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Full Version: Great Ball
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I need a VERY gentle hint please.

What do I need to do now that I have pushed a ball to the end of it's run?

I cannot say where I am as I do not know the place names yet, but am sure you will locate me. innocent.gif
(Wasn't there a Greek god condemned to constantly roll a boulder up a hill?)

Have you explored the 2 books in the small alcove elsewhere in that large round stairway room with the purple hologram?

That large ball is kind of a metaphor about the game itself. You should get very intimate with the D'ni timing system if you want to successfully complete TPOTS without major hints or walkthroughs.
Don't worry with it for now nippa. All will become lighter when you proceed with the game.

Corona, yes there was. He was a highwayman, named Sisyphus. You can read about him here.
Such a fuss about Sisyphus! bleh.gif

Roll it! Roll it! Roll it on da ribbah...
'Lighter' OK.

Yes I have found the books.

I am doing a terrific amount of exploring, having great fun, but not yet actually 'doing' very much.

I have done the bridge lights, correctly I think, but cannot see any changes anywhere.

Slight nudge please.

Am stuck with the ball for now so maybe these lights will move me onto something else?

They are not connected, right?

Nippa, if you are talking about a bridge lights in Kirel, check out this forum, you might find some insights there. If you need more nudges, please post there.
There is really nothing more to do with the ball for now. Explore Ercanna and Ahnonay for now and try completeing them wink3.gif .
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