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Full Version: Grrrr ..........torches............ Grrrrrrrrr
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I have the offical giude grrrrrr

I am in the land with steam vents and I am behind the waterfalls....

I lit the first torch but cannot light the others. In the light of the cave entrance I can see that I am at the torch.....I see its pipe in shadow but my cursor does not allow me to light please. I also founf my way out of the cave onto another path that leads to the area across the little waterfall. I cannot light the torch there either and why can't a activate the hand thing?

I would really like some help am I missing something here the prima guide I have says nothing except light the torches???? ranting.gif

Do these lands have to be done in any special order?

Thank you very much for your help.
you need to get some liting creatures to see
I am assuming you are fumbling your way around in the dark. You wont be able to light these 'torches' until you find a temporary form of light that you can bring with you into these caves.

If you are following along with a guide, I would tend to think that you either misread it slightly, or possibly skipped over a part. The process is a bit more involved than just 'lighting a torch', and the guide should go over it pretty detailed.
Rex Havoc
Ummm, you need little friends with you to help to light the way! idea.gif
Eder Gira has a "sister" age called Eder Kemo that you should explore a bit about can reach it by the linking book that is beside the pool.
Well, if you are following along with the guide, doing the ages in the order they appear in the book is the way they are meant to be done (as told to us by a book Yeesha left us). However, there is no "set way" to do it all, though one age needs a link from another to be finished (not the one you are in, a different one).

As Racegirl said, there is a sister age to Gira, the book is nearby wink3.gif .

But, there are two "torches" down in the little cut out behind the falls that can be turned on without recieving friends from that age. There is one (when looking at the falls from the opposite bank) to the extreme right, in a little nitch that is usually dark - took me a while to turn that one on - and the other is on the left, near that "black hole" you walked through to get out elsewhere. Now, if you have done a deal of linking in this age, you'd have noticed that it changes times. The best time to light these two torches I have spoken of is when the sun is up at noon-ish (age time unrelated to real time).

As for the other "torches" there is one in that black hole of a tunnle leading off to the left, and another that is in a cave beyond that, both of which you need help from the friends you will pick up in the sister age wink3.gif .

A FYI for the sister ages (if you have not read it in the guide already) they are to be done as one, meaning all cloths touched in one count towards the other. wink3.gif

Hope this helped.

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