile.gif

How do I bring these fireflies to the Neighbourhood?
Rex Havoc
It actually is fairly "simple" veralun. You collect them, just as you would for your Gira needs. Once back to Gira, you need to get back to the Nexus Link over on the steam vent side of the Age. Remember you have one jump you can take without loosing the fire flies.You will need that jump to get back over the rock pile separating the sides. When you drop down from the rock pile watch yourself on the vents!! Walk (don't run!) to the Nexus link and link to the Nexus then to your Neighborhood! You will get to enjoy their glow in the Nexus too! Once in the Neighborhood, they stick to you like glue!!

Let us know how it goes!! (If we are in the Hood when you get there, we'll know!)

Have fun!!

Cool! I'm going to have to try that Rex!! Thanks! clapping.gif
Yes I brought the flies to the hood. A little bit light in the the dark and I like animals around me!
Thanks Rex.
Wow! Thanks for all the greeting. I guess that's our job! THe trick works.....I just had rain on. whistling.gif .But, thanks!
Ken Telinome
Welcome Mishra! On top of all the other stuff, we can teach you to sign-sit! Great fun! kicking.gif

I have noticed on other servers that the fireflies are already in your Relto. While you can't bring them from that server to the GoG shard, I thought it would be good to know!
But you can bring more to your Relto.

Or at least it seemed Tink could, when she brought them via the Nexus.

Also it's kind of neat to watch carefully and see them panic and scatter if you try to take them to Ae'gura, etc.
wait... you can bring the fireflies out of your Relto?? I had no idea.. shy.gif oh well...I can't join Until Uru 'cause my connection is very slow.. so sorry. BTW i love that song "Broken".
A little warning.. according to the siggy below, there is a risk in taking fireflies to your relto... shock.gif
Hmmmm (thinks hard)

Must have missed that Fireplace Relto page whistling.gif whistling.gif
Click here to view a spoiler.
No it's not Beh... it's in the
Click here to view a spoiler.
Lol... that leaves us the Matches Relto Page

Quess have to look for that one in Gira near the Lava pit

you are so correct, rabbit.gif

there was so much linking in and out of different places, i forgot WHERE i was... laugh.gif

Tink's Leedle Frenz often took a notion . . .
to float around when Tink wamdered through The Cavern:
Click here to view a spoiler.

EDIT: If this ends up double-posted . . .
sort of?
Sorry 'bout that.
The first effort seemed to be headed for the Twilight Zone when I submitted it.
I used to like the "bug" that allowed us to take our friends everywhere. They used to go to the hood and city all the time.
Too many Bugs seem to slow a slow computer even more. Not slow connection, but slow computer.
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