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Full Version: Maverick Hood & Phil Henderson
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Well, at least my keyboard isn't topsy turvy outside of the game. What's this, you say? Well, I suppose it could be the post where Ay'li was supposed to post her chatlog of Phil Henderson visiting the Maverick Hood tonight....which I couldn't attend....because of a work-related Christmas party. Trust me, I would've rather been in my Hood at the time.

Anyway, just a note of what happened after I arrived an hour later & most of you left. Tink, Moranda, & Ay'li were there waiting for me. We played som Heek. I accidentally thought I won & got up. Tink won later on, because you need 3 of a kind, not 2 of each, which I thought was how you won. I'm dense. biggrin.gif

Then a few new explorers popped by. Then later 3 white glowing spheres appeared in the Hood. We watched them enter. One near the scope, one near the stairs by the scope, & one near the D'ni clock. Beautiful little critters! I tried moving one, gently, but after a while it disappeared like a falling cone. NOOOOOO!!!!!
But it came back a few seconds later. (Whew!)

Okay, if anyone visits the Mavericks' Hood, please leave these little critters alone. They're not as resiliant as Eddie & the Pumpkins. They're very sensitive. Please leave them be.

The funny thing is we 4 were standing in a square formation. The light appeared on the ground right in the middle of the 4 of us. Tink was facing the other way. I said, "Tink, turn around." laugh.gif Everyone was shocked & pleased.
kurtg1265 pics ? Any idea as to what they are ? Some kind of ghosts or other beings perhaps .
Mavericks' Hood screen.

I took pics with Tink et all but lost them, I think. down.gif I'll go back & take a pic. Wait a few minutes...
Little Critter

According to the gals,...Tink, Moranda & Ayli gave poor Phil a little have-to. They asked serious questions, but Phil refused to answer questions on Yeeshas' motives. They said he was more serious on other questions. So I hope to see this chatlog soon.

I noticed that one critter is now missing & one has moved closer to the clock. If this is from someone manipulating them, don't worry, it's human nature. However, please, again, in the future, leave these critters where they lay. Let them move on their own. Thank you.
That is pretty cool . Looks like a little ghost spirit or something .

Ha......your neighborhood is haunted . bleh.gif wink3.gif What did you do ?
I wonder if these little critters are related to the colored firemarbles that Dan'ni saw?
These critters appeared after phend appearred in the Hood. I think it's a gift. Read Tink, Moranda, & Aylis' post of their convo with Phil nearby.
In later years, . . . the day became known for the fire marble search.  Fire marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout D'ni and the children were sent on searches for the marbles, reminding D'ni of the search of Lalen and Hemelin to find the cure for their people.

-- Celebration of the finding of the lost books of Birenni, commemorated December 10th.

Link to DRC site and D'ni art.
In later years, . . . the day became known for the fire marble search.  Fire marbles were hidden in homes and Ages throughout D'ni and the children were sent on searches for the marbles, reminding D'ni of the search of Lalen and Hemelin to find the cure for their people.

Oh so thats why they were there...

Little Glowy Orb

I don't know what exactly happened after someone pushed the neat firemarble onto the plaza. You were somewhat frozen there. Be careful with these things, I went to my neighbourhood and accidentially shoved one under the fountain.
I've got one stuck behind a lampost in the water garden. down.gif
hug.gif It's okay.
Thanks, Zardoz . . .

a new thing learned!

Gotta admit, though . . .

Dehsee stubbornly wants to think they be kindred souls . . .

those fire marbles . . .

to Tink's "leedle frenz" . . .
the fireflies . . .

Even talked 'em into joining the formation . . .
of a circle around the link in spot in Dehsee's hood.

Tink was gonna do the same . . .

you know . . .
line 'em up behind the small two-abreast . . .
"ready to march . . .
off to who knows where" . . .
formation of conepeople in Tink's hood . . .

but that "thunk!" . . .
when the first one rolled into the tail end of the formation . . .
felt painful . . .

sort of a "I feel your pain" gut feeling . . .

so Tink just enjoyed their presence for a bit . . .
and allowed them to be . . .

hoping they would stick around for a while.

Ah well.


P.S. Good friend, Mr. Lag?

Here's the pic you wished for . . .
half-size so it can be put here . . .
and un-light/color enhanced.

Tink, later today after work I'll go visit Dehsee's Hood. Surrounding the link-in (Lincoln) point with cones sounds too cute. I'd like to do that with my Hood.....but that would be repetitive. Maybe I'll put them somewhere else. wink3.gif Who knows.
I had the spoiler bug and I saw all the white firemarbles and all the colored firemarbles. I have pictures here on my computer somewhere...
Colored firemarbles? Awww, how cute. biggrin.gif

Click here to view a spoiler.


Click here to view a spoiler.

I even have one of a nice sign I found:

Click here to view a spoiler.

I like the spoiler bug. innocent.gif
A Happy New Year sign?! shock.gif

Those colored fireballs are as cute as I imagined. biggrin.gif
sings: "It's beginning to look a lot like New Year's..."
a little early perhaps? let's hope Cyan's new years resolution is to fix that dang spoiler bug! I'm all for letting new explorers into the Cavern, but not when they have magical powers to see through time. (wow... I'm starting to sound like Kodama... let's hope this role-playing doesn't go to far)

Maybe they just wanted to take part in the fun of the new GoG e-cards!

Happy New Year!
- Deg -
yeah I saw colored fire marbles too... I thought I took screenies but now I cant find them down.gif

They were so fun to push around because they made your legs glow hehe they'd fall through some too but always reappeared. Until the bug went away.
I only played with the white ones. Didn't want to loose my colored ones. wink3.gif

At first I didn't even notice the sign, even though I was staring right at it. I was looking at the imager to the left. Didn't work. down.gif There was even the
Click here to view a spoiler.
in the classroom.

I don't mind the spoiler bug too much, but I'd sure be happy if the black ghost/uncommunicable bug was fixed. I hate walking into a room of 30 avatars and only being able to talke to/hear from 3 or 4 of them.

Were you in the GoG hood Knit ? I dont think you stated what hood you were in . It might be kinda neat to see if I can go there and see the same things .
I believe I was in UruObsession at the time. I can barely make it out in the first picture I posted with the colored firemarbles.
Knit, you must show me your Hood with the colored fireballs.
They aren't there anymore. down.gif I had the spoiler bug while in UruObsession. Now that that bug is out of commission, we'll just have to wait for them to get to us naturally.
down.gif Awwwwww...hug.gif
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