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Wooho! New puzzle site for Sasquatch!

It's being discussed in CC and in UO here.
This isn't official though, is it? Apparently it's by the same guy that did, and I thought that was just a fan thing.
Foo, from the UO Website Staff has confirmed it official, for whatever that's worth...
Oh MY GOODNESS!!! The first OFFICIAL word of Something Else™????

*does backflips down the hallway*

like 90% official, apparently, but yes :-)
90% unsure.gif smile.gif
Hmmm, "Find the O fragments"???? Sounds interesting! And the hunt commences!
Mysti Sage
Most the progress in being made here on UO and some on MC.

It looks utterly perplexicating.
Check out the new Journal that was just recently discovered smile.gif D'ni Negilahn
This, too . . .
I think . . .
is pronounced "lattice".

Yes, Gadren . . .
I hear you.
First, let me say that this is a compilation of research/solving done by MANY others, who are much smarter than me, and posted here for convenience of our users... I in no way take credit for finding these images or solving the puzzles to get them...

Find the


A different symbol has been posted on each uru site:

The "Fragments"

MC (the P):
UO (the R):
DPWR (the I):
Ubi (the D):
Cyan D'ni Guild (the E):

Where in the game(s) are these images from?

P = Power gauge number from Myst, Myst Island.
R = Peephole view of the "beetle chamber" in Riven, Gehns *longnumber* Age, outside view.
I = Riven book in Exile
D = Power chart for Spire crystal, Revelation.
E = Either the Relto Prophecy book (on the ABM ages) or Sharper's plate chart in Teledahn, in Uru

It should be noted that each of the actual areas/images that the above images were taken from is near or includes the number "5"...

5 letters, 5 myst games??



Pride.gif image:

Speculations on the pride symbol: Gehn's pipe, Ogham symbol

The 404.jpg image:
Maybe the 5 must game letters are the key to the actual name of something else...
if 'm not mistaken, that note is from Tokota rooftop.
mreru? not sure means anything, but very interesting..
QUOTE (Le'ah @ Jan 8 2005, 06:09 PM)
if 'm not mistaken, that note is from Tokota rooftop.

Yes, and I don't believe it has any real relevance to the puzzle... I just included it because I found it funny! I think it was a funny way to present the "no material here... yet" parts of the website...

QUOTE (ural @ Jan 8 2005, 06:13 PM)
mreru?  not sure means anything, but very interesting..

Hmm, I added bolding to the game locations (for the images) in my prior post, just for clarification... I think the *important* thing was that the letters of the PRIDE images came, one each, from the five currently released games dealing with MYST or the world of the D'ni... We *may* be looking for more five-letter words/images to complete the puzzle...
No i don't mean in order of the games came out but i mean if you switch around the letters..

such as rerum or merur or remur or rumer...
like that
QUOTE (L'lee @ Jan 8 2005, 11:54 PM)
Pride.gif image:

Speculations on the pride symbol: Gehn's pipe, Ogham symbol

It looks a lot like the symbol for the span attribute in the KI coordinate system... but that might just be 'ole rabbit.gif 's noggin' playin' tricks on him...
Hmmmm, and the "O" looks a bit like the symbol for the torans attribute in the KI coordinates too... wink3.gif
Now wait a minute, who exactly is Foo? Because "given permission to use game images" could be called "official" too. And somehow I can't see Cyan's big Sasquatch (Latus?) puzzle being all about the Myst series, after they tried so hard to distance Uru from it.
QUOTE (trickster721 @ Jan 9 2005, 11:24 AM)
Now wait a minute, who exactly is Foo? Because "given permission to use game images" could be called "official" too. And somehow I can't see Cyan's big Sasquatch (Latus?) puzzle being all about the Myst series, after they tried so hard to distance Uru from it.

Foo is a young 'un, still in school in the UK. His info may still be good, but if you were looking for a reliable inside source (say, someone working for Cyan) that he is not!
something intriguing about the whole CIRCLE idea is that all the small images with a 5 in them somewhere have a circle around them in the whole image (with the exception of URU).

perhaps this could mean that the Myst games are now ended, with their circles complete, but Uru's story isn't over yet (indicating that SE/Latus/Sasquatch is for the Uru storyline)?
I keep telling ya, Something Else is a big Teledahn "Colorform" set. bleh.gif

I'm no good at these online puzzles. I like to read about them though.
Hee-hee, lots of people here in the same boat, Corona...

That's why I posted the "super-sleuthing" of others for our perusal and enjoyment...

another "5" from Uru that might have meaning here...

Here is another image of how the number "5" is incoporated into the individual images given in the prior post:

an interesting speculation:
There is a festival 0100 Leenovo 18 the "Day of the Circle" (Lenovoo: March 16 - April 21).

using the DniClock to convert: April 5th this year, a possible release date? for another puzzle, or SE™ itself? I think this one could lead somewhere...

However, 04/05.php doesn't work....yet!

and another:
Twigg's background is the the floor of the palace in Ae'gura (using CC offline) . Using the Ki co-ordinates as a guideline (noting the inclusion of a drawing of the three Ki indicators in the info so far), various combinations of 5,8 and 1 can be found in the room. These seem to point to particular reference books.

58001 Hemelin -mentions Birenni
58100 Kedri ?
58001 Benashiren

Also standing in the centre -as far as I can guess. the Ishek book is in sight line.

This book tells of the "Blood of Yahvo" and "The Light of D'ni"

The latter is curious -maybe ties in with the Latus stuff?

On slightly different tack, up in the Great Zero, again the numbers 5,8 and 1 can be set up on the Ki.. happening to be right in front of the number 5. This places you on the map part of the floor.. again there may be something in it..

I just moved around the Palace with my Ki running until I got to those co-ordinates - seemed a bit of a coincidence that you could hit those numbers in that place -and up in the Great Zero near the symbol for 5

RIUM+ received a PM after some "scripted searching" of the Myst-tree website:
QUOTE (RIUM+ @ Jan 9 2005, 03:04 AM on UO Website)
I just received a PM... From the ever puzzling Twigg.

Actually the server does mind.
Brute force causes head aches.
Searching for uploads is silly.
Use puzzle solution to find.
No more brute force please.


And now for the best part:
An Update: 01/09.php
"Fans searching high and low
They have already found it
But they don't even know?

See what you have now
and learn what you will"

Here are two sites which have the current summary of information to this point:
Kevin8020's Summary Page
RobertKosten's Mirror and Summary Site
Or maybe this has nothing to do with Something Else
Exactly. There's no reason to believe this Twigg guy knows more about Sasquatch than the rest of us.
The ip for and are identical. Don't know if that means it's from the same user or just the same provider.
The IP just indicates the same server, but the WHOIS-Entries have the same owner, administrator, etc. listed. There isn't much doubt about the author, just about how far Cyan's support in the background goes.

And, for the record, my site now is at which provides access to the different mirrors from different days...
WooHoo! Thanks for posting the updated link to the mirror site... (Between you and Kevin8020, I think the GoG-ers will be able to keep informed as to the progress on this puzzle!) clapping.gif

I have been following that UO thread, and you guys are AMAZING!!
This is one time when I would love to be wrong, but: I think it is all a joke.

Please feel free to quote this when you razz me if it turns out not to be a joke - as I said, I would love to be wrong!!
It could be... but!

The Path of the Shell was also a fan-produced puzzle, but it sure kept everyone busy and interested until the release of The Path of the Shell expansion-pack. While it may not have been created and officially run by Cyan, it was established later that he had a "nod" from them and that, because of the quality of the puzzle, they were impressed and even, IIRC, gave some things to the puzzle-maker for the "prize..."
I'm very skeptical myself, but:
  • It is done by the same guy who did the TPotS puzzle
  • Said puzzle was half-supported by Cyan
  • It is is quite likely that Cyan contacted him once they had some screen-shots, etc. ready
  • most importantly: It is extremely fun and intriguing! What will we learn from it? What might we get to see? How many days will we continue to spend not seeing the obvious? bleh.gif
EDIT: Concerning the webpages, we just want to a_) archive the site and thoughts, as has been done often before in the Community and b_) (we have internally agreed upon this strategy) we want to provide two fundamentally different presentations of the given data, because that may help in discovering it's meaning. I'm just very glad I've finally found a way to offer help to the community blush.gif
I agee too, going to be interesting. Multiplayer would be nice...
My suspicions are that this has more to do with the unannounced project that had a deadline of the first week of December as posted in this thread

Pride could indicate Cyans attitude toward the fans that have been willing to wait patiently, never giving up hope (Lareh comes to mind). This may just be wishful thinking but I hope not.
New page is up 101(binary) = 5 (decimal)
Technically the solution has been found, but a_) it's extremely disappointing (vaht is D'ni for five) and b_) that page had been tried by several people yesterday (and hadn't been there, of course)...

Check the thread and/or the summary pages and
But what about the "101" (or is it IOI) that is posted on the website now?

edit: blush.gif NVM... just went to the update site and figured out about the "LOL" hint...
101 is binary for 5 which is decimal for vaht which leads us to
the myst-tree continues:

Dirt & sage confused1.gif
Dirt as in ... D'ni In Real Time?
Here What do you all think?
Ken Telinome
I don't understand. What is it supposed to be?
Just off the top of Tink's head . . .
which is a spooky place to be sometimes . . .

a parallel between the Zandi stuff and Uru . . .
keeps tickling my gut feeling . . .

for Myst V this time.
Yup Tink's thoughts are not so scary. The web site at Myst was created to give us a MYSTery to solve. Last month, it led to the announcement of MYST V. The new entry should lead us to further information but we need to solve it to find out what it means. There is some discussion on other forums like Myst and Uru Obsession.
Ken Telinome
Oh I get it, so I'm supposed to approach it like a Myst game? Oh man, this is going to take forever, I suppose I'd better get started! sprint.gif
Rex Havoc
confused1.gif My normal state! I am going to have to follow this and hopefully my little brain will be able to wrap itself around it! shy.gif
Ken Telinome
I'm confused. I click on the different numbers and I always get the same messages. One says to
Click here to view a spoiler.

But how do I do that? There's nothing else there! Any help would be great! That is, if anyone is farther along than I
This may help. But don't open if you don't want a total spoiler.
Click here to view a spoiler.
Oooh, Ken. Be careful what you ask for! If you are really interested in this, you should check out these threads on the Uru Obsession forum:

clicky (688 replies so far)


clicky (124 replies so far)

And for an excellent summary site by Kevin8020: clicky

Edit: Gah! Nighthawk beat me to it!

Super summary of what's been done so far:
Click here to view a spoiler.
Ken Telinome
Whoa whoa, I looked into some of the spoilers, and got enough to give me a push. Thanks for all the help!
No I think that

1. A sage is a kind of tree

2. Dirt for the tree to grow in
Ken Telinome
Wow, you guys are amazing. I'm still lost!
A new word has appeared there it is elopep

ok that spelled back words is pepole i think it might be people and sage spelled backwards is egas ok i am getting no where am i? Wait rearange everything and you get people ages or ages people!
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