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Full Version: Video Card Compatibility
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would this video card run Myst 4 and Uru?
any help would be apreciated
Shorah dgoudie and welcome to the Guild of Greeters smile.gif

The recommended videocard for Uru is a Radeon 8500 or higher, so it should work fine smile.gif
Myst 4 should run without any problems also.
ok wicked. need to buy it now. could barely play any uru on my old geforce 2. load times were awful and the computer ahd no interent. so ima get this video card for my new computer. and myst 4 i need a dvd rom drive aswell....
played the demo and cant wait till i get to play it. biggrin.gif

and does anyone wanna explain to me what exactly uru live was/is? and is it discontinued or something?
Uru Live was discontinued. But Cyan has released it to the fans so that we could resurrect it with Until Uru, which is essentially the same game as what we had during the Prologue. They wont be releasing any new ages for it though but the fine people over at COBBS are working on several 'improvements' for the game.

You can check out THIS thread for some handy links to get you started with UU.
Hi dgoudie...

I have the ATI Raedon 9800 and it works well for Uru. I have not been able to play Myst 4 however... I'm not sure that this is a video card issue though... Hope that this helps... I'm not sure if Sapphire is the same as ATI...

Edit: Fixed misspelled word... shy.gif
You can get it cheaper at and with the money you save you can buy a dvd-rom
QUOTE (dgoudie @ Jan 2 2005, 10:34 AM)
could barely play any uru on my old geforce 2.
Hmmm.........that's what I'm running and I don't have any problems at all with Uru. The only time I strike any issues is updating the driver to run Revelation causes graphics problems with Until Uru (snow on Relto). Rolling back fixed that - but have not reinstalled Revelation as I don't want to risk UU. down.gif
well it wasnt the video card. that old computer was a piece of ###### and Uru used to freeze and run laggy and the load times were horrible. it dosent run on this computer here because i only have intel on board.

and newegg dosent ship to canada down.gifdown.gifdown.gif
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