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Full Version: Phil And Doug In Aaron's Hood!
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Phil and Douglas came to a hood tonight. I found then first in the Aaron (24) neighborhood. Phil and Doug spoke to those of use that showed up for awhil ebut then Victor Laxman showed up and Phil and Doug made a dash to there Relto's. So here is the log:

(12/11 18:55:01) Chat.log started...
(12/11 19:01:49) Douglas Sharper does a dance
(12/11 19:01:58) To Brian Fioca: Found em!
(12/11 19:02:00) Douglas Sharper: Hello MrFan.
(12/11 19:02:03) Douglas Sharper: Up here.
(12/11 19:02:08) Douglas Sharper waves

(12/11 19:02:08) To Brian Fioca: Up where?
(12/11 19:02:23) From Brian Fioca: haha
(12/11 19:02:32) Douglas Sharper: Glad to see you are wearing the shirt
(12/11 19:02:33) MrM3FaN: Shorah Phil and Doug
(12/11 19:02:38) phend: hello
(12/11 19:02:38) MrM3FaN: Yep
(12/11 19:02:42) Douglas Sharper: Fioca - up here
(12/11 19:02:57) Brian Fioca: hmm
(12/11 19:03:25) MrM3FaN claps his hands
(12/11 19:03:25) MrM3FaN: there you go Brian
(12/11 19:03:31) Brian Fioca: there are a lot more people around today
(12/11 19:03:31) Douglas Sharper claps his hands
(12/11 19:03:37) Brian Fioca: thanks
(12/11 19:03:41) Douglas Sharper: A large group was allowed down
(12/11 19:03:42) phend: there are many more people today
(12/11 19:03:50) phend: have you seen them?

(12/11 19:03:52) MrM3FaN: Yes I know a couple
(12/11 19:03:57) Douglas Sharper: More who need to decide.
(12/11 19:03:59) Brian Fioca: i've been talking to as many as i can
(12/11 19:04:02) MrM3FaN: haven't bumped into then yet though
(12/11 19:04:05) phend: have they seen her?
(12/11 19:04:08) Douglas Sharper: Good.

(12/11 19:04:14) Brian Fioca: most have, some havent
(12/11 19:04:33) Brian Fioca: but they will in time
(12/11 19:04:39) MrM3FaN: I saw here at the end of the beginning of my Journey
(12/11 19:04:50) phend: yes
(12/11 19:04:51) MrM3FaN: and why do you keep refering to "her" in the third person?
(12/11 19:04:57) From Brian Fioca in Aaron's (24) Neighborhood: Aarons hood
(12/11 19:04:59) Douglas Sharper: So do you both really think she is alive?
(12/11 19:05:05) Douglas Sharper: Truly?

(12/11 19:05:14) Brian Fioca: well, i did see her at the cleft
(12/11 19:05:16) Tweek: I dont know any more Douglas
(12/11 19:05:18) phend: it seems right for me to do that - i don't know why
(12/11 19:05:19) MrM3FaN: Well she seemed alive when I saw her in Tohmana
(12/11 19:05:32) Douglas Sharper: Hello Tweek
(12/11 19:05:35) Douglas Sharper: UP here.

(12/11 19:05:55) MrM3FaN: many more ppl are wearing her shirt
(12/11 19:06:07) Douglas Sharper: I've noticed. Very good.
(12/11 19:06:08) MrM3FaN: great now you got me doing it Phil
(12/11 19:06:18) Douglas Sharper: Eggplant - what kind of name is that - we're up here.
(12/11 19:06:21) phend: i've seen many more shirts

(12/11 19:06:34) TheEggplant: It is a nickname
(12/11 19:06:40) Tweek: up where Doug? I cannot see you
(12/11 19:06:41) TheEggplant: up where?
(12/11 19:06:47) MrM3FaN: Yet you haven't started wearing it yourself yet Phil..why?
(12/11 19:06:50) Brian Fioca: up on the balcony above the fountain
(12/11 19:06:50) Douglas Sharper: Above the fountain.
(12/11 19:07:04) phend: because my side is known

(12/11 19:07:10) Brian Fioca: no one questions where phil stands
(12/11 19:07:15) Tweek waves
(12/11 19:07:16) MrM3FaN: thats true
(12/11 19:07:43) Tweek: hello Mr Phil and Mr Doug
(12/11 19:07:55) MrM3FaN: So how have things been going for the both of you?
(12/11 19:08:00) phend: hello tweek, how are you?
(12/11 19:08:16) Tweek: Iam well Phil thankyou and yourself?
(12/11 19:08:19) To Douglas Sharper: Have you stopped work on that pub in Ae'gura?
(12/11 19:08:21) phend: douglas talks of many things
(12/11 19:08:35) Douglas Sharper: Still working on the pub.

(12/11 19:08:46) Brian Fioca: good to hear
(12/11 19:08:49) Tweek: good good I was wondering what would be happening with that Doug
(12/11 19:09:04) From Quintin in Quintin's Relto: which hood?
(12/11 19:09:05) MrM3FaN: Did mean to PM that..I asked if Doug had stoped work on the pub in Ae'gura
(12/11 19:09:11) MrM3FaN: Didn't*
(12/11 19:09:15) MrM3FaN: I am tired!
(12/11 19:09:26) Douglas Sharper: It's a long process. Still in Phase One.
(12/11 19:09:33) Douglas Sharper: Waiting for approvals from the DRC boys.

(12/11 19:09:48) Brian Fioca: lovely
(12/11 19:09:49) Tweek: Well if Kodama gives you trouble bop him over the head with a cone.
(12/11 19:09:51) Brian Fioca: red tape
(12/11 19:10:00) MrM3FaN: Do they acted differently around you now Doug?
(12/11 19:10:05) Douglas Sharper: Kodama. Anyone seen him recently?
(12/11 19:10:09) Brian Fioca: no
(12/11 19:10:12) Douglas Sharper: I still haven't seen any of them.
(12/11 19:10:22) Brian Fioca: they've been laying low lately
(12/11 19:10:28) Douglas Sharper: I would assume they have heard I went on the journey.
(12/11 19:10:31) Brian Fioca: haven't even seen Engberg
(12/11 19:10:34) Tweek: I havent seen Kodama since I have been down here.I have only met you two Dr Sutherland and Mr Engberg
(12/11 19:10:44) phend: where have they been?
(12/11 19:10:46) Brian Fioca: wonder what they think of that, Douglas
(12/11 19:11:04) Douglas Sharper: I'm sure they're talking right now, trying to figure out what to do about it.
(12/11 19:11:13) Brian Fioca: hmmm
(12/11 19:11:14) Tweek: I think they are to busy wondering about your office
(12/11 19:11:15) phend: i save them and they wanted to talk to me - but I wasn't ready
(12/11 19:11:17) Brian Fioca: what can they do?
(12/11 19:11:19) From Christoph05 in Christoph05's Relto: what hood are you all in?
(12/11 19:11:30) phend: i saw them
(12/11 19:11:39) To Christoph05: Aarons (24)
(12/11 19:11:52) phend: but that was days ago
(12/11 19:12:21) Tweek: I havent spent much time in the city of late..except to look around the Hall of Kings
(12/11 19:12:27) MrM3FaN: ya what happened in Ae'gura that said you heard something..that Victos didn't seem to hear..what was it?
(12/11 19:12:40) Thanakar: sorry i'm late..something prevented me from coming here...twice
(12/11 19:12:54) phend: i heard a cry
(12/11 19:13:05) MrM3FaN: A Least cry?
(12/11 19:13:13) phend: and i wasn't ready to go with victor
(12/11 19:13:26) phend: i needed to continue my journey

(12/11 19:13:36) MrM3FaN: i see
(12/11 19:13:39) phend: maybe a least cry
(12/11 19:13:39) Brian Fioca: well I'm glad you spoke with us before you speak to them
(12/11 19:13:49) Tweek: They really should know whats going on tho Phil
(12/11 19:13:50) Dan'ni: hello everyone!
(12/11 19:13:54) Tweek: Hi Dan
(12/11 19:14:01) Thanakar: They who Tweek?
(12/11 19:14:06) Tweek: the DRC
(12/11 19:14:08) LaReh: Hi Cyman
(12/11 19:14:09) phend: i will speak to them to - but they wanted me to go with them...
(12/11 19:14:20) Tweek: of course they do
(12/11 19:14:25) phend: i couldn't go with them
(12/11 19:14:34) Tweek: I dont think they want us hearing what you have to say
(12/11 19:14:36) Douglas Sharper: Cyman - no shirt?
(12/11 19:14:46) Douglas Sharper: Kami - have you seen the shirt?

(12/11 19:14:54) Cyman: Shirt? what shirt
(12/11 19:14:58) Brian Fioca: yeesha's shirt
(12/11 19:14:59) Thanakar: kami was wearing her's yesterday
(12/11 19:15:00) Douglas Sharper: Tah - hello. You don't wear her shirt either.
(12/11 19:15:13) Thanakar: Cyman, have you completed teh begeinning journey?
(12/11 19:15:14) Brian Fioca: the balcony, above the fountain
(12/11 19:15:15) Cyman: I like the riven one
(12/11 19:15:27) Cyman: No i dont think so
(12/11 19:15:40) Tah: Douglas I am a greeter helping the new people from yesterday
(12/11 19:15:47) Douglas Sharper: This isn't about fashion. YOu think I would wear this uncomfortable thing?
(12/11 19:15:49) Dan'ni: hey everyone!
(12/11 19:15:54) Dan'ni: WHOA! so many shirts!
(12/11 19:15:55) Tweek: almost didnt get my shirt back from the dry cleaners this morning
(12/11 19:15:57) Dan'ni: That's sooo great!
(12/11 19:16:09) Tweek: actually I quite like this shirt
(12/11 19:16:25) Douglas Sharper: It is scratchy though.
(12/11 19:16:30) Tweek: but then im british..we have no taste in clothing wink3.gif
(12/11 19:16:30) Brian Fioca: it breathes well
(12/11 19:16:37) Dan'ni: lol
(12/11 19:16:38) Thanakar: what about the other symbol yeesha showed us? the closed hand?
(12/11 19:16:38) Cyman: I think i have the hand shirt
(12/11 19:16:45) kami: oooohhhhhh i clash'
(12/11 19:16:56) Douglas Sharper: The shirts are growing my friends!
(12/11 19:17:03) Tweek: Thanakar> Thats the Symbol DJC has taken
(12/11 19:17:07) Brian Fioca: yes, word travels fast here
(12/11 19:17:09) Dan'ni: DRC is gonna flip lol
(12/11 19:17:18) TheEggplant: e pluribus unum
(12/11 19:17:19) Thanakar: ahh..didn't know wthat Tweek
(12/11 19:17:31) Douglas Sharper: We'll have to get a picture of this and send it to them. Ha!
(12/11 19:17:37) Thanakar: yeesha pluribus unum
(12/11 19:17:40) Dan'ni: Tweek- remember to give the symbol back some day
(12/11 19:17:52) Dan'ni: I jave just taken a picture
(12/11 19:17:52) Guivin: HOwdy.
(12/11 19:17:56) Tweek: Thana> Yes it started when I began to publish my journals online of when I started on the journey
(12/11 19:17:58) Guivin: How'd everyone get up there?
(12/11 19:17:59) Dan'ni: I will post a link to it on THEIR forums!
(12/11 19:18:03) Dan'ni: YEAH!
(12/11 19:18:11) Tweek: Dan> worry me
(12/11 19:18:12) MrM3FaN: bleh.gif
(12/11 19:18:25) Douglas Sharper: Ladies you should be wearing the shirts.
(12/11 19:18:25) Thanakar: phil.where is your shrit?
(12/11 19:18:32) Dan'ni: Tweek - rmemeber what you have taken but be given back
(12/11 19:18:33) Douglas Sharper: Join the cause.
(12/11 19:18:41) Douglas Sharper: It's the only worthy one.

(12/11 19:18:50) Thanakar: yes..the cause..what exactly is the cause? besides finishing the journey?
(12/11 19:18:52) Tweek: Well the symbol represents the end of that journey..I think its appropriate for the d'ni jazz club to use such a symbol..for now
(12/11 19:19:07) Tweek: Doug> do we get free party sandwiches?
(12/11 19:19:11) Eltheras: we've been welcoming the new explorers
(12/11 19:19:13) Tweek: i like cheese
(12/11 19:19:21) Guivin: Some guy just jumped over the hazard sign.
(12/11 19:19:22) phend: how many new explorers?
(12/11 19:19:27) Dan'ni: many
(12/11 19:19:29) Brian Fioca: I lost count
(12/11 19:19:30) Thanakar: tjat os jpw upi get i[ Givom
(12/11 19:19:32) Eltheras: I've met many tonight
(12/11 19:19:34) Dan'ni: I've met some today
(12/11 19:19:35) Guivin: Ah, okay.
(12/11 19:19:35) Thanakar: er..taht is how you get up Guivin
(12/11 19:19:37) Douglas Sharper: The cause is a new way to run D'ni. The way of Phil.
(12/11 19:19:41) Douglas Sharper: The way of Yeesha.
(12/11 19:19:47) Douglas Sharper: The way of me.
(12/11 19:20:04) Douglas Sharper: Christoph - you need the shirt.
(12/11 19:20:05) phend: it is her way

(12/11 19:20:07) Tweek: hmm i think my plans for domination over D'ni have just gone out the window
(12/11 19:20:20) Christoph05: I haven't been able to get in my closet lately
(12/11 19:20:38) Tweek: curses I was gonna plant a Mc Donalds and Starbucks down here too <shudders>
(12/11 19:20:39) LaReh: When will we see her again?
(12/11 19:20:43) phend: i like the shirt of greeting - it is good
(12/11 19:20:46) Tah: Chris...I have closet problems also
(12/11 19:20:52) Eltheras: I'm glad Phil
(12/11 19:20:55) Tah: Thank You Phend
(12/11 19:21:04) Tah: We are pleased to help newcomers
(12/11 19:21:16) Tweek: I like meeting the new explorers
(12/11 19:21:17) MrM3FaN: I only wear my GoG Shirt when I am on duty
(12/11 19:21:19) Cyman: what is the phil way
(12/11 19:21:22) Thanakar: and how exactlyare you going to implement the cuase Doug?
(12/11 19:21:29) phend: the DRC is helping the newcomers too?
(12/11 19:21:29) Dan'ni: will Yeesha show us Rebek? Soemthing the DRC has decided to keep as TEIR secret?
(12/11 19:21:29) Cyman: is that like against the DRC
(12/11 19:21:31) Douglas Sharper: With you.
(12/11 19:21:33) Thanakar: you, we, us..that is
(12/11 19:21:39) Tweek: Mr> I wear mine on Duty and when new explorers are down here
(12/11 19:21:47) LaReh: We Greeters are independent of DRC
(12/11 19:21:55) TheEggplant: I'm curious.... what comes after the journey?
(12/11 19:22:00) Tah: I wear mine when a new group comes in and when on duty
(12/11 19:22:03) Tweek: Yes...the DRC aknowledge us
(12/11 19:22:06) Dan'ni: a new Journey!
(12/11 19:22:08) Douglas Sharper: The journey will continue.
(12/11 19:22:28) TheEggplant: it never ends, does it?
(12/11 19:22:33) phend: douglas is reight - the journey continues
(12/11 19:22:44) TheEggplant: "the ending can never truly be written"
(12/11 19:22:55) phend: yes, i have heard that
(12/11 19:22:57) Douglas Sharper: Good point Eggplant.

(12/11 19:23:02) Dan'ni: Where will the journey lead us now Phil?
(12/11 19:23:05) Douglas Sharper: Eggplant?
(12/11 19:23:08) TheEggplant: yes?
(12/11 19:23:29) Douglas Sharper: Sorry, just fun to say Eggplant.
(12/11 19:23:33) phend: if I knew where it would lead then it wouldn't be your choice

(12/11 19:23:33) Tweek: lol
(12/11 19:23:34) Thanakar: chuckle
(12/11 19:23:35) kami: lol
(12/11 19:23:40) LaReh: lol
(12/11 19:23:48) TheEggplant: life isn't any fun without getting a little lost
(12/11 19:23:56) phend: yes
(12/11 19:24:04) Thanakar: lost is my constant state
(12/11 19:24:04) Tweek: True Phil..but Im sure you have seen things we havent...been places we havent
(12/11 19:24:09) MrM3FaN: Phil>When do you think this "chapter" of the journey will end (I myslef have called this time of the Journey "The Following"
(12/11 19:24:18) Brian Fioca: I imagine, for now, we are gathering... in time we will be able to act
(12/11 19:24:21) Tweek: I look forward to new places..very much so
(12/11 19:24:33) Tweek: Uru afterall Brian yes
(12/11 19:24:49) Douglas Sharper: Phil, tell them a little of what you have told me.
(12/11 19:24:54) Dan'ni: I hope the DRC takes the Journey - they need to learn....
(12/11 19:24:59) phend: okay douglas
(12/11 19:25:02) LaReh: I told Engberg, there's a difference between being lost and not wanting to be found, when talking about Phil and Doug
(12/11 19:25:15) Douglas Sharper: They need to know.
(12/11 19:25:19) phend: many things will come - new journeys and new choices
(12/11 19:25:35) phend: she will control what she can and lead where she can
(12/11 19:25:42) phend: and teach who she can

(12/11 19:26:04) Pa'lua: Is there anything we need to do to have her teach us?
(12/11 19:26:04) phend: but in the end - it will be decided by you
(12/11 19:26:16) Douglas Sharper: The people.
(12/11 19:26:26) phend: she has spoken - do you understand it?
(12/11 19:26:31) phend: she will speak more
(12/11 19:26:39) phend: others will come

(12/11 19:26:42) Thanakar: phil.what is it we are seeing in these reflections?
(12/11 19:26:43) phend: they will speak
(12/11 19:26:53) Pa'lua: Do you know where or where she will speak?
(12/11 19:26:56) Brian Fioca: others?
(12/11 19:26:58) phend: they will speak further for her
(12/11 19:26:59) Guivin: Question everything, think for yourself.
(12/11 19:27:09) phend: just as douglas speaks further for me
(12/11 19:27:11) Thanakar: I listen to her everyday trying to glean more out of what she says
(12/11 19:27:28) Brian Fioca: how will we know the others?
(12/11 19:27:37) phend: you will listen to those who come - if they are with her
(12/11 19:27:43) Thanakar: is Douglas continuing on here for you?
(12/11 19:27:44) Tweek: Allem? maybe..she is Yeesha's cousin afterall..
(12/11 19:27:47) Dan'ni: Brian : I think it's we who will be yhe others
(12/11 19:27:55) Pa'lua: Yes, I will listen.
(12/11 19:28:04) Dan'ni: we have to persuade others to join Yeesha
(12/11 19:28:08) phend: listen to douglas - if he is with her
(12/11 19:28:15) phend: then he speaks for me and her

(12/11 19:28:35) Thanakar: adnby wearing the shirt he is 'with her'?
(12/11 19:28:37) phend: many voices
(12/11 19:28:45) phend: but one voice
(12/11 19:28:53) Douglas Sharper: Of course, I will always speak for Phil and her.

(12/11 19:29:01) Pa'lua: Phil, are we the many voices speaking as one?
(12/11 19:29:01) kami: hmmmmmm when we gonna hear fom yeesha
(12/11 19:29:13) Thanakar: you are hearing from here right now kmai
(12/11 19:29:29) Douglas Sharper: Together we will do great things.
(12/11 19:29:29) Guivin: I am surprised Yeesha trusts so easily....
(12/11 19:29:31) Thanakar: from her I mean
(12/11 19:29:47) Douglas Sharper: We will break the DRC and their hold on this cavern.
(12/11 19:29:55) Brian Fioca: good!
(12/11 19:29:57) Thanakar: Doug, in her messages Yeesha warns us about pride and power...
(12/11 19:30:01) Dan'ni: FREAT!
(12/11 19:30:02) Guivin: Yes, and then what?
(12/11 19:30:02) LaReh: Yes!
(12/11 19:30:07) LaReh cheers
(12/11 19:30:08) Dan'ni: DRC has to go
(12/11 19:30:09) Tweek: hmm
(12/11 19:30:11) Guivin: Break their hold and return it to the Bahro?
(12/11 19:30:11) Dan'ni cheers
(12/11 19:30:15) Douglas Sharper: Which is what we fight.
(12/11 19:30:17) Douglas Sharper cheers

(12/11 19:30:21) Guivin: Or break their hold and take it back?
(12/11 19:30:21) Brian Fioca: pride and power of the DRC...
(12/11 19:30:30) Thanakar: was it the Bahro's in the first place Guivin?
(12/11 19:30:31) Tweek: Im afraid I still feel we need the DRC...need to work together
(12/11 19:30:35) Dan'ni: DRC will not control us!
(12/11 19:30:36) Eltheras: How do the other DRC members feel about this Doug? Nick, Tricia, ect...
(12/11 19:30:43) Brian Fioca: the DRC will come around
(12/11 19:30:54) TheEggplant: full circle
(12/11 19:30:54) Douglas Sharper: They will have to tell you how they feel. I can't speak for them.
(12/11 19:31:00) Douglas Sharper: Many are still deciding.
(12/11 19:31:06) Douglas Sharper: Listening.

(12/11 19:31:12) Pa'lua: Yes and some are against us.
(12/11 19:31:15) Guivin: What about the D'ni themselves? What do they think about this? I wonder if they are apologetic? After all, they chose not to rebuild the cavern and moved along.
(12/11 19:31:19) Brian Fioca: the more of us there are to spread the message, the more they will listen
(12/11 19:31:24) Tweek: better to look before you leap Doug
(12/11 19:31:27) Thanakar: the D'ni are long gone Guivin
(12/11 19:31:34) Dan'ni: the DRC has to listen or else they're fools
(12/11 19:31:41) Guivin: Actually, they are living in another age that Atrus wrote.
(12/11 19:31:43) phend: maybe the DRC will be part of this voice... and maybe not...
(12/11 19:31:44) kami: marie said there was one about
(12/11 19:31:46) Cyman: Wow second day here, im kinda confused but maybe some can help me understand. I listen to her again.
(12/11 19:31:51) Douglas Sharper: I am leaping Tweek. There is no stopping now. I have looked.
(12/11 19:32:03) Thanakar: one in Noloben
(12/11 19:32:17) phend: others can tell Cyman what has happened
(12/11 19:32:20) Dan'ni: I wonder what the DRC did to the D'ni on Noloben
(12/11 19:32:29) Thanakar: ask Marie
(12/11 19:32:32) Douglas Sharper: Once the DRC allows others to talk to the D'ni in Noloben we will, of course, speak with him or her.
(12/11 19:32:32) Dan'ni: they don't seem to be willing to talk about this
(12/11 19:32:35) Pa'lua: I don't know, Marie wouldn't say.
(12/11 19:32:36) Tweek: Doug> good for you. Im glad you can make your decision...myself however...I shall continue to listen, to learn..
(12/11 19:32:38) Guivin: What about Releeshan?
(12/11 19:32:40) Douglas Sharper: Hopefully it will not be too late.
(12/11 19:33:12) Douglas Sharper: Hopefully their warped views will not persuade this living D'ni.

(12/11 19:33:22) Dan'ni: if it wasnt for the messsage you left in your office Doug we'd never find out about the D'no on Noloben - the DRC would keep it a secret... maybe even forever!
(12/11 19:33:28) Tweek: Doug> What are the DRC's views?
(12/11 19:33:29) Brian Fioca: we need to get them to allow us access
(12/11 19:33:34) Pa'lua: Can Yeesha reach this D'ni on Noloben?
(12/11 19:33:41) Douglas Sharper: Very well Tweek. Do not make a decision until you are sure you want to.
(12/11 19:33:50) Douglas Sharper: Yeesha can reach anywhere.

(12/11 19:33:57) Thanakar: hrm..must be only getting half that...
(12/11 19:33:57) Brian Fioca: ahh
(12/11 19:34:12) Thanakar: Having second thoughts Tweek?
(12/11 19:34:17) LaReh: My decision is made, I side with the daughter of Atrus
(12/11 19:34:22) MrM3FaN: Doug>Will we be able to do that in time?
(12/11 19:34:24) kami: well i kinda like her to reach in here
(12/11 19:34:41) Dan'ni: *high fives LaReh*
(12/11 19:34:46) Pa'lua: Then Yeesha should seek the D'ni on Noloben and convince him to not listen to the DRC.
(12/11 19:35:34) Tweek: interesting...yes yes..we are most interested...but there seem to be a lot of tapping of the feet and no actual dancing however
(12/11 19:35:43) Douglas Sharper: In that case.
(12/11 19:35:45) Dan'ni does a dance
(12/11 19:35:45) Douglas Sharper does a dance
(12/11 19:35:49) Thanakar does a dance
(12/11 19:35:53) MrM3FaN does a dance
(12/11 19:35:54) Dan'ni does a dance
(12/11 19:35:55) Pa'lua does a dance
(12/11 19:35:58) Cyman does a dance
(12/11 19:35:59) Cyman: lol
(12/11 19:36:01) Douglas Sharper does a dance
(12/11 19:36:04) Pa'lua does a dance
(12/11 19:36:05) Thanakar laughs
(12/11 19:36:07) Dan'ni: what were oyu saying Tweek?
(12/11 19:36:10) Douglas Sharper does a dance
(12/11 19:36:11) Tweek claps his hands
(12/11 19:36:14) Brian Fioca does a dance
(12/11 19:36:15) Tweek: bravo
(12/11 19:36:16) Quintin laughs
(12/11 19:36:18) Eltheras cheers
(12/11 19:36:23) Pa'lua cheers
(12/11 19:36:30) Dan'ni cheers
(12/11 19:36:34) kami: ooohhh the happy shimmy
(12/11 19:36:35) Douglas Sharper cheers
(12/11 19:36:36) Thanakar cheers
(12/11 19:36:41) TheEggplant cheers
(12/11 19:36:41) LaReh cheers
(12/11 19:36:42) Tweek: Perhaps I should use a different terminology next time heh
(12/11 19:36:43) Dan'ni: YAY for Yeesha!
(12/11 19:36:46) Dan'ni cheers
(12/11 19:36:51) Douglas Sharper: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:36:53) Douglas Sharper: Yeesha!

(12/11 19:36:54) MrM3FaN cheers
(12/11 19:36:57) Douglas Sharper: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:36:57) Thanakar: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:36:59) Douglas Sharper cheers
(12/11 19:37:02) Quintin cheers
(12/11 19:37:04) LaReh: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:37:06) Dan'ni: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:37:06) Pa'lua: Yeesha!
(12/11 19:37:07) Christoph05 cheers
(12/11 19:37:07) Christoph05: Yeesha
(12/11 19:37:08) TheEggplant: Booyeah!
(12/11 19:37:11) MrM3FaN: Yessha!
(12/11 19:37:21) Douglas Sharper: D'ni will live again!
(12/11 19:37:23) Douglas Sharper: As it should.

(12/11 19:37:25) Pa'lua: Yes.
(12/11 19:37:30) Dan'ni: woohoo!
(12/11 19:37:32) Brian Fioca cheers
(12/11 19:37:41) MrM3FaN: yeah!
(12/11 19:38:07) Tweek: Tweeks lack of hope for mankind doesnt seem to bode well down here.
(12/11 19:38:07) LaReh: Eyes that have SEEN will know what we mean......
(12/11 19:38:09) Thanakar: in for a penny, in for a pound...
(12/11 19:38:49) Pa'lua: Yes, we have begun our jouney...
(12/11 19:38:53) Douglas Sharper: There are many new visitors today. We must speak with them. Get to them before the DRC.
(12/11 19:39:00) Brian Fioca: yes
(12/11 19:39:16) Dan'ni: Victor already visited one of the hoods Doug
(12/11 19:39:27) Dan'ni: I'm afraid they already got to some of the new exlorers
(12/11 19:39:27) Pa'lua: Yes a good number have been admitted today.
(12/11 19:39:33) Thanakar: refresh time..who is victor?
(12/11 19:39:38) Dan'ni: Victor Laxman
(12/11 19:39:42) MrM3FaN: Victor Laxman
(12/11 19:39:43) kami: hmmmmmm
(12/11 19:39:47) Thanakar: Lax Luther!
(12/11 19:39:49) MrM3FaN: from the DRC
(12/11 19:39:55) LaReh: LOL Than
(12/11 19:40:11) MrM3FaN: he is mostly in charge of all things Ki related
(12/11 19:40:17) Dan'ni: but I'm sure the nw explorers will find decide to trust Yesha in the end
(12/11 19:40:20) Pa'lua: We must help Phil and Doug spread the word.
(12/11 19:40:22) Thanakar: 'hrm..phil has become a stature
(12/11 19:40:27) Thanakar: statue
(12/11 19:40:34) Dan'ni: we all have to talk to them and spread the word!
(12/11 19:40:34) TheEggplant: hmmm
(12/11 19:40:48) kami: how come doug dose not lag
(12/11 19:40:58) Pa'lua: He does...
(12/11 19:41:25) Dan'ni: Victor is still in one of the hoods...
(12/11 19:41:30) Dan'ni: I bet he visited the Guild of Greeters hood
(12/11 19:41:31) Pa'lua: So is there anything specifically we should do Phil?
(12/11 19:41:34) Thanakar: that way
(12/11 19:41:35) Dan'ni: there wee lots of people there
(12/11 19:41:48) Guivin: Hey, does anyone here know where to find the island page for your Relto?
(12/11 19:42:18) sobeone: sweet
(12/11 19:42:30) Dan'ni: Phil, the pages are gone again... perhaps you could make them repapear? It'd definatelly please the new explorers
(12/11 19:42:47) LaReh: I agree
(12/11 19:42:52) Thanakar: eh kami?
(12/11 19:42:55) Pa'lua: Yes, it needs to be nurtured and cared for.
(12/11 19:44:20) Brian Fioca: so we must gather more followers, I"m afraid the DRC are doing just that as we speak
(12/11 19:44:30) Douglas Sharper: What did he say?
(12/11 19:44:32) Pa'lua: Thank is something I learned about IMForeman....he was one of the very few explorers that the DRC let in and I don't think he likes the rest of us being here.
(12/11 19:44:34) Tweek: would anyone complain if I put green food colouring in the lake?
(12/11 19:44:46) Thanakar: he said the DRC currently controls the link books so we have to play by their rules
(12/11 19:44:50) Douglas Sharper: In time you may be able to Tweek
(12/11 19:44:54) Thanakar: I liked the word 'currently'
(12/11 19:44:59) kami: lol
(12/11 19:45:03) TheEggplant: Green water is not pretty to look at though.
(12/11 19:45:03) Tweek: Doug> spiffy ^_^
(12/11 19:45:16) Dan'ni: DRC doesn't control them... Yeesha can do anythig she wants
(12/11 19:45:19) Dan'ni: I believe in her
(12/11 19:45:21) Tweek: it wouldnt be'll be yukky brown
(12/11 19:45:28) Dan'ni: and I believe that she won't let the DRC hold the Ages from us
(12/11 19:45:31) Douglas Sharper: There is a Silo in the cavern. You'll be surprised at what you can do there.
(12/11 19:45:37) Thanakar: 'ooooo!
(12/11 19:45:41) Thanakar: nice
(12/11 19:45:45) Thanakar: Silo...
(12/11 19:45:51) kami: silo?
(12/11 19:45:52) Pa'lua: Do you know when we'll have access?
(12/11 19:45:55) Dan'ni: interesting... anoher secret of the DRC?
(12/11 19:45:58) MrM3FaN: Thats would be cool to go and see
(12/11 19:46:24) Douglas Sharper: Another piece of information they do not share.
(12/11 19:46:28) TheEggplant: where is the silo?
(12/11 19:46:31) Thanakar: lots of stuff inthe cavern they don't share
(12/11 19:46:34) Dan'ni: they just take without giving anything back..
(12/11 19:46:42) Pa'lua: The do not share much of anything.
(12/11 19:46:43) Douglas Sharper: Uran District, I believe.
(12/11 19:46:48) Douglas Sharper: I don't remember.

(12/11 19:47:01) Tweek: D'ni is vast...and they know alot...but I doubt Kodama's proposal will release as much info as they have..
(12/11 19:47:02) Thanakar: they seem to have a finder's keeper's mentality
(12/11 19:47:02) Douglas Sharper: An industrial district. There has been work there.
(12/11 19:47:21) Dan'ni: Doug - did the DRC ry to contact you after you took the Journey?
(12/11 19:47:28) Tweek: I have seen photos from the industrial district
(12/11 19:47:31) Dan'ni: ah - The Industrial Complex
(12/11 19:47:32) Douglas Sharper: Even if it would, they don't listen to Kodama even. One of their own.
(12/11 19:47:41) Pa'lua: Is that the light we can see at the end of the tunnel in the courtyard?
(12/11 19:47:43) Douglas Sharper: His proposal is never talked about.
(12/11 19:47:54) Tweek: Kodama should join us
(12/11 19:48:00) Dan'ni: yes!
(12/11 19:48:02) Alkyne: hat is everyone looking at?
(12/11 19:48:09) Dan'ni: We should reach Kodama - tell him to join us!
(12/11 19:48:24) Thanakar: that woudl be interesting
(12/11 19:48:24) Tweek: Watson would be the hardest
(12/11 19:48:24) Dan'ni: we'd then show the DRC that their time is over
(12/11 19:48:32) Thanakar: convincing him to take the journey
(12/11 19:48:40) Dan'ni: I bet it's Watson who's controlling everything
(12/11 19:48:49) Tweek: the DRC doesnt need to be over...just changed
(12/11 19:48:53) LaReh: Mr. Laxman is here
(12/11 19:49:02) Thanakar: Hello Victor
(12/11 19:49:05) Douglas Sharper: Interesting.
(12/11 19:49:07) Dan'ni: Hello Victor
(12/11 19:49:16) Tweek: Hello Mr Laxman
(12/11 19:49:19) MrM3FaN: Hi Victor
(12/11 19:49:20) kami: hey victor
(12/11 19:49:25) Christoph05: Hi Victor
(12/11 19:49:29) Douglas Sharper: Mr. Laxman decided to meet the people huh?
(12/11 19:49:29) Cyman: So there was a shirt. How did she know i like black smile.gif
(12/11 19:49:47) Victor Laxman: hello everyone
(12/11 19:49:57) Tweek: Hey I like your top Mr Laxman
(12/11 19:50:07) Brian Fioca: do you have news about when the rest of the city will be open?
(12/11 19:50:10) Cyman: Hi
(12/11 19:50:15) Dan'ni: Nice to meet you Mr. Laxman - we've never met yet
(12/11 19:50:42) Thanakar: and what do we ow hte pleasure of this visit to?
(12/11 19:51:15) Brian Fioca: phil, the DRC members have been busy lately, no? you haven't been around
(12/11 19:51:15) Dan'ni: perhaps you'd like to join us?
(12/11 19:51:16) Pa'lua: Hello Mr. Laxman.
(12/11 19:51:16) Thanakar: hrm..there's a firefly circlign that light
(12/11 19:51:18) Victor Laxman: I've been visiting neighborhoods - guaging interest in apossible restoration project in the city
(12/11 19:51:19) Brian Fioca: oops
(12/11 19:51:21) Brian Fioca: victor i mean
(12/11 19:51:24) Brian Fioca: haha
(12/11 19:51:31) Victor Laxman: have I interruptede something?
(12/11 19:51:36) Thanakar: nope
(12/11 19:51:37) Brian Fioca: not at all
(12/11 19:51:42) Brian Fioca: what sort of restoration project?
(12/11 19:51:45) Pa'lua: What sort of restoration project?
(12/11 19:51:56) Tweek: Victor> Yes we were about to start the 2003 D'ni tiddly winks champeonships
(12/11 19:52:02) Thanakar: like fixingthe cracks in the floors?
(12/11 19:52:14) Pa'lua: LOL @ Tweek.
(12/11 19:52:19) Tweek: hmm note to self start d'ni tiddly winks championship
(12/11 19:52:26) Victor Laxman: Odd for Mr. Sharper to disappear wihtout a word
(12/11 19:52:27) Dan'ni: they left......
(12/11 19:52:29) Thanakar: aren't your feet cold Eltheras?
(12/11 19:52:34) Victor Laxman: and was that Phil I saw?
(12/11 19:52:40) Tweek: Yes
(12/11 19:52:43) Brian Fioca: no
(12/11 19:52:47) Thanakar: maybe?
(12/11 19:52:48) Christoph05: maybe so
(12/11 19:52:50) Eltheras: not really, i like the feel of stone on my toes smile.gif
(12/11 19:52:50) Dan'ni: it was Mr. Anderson
(12/11 19:52:50) Brian Fioca: different phil
(12/11 19:52:56) Dan'ni: Not Mr. Henderson
(12/11 19:53:00) Brian Fioca: yes
(12/11 19:53:01) Christoph05: lol@Dan'ni
(12/11 19:53:03) Dan'ni: It was Phil Anderson yeah
(12/11 19:53:03) Jensen: Douglas is in his relto age
(12/11 19:53:05) Victor Laxman: it's a tiddly winks table for Explorer Tweek
(12/11 19:53:12) Jensen: how did he get a relto book?
(12/11 19:53:23) Victor Laxman: I see
(12/11 19:53:23) Tweek: Oo
(12/11 19:53:34) Jensen: Phend is in a relto also
(12/11 19:53:42) LaReh: They are always interesting to speak with
(12/11 19:53:49) Thanakar: dang..adn we thought you came here to visit us!
(12/11 19:53:53) Christoph05: So back to the topic, what is the project Victor?
(12/11 19:53:56) Brian Fioca: so, the restoration?
(12/11 19:53:56) Victor Laxman: well I'm sorry to intrude - I'm getting the feeling this isn't the crowd that would be interested
(12/11 19:54:00) Victor Laxman: sorry to bother

(12/11 19:54:06) Thanakar: now wait
(12/11 19:54:10) Brian Fioca: Victor!
(12/11 19:54:11) TheEggplant: that didn't seem very nice
(12/11 19:54:11) Brian Fioca: wait
(12/11 19:54:14) Christoph05: At least tell us what the project is Victor!
(12/11 19:54:15) Thanakar: anything that imprvoes D'ni would interest us
(12/11 19:54:16) Brian Fioca: have you taken the journey?
(12/11 19:54:16) Dan'ni: you're not interrupting - we're very interested to hear what you have to say
(12/11 19:54:18) Jensen: I know... all these journey shirts!
(12/11 19:54:21) Quintin: Im interested
(12/11 19:54:27) Brian Fioca: victor?
(12/11 19:54:43) Brian Fioca: victor
(12/11 19:54:46) Brian Fioca: answer the question
(12/11 19:54:52) Jensen: I have a log of what he said in the last age
(12/11 19:54:55) TheEggplant: why won't you tell anyone?
(12/11 19:55:03) Christoph05: Victor, do tell us what you have in mind!
(12/11 19:55:12) Jensen: .... er.... hood
(12/11 19:55:13) Brian Fioca: have you taken the journey, victor?
(12/11 19:55:24) TheEggplant: "There is no ignorance. There is knowledge."
(12/11 19:55:26) Jensen: haha!
(12/11 19:55:31) Quintin: Let us know more about you , Mr. Laxman.
(12/11 19:55:32) Jensen: no book
(12/11 19:55:34) Brian Fioca: why won't you answer
(12/11 19:55:37) TheEggplant: Please...
(12/11 19:55:42) Christoph05: I don't see a book there victore, you are stuck here!
(12/11 19:55:59) Brian Fioca: whis have you been gone so long anyway
(12/11 19:56:04) Victor Laxman: My apologies - it's been a very busy time for us - and I have much to get back to. If you're interested in the resoration,
(12/11 19:56:04) Brian Fioca: it's been weeks
(12/11 19:56:08) Dan'ni: So please tell us more Victor.
(12/11 19:56:08) MrM3FaN: Of course on of use might be willing to get you to the Nexus
(12/11 19:56:12) Brian Fioca: busy doing what?
(12/11 19:56:13) Victor Laxman: I was just describing a possibility to the guild of greeters
(12/11 19:56:15) Brian Fioca: just curious
(12/11 19:56:27) Victor Laxman: perhaps they can fill you in
(12/11 19:56:38) Pa'lua: What possibility is that Victor?
(12/11 19:56:38) Christoph05: Well I am a greeter, I couldn't get to our hood
(12/11 19:56:40) Brian Fioca: why don't you? while your here...
(12/11 19:56:44) Brian Fioca: you're
(12/11 19:56:45) Christoph05: I would rather hear from the source
(12/11 19:56:53) Dan'ni: I see - so you think we're not worthy or important enough to twell us this in person?
(12/11 19:57:03) Jensen: do you need a link so you can get back to the nexus?
(12/11 19:57:06) Brian Fioca: you've been gone long enough to have been.... on a journey
(12/11 19:57:13) Quintin: It is our pleasure to have you with us.
(12/11 19:57:13) Brian Fioca: just a coincidence?
(12/11 19:57:43) Brian Fioca: been anywhere interesting lately smile.gif
(12/11 19:57:56) Christoph05: Would you like a book to help you get back to wherever you need be Victor?
(12/11 19:58:09) sobeone: can victor sleep standing up?
(12/11 19:58:15) Dan'ni: lol
(12/11 19:58:25) Brian Fioca: hmmm, well, I've been places myself
(12/11 19:58:27) Victor Laxman: it's not that at all Dan'ni - it's just that it's plain to see where your interests lie
(12/11 19:58:35) Thanakar: I see his nexus link book
(12/11 19:58:42) Deg: I'm just glad the ID glitch is gone.
(12/11 19:58:43) Jensen: all the Yeesha shirts?
(12/11 19:58:47) Quintin: three cheers fo Mr Laxman.
(12/11 19:58:53) Solaris cheers
(12/11 19:58:57) Christoph05 cheers
(12/11 19:58:58) Dan'ni: Victor - well we are willing to listen
(12/11 19:59:00) Victor Laxman: oh the nexus book is easily corrected - I have one hear somewhere...
(12/11 19:59:01) sobeone: sheesh, I guess I came to the wrong hood down.gif
(12/11 19:59:05) Dan'ni: DRC is never willing to listen to us
(12/11 19:59:05) Solaris: we will listen
(12/11 19:59:05) Thanakar: Victor, if its the restoration of D'ni, then its of interest ot an one where
(12/11 19:59:05) Brian Fioca: victor
(12/11 19:59:17) Christoph05: take mine victor
(12/11 19:59:21) Brian Fioca: why won't you tell us where you have been?
(12/11 19:59:23) Dan'ni: but we are willing to listen to both sides... whatchoice we make is our decision
(12/11 19:59:30) Brian Fioca: we're all just curious
(12/11 19:59:34) Brian Fioca: we were worried about you
(12/11 19:59:38) Solaris: please speak
(12/11 19:59:44) Victor Laxman: I've been working on an area of Ae'gura that is not yet open Mr. Fioca
(12/11 19:59:46) Thanakar: do re me fa SI LO ti do
(12/11 19:59:55) Brian Fioca: hmmm, which one?
(12/11 19:59:57) Pa'lua: Mr. Laxman, none of us are necessarily against the DRC.
(12/11 20:00:20) Eltheras: Some here are still undecided, would you risk alienating us?
(12/11 20:00:26) Brian Fioca: what phase is it in, almost done?
(12/11 20:00:42) Christoph05: I have always voiced my intrest in helping the DRC to restore areas
(12/11 20:00:42) Victor Laxman: please understand that we can tear ourselves away from these things so seldom - that when we get a chance to visit and are constantly harangued by tactless questions and veiled accusations....
(12/11 20:00:43) Tweek: Tweeks only against sales men that wake him up on his day off...grr
(12/11 20:00:55) Quintin: This is true alot of us here are not necessarily against the DRC.
(12/11 20:00:58) Brian Fioca: i didn't mean to imply anything
(12/11 20:01:04) TheEggplant: He makes a good point
(12/11 20:01:11) Victor Laxman: ah there's that book
(12/11 20:01:12) Brian Fioca: i'm sure all of us are simplly concerned with how the restoration is going
(12/11 20:01:13) Tweek: indeed
(12/11 20:01:24) LaReh: Then tell us about the Silo
(12/11 20:01:27) Thanakar: whgo is implying what? YOu implied none of us would be interested in a restoration project just by the shirt we wear
(12/11 20:01:38) Pa'lua: We are just trying to understand all that has happened.
(12/11 20:01:40) Jensen: the book is back
(12/11 20:01:44) TheEggplant: Everyone does seem to jump on everybody else.
(12/11 20:01:51) Jensen: I didn't even see it appear... haha
(12/11 20:02:00) Pa'lua: I did
(12/11 20:02:06) Tweek: Egg> yeah sorry about that didnt see you at the bottom of those stairs wink3.gif
(12/11 20:02:16) Victor Laxman: in any case - it invovles the Great Zero
(12/11 20:02:28) LaReh: Excellent
(12/11 20:02:31) Pa'lua: Yes, Marie spoke of that the other day.
(12/11 20:02:34) Tweek: interesting
(12/11 20:02:41) Victor Laxman: I believe I've devised a way to involve interested explorers in its restorarion
(12/11 20:02:43) MrM3FaN: Sound important
(12/11 20:02:43) Thanakar: is the great zero near the arch?
(12/11 20:02:51) Dan'ni: cool! We've seen some tshots from the Great Zero - it looks great
(12/11 20:03:01) Christoph05: I have always spoken that I would like to help
(12/11 20:03:03) LaReh: You will find many volunteers I'm sure
(12/11 20:03:07) Quintin: It is at he top of the gallery, no?
(12/11 20:03:09) Tweek: The great Zero is towards the Guild Hall and up I believe
(12/11 20:03:18) Victor Laxman: it's a massive project. perhaps I can persuade the council to post some images from the site
(12/11 20:03:26) Victor Laxman: that's correct Tweek

(12/11 20:03:37) Tweek: Mr Laxman> That would be great.
(12/11 20:03:39) Thanakar: 1 point for tweek ;p
(12/11 20:03:52) Tweek: aww shucks..
(12/11 20:03:53) LaReh: We are here and willing to help
(12/11 20:03:55) Thanakar: what all woudl be invovled in its restoration?
(12/11 20:04:02) MrM3FaN: And the restoration of the Great Zero..what purpose dose it have?
(12/11 20:04:03) Victor Laxman: I've only begun to talk with the council about recruiting help and I'm here today just guaging interest in that sort of thing
(12/11 20:04:13) Victor Laxman: it's not a new Age and many are here interested only in those I'm afradi

(12/11 20:04:15) Solaris: I am interested
(12/11 20:04:23) kami: uhmmm what would begreat is if we could participate
(12/11 20:04:26) Victor Laxman: at least that's how it seems from the questions I receiev
(12/11 20:04:35) Quintin: We appreciate your candor with us on the Great Zero
(12/11 20:04:38) Tweek: Tweeks just interested in I said all along
(12/11 20:04:41) Victor Laxman: that's precisely what I'm proposing kmai
(12/11 20:04:43) Victor Laxman: kami

(12/11 20:04:44) Pa'lua: Many are interested in the restoration of D"ni.
(12/11 20:04:44) Dan'ni: I would be interested too
(12/11 20:04:45) Deg: I would be interested to help with the Restoration.
(12/11 20:04:53) Dan'ni: I'm very inteeested in getting to know both sides
(12/11 20:05:04) kami: well im in
(12/11 20:05:10) MrM3FaN: New ages is not what most seek just the opportunity for further exporation..might just be my opinion though
(12/11 20:05:12) Victor Laxman: i truly wish we did not have to speak of sides at all
(12/11 20:05:19) Cyman: I would help you sir mr Laxman
(12/11 20:05:29) Dan'ni: Well I don't like the sides stuff too
(12/11 20:05:36) Dan'ni: but it's happening and there's nothing we can do about it
(12/11 20:05:38) sobeone: I agree Victor
(12/11 20:05:39) Thanakar: True Fan...whether it be a new age, or parts of existing ages not open really doesn't matter
(12/11 20:05:40) Quintin: two /cheers for Mr Laxman
(12/11 20:05:43) Pa'lua: No, I would like to be able to work together.
(12/11 20:05:50) Tweek: I seek more history...I been studing D'ni for the last 6 years and I have bairly scratched the surface..
(12/11 20:05:54) Dan'ni: Don't get me wrong Victo - I have nothing against you or Marie or anyone from the DRC...
(12/11 20:05:58) Quintin: I agree and that is what Engberg has told us.
(12/11 20:06:00) kami: happy dance for victor
(12/11 20:06:09) Dan'ni: I just don't like the DRCs methods... DRC as an organisation
(12/11 20:06:31) sobeone: what have they done wrong?
(12/11 20:06:44) Dan'ni: perhaps I don't like the whole secrecy stuff
(12/11 20:06:44) Tweek: Dan> If I make the D'ni Jazz CLub into an organization will you dislike it to?
(12/11 20:06:50) Pa'lua: Yes, we'd just like to have more information than what has been forthcoming.
(12/11 20:06:55) Dan'ni: and contolling what we do where we go, etc.
(12/11 20:07:02) Deg: I don't see what's wrong with their "methods". They are doing the best they can.
(12/11 20:07:07) Quintin: Yes, they are just like any great establishment . They have rules, what wrong with that.
(12/11 20:07:21) Solaris: Will working on the Great Zero involve our KI's or something else?
(12/11 20:07:21) Victor Laxman: it's a fact of life - when a romantic tries and fails, he is awarded and loved - when a pragmatisit tries and succeeds he is despised
(12/11 20:07:21) TheEggplant: We need them.
(12/11 20:07:21) sobeone: what if it is all in the name of safety?
(12/11 20:07:27) TheEggplant: and they need us.
(12/11 20:07:32) Victor Laxman: It will Solaris
(12/11 20:07:33) Cyman: I guess the question is what is the DRC plans are , The DRC have invited me down and i will follow there rulz what choice do we have
(12/11 20:07:34) Deg: Danni, that's just because they are focusing on their work instead of PR of keeping 1000 of people up to date.
(12/11 20:07:47) Tweek: interesting...yes yes
(12/11 20:08:00) Dan'ni: Deg - maybe they should?
(12/11 20:08:03) LaReh: Victor> WIll the KI be improved soon?
(12/11 20:08:04) Victor Laxman: I'm sorry this discussion began so roughly
(12/11 20:08:05) Thanakar: not much choice at all Cyman as long as teh DRC controls the link books
(12/11 20:08:05) Dan'ni: at least once a week
(12/11 20:08:17) Dan'ni: post something about the restoratin - post something, reveal something
(12/11 20:08:29) Dan'ni: anything
(12/11 20:08:40) Victor Laxman: we have many improvements in mind for the KI - as to when...I'm not very good at predictions of that sort
(12/11 20:08:47) Dan'ni: so far there're only screts and silence...
(12/11 20:08:49) TheEggplant: have patience
(12/11 20:08:51) Pa'lua: Many great relationships have started roughly, Mr Laxman.
(12/11 20:08:57) Deg: I would volunteer to help the DRC with that. Some sort of link between the explorers and the DRC so info can flow easier.
(12/11 20:09:20) Solaris: What kind of improvements?
(12/11 20:09:22) Callista: aeh.. hi
(12/11 20:09:23) Callista: aeh.. hi
(12/11 20:09:25) Callista: aeh.. hi
(12/11 20:09:26) Tweek: Pa'lua> thats and my pet cactus started out badly...he kept stinging me everytime I hugged him...
(12/11 20:09:29) Deg: Danni, but shouldnt restoration be more infortant than information
(12/11 20:09:29) Callista: aeh.. hi
(12/11 20:09:30) Thanakar: will we able to finally use KI mail?
(12/11 20:09:32) Dan'ni: I am also willing to help the DRC... simple reason - seeing how they work from the inside will allow me to learn more about wh they really are
(12/11 20:09:37) Callista: aeh.. hi
(12/11 20:09:44) Dan'ni: Deg - I think both should be balanced
(12/11 20:09:46) Jensen yawns
(12/11 20:09:50) Dan'ni: one cannot exist without the other
(12/11 20:10:06) Victor Laxman: mostly suggestions from explorers like yourselves - things to make chatting easier
(12/11 20:10:16) Pa'lua: The point is that each party in the relationship has to put forth effort to make it work.
(12/11 20:10:28) Callista: what are u doing here?
(12/11 20:10:29) Callista: what are u doing here?
(12/11 20:10:31) Callista: what are u doing here?
(12/11 20:10:35) Callista: what are u doing here?
(12/11 20:10:38) Solaris: How is that tied in with the Great Zero?
(12/11 20:10:43) Callista: what are u doing here?
(12/11 20:10:44) Solaris: or is it?
(12/11 20:10:47) Dan'ni: Pa'lua is right - you cannot expect us tobe with th DRC if the DRC doesn't open itself to us
(12/11 20:10:47) Cyman: Chatting with Mr Laxman Callista
(12/11 20:10:50) Pa'lua: I can't not be a one-sided relationship.
(12/11 20:10:53) Victor Laxman: Callista seems to have a malfunction
(12/11 20:10:57) Tweek: A DRC bulletin should be passed around waring all of my sense of humor...people have taken offense to it...
(12/11 20:11:15) Tweek: Mr Laxman> yes thats been happening a lot recently
(12/11 20:11:21) sobeone: Out of curiosity, did the DRC ever test some of the suits that were found in Gahreson (sp?) ?
(12/11 20:11:34) Quintin: Yes that happens often, Mr. Laxman.
(12/11 20:11:42) LaReh: Over-cautiousness breeds suspicion, honesty is always the best policy
(12/11 20:11:46) Victor Laxman: it's interesting you ask that sobeone
(12/11 20:12:02) Victor Laxman: that might can be arranged Tweek
(12/11 20:12:10) Victor Laxman: we have many exciting things coming

(12/11 20:12:19) Tweek: lovely
(12/11 20:12:36) sobeone: what were the benifits of the suit?
(12/11 20:12:45) Victor Laxman: your patience is critical at this time...I wish I could say more - I know our silence doesn't help our position
(12/11 20:13:05) sobeone: I know you dont want to get our hopes up smile.gif
(12/11 20:13:13) Solaris: Will the Great Zero pinpoint the exaxt location of someone so we can link to them somehow?
(12/11 20:13:16) Thanakar: yes..the silence is had to bear at times
(12/11 20:13:22) Tweek: I think just the old word to the explorers would help alot Mr Laxman
(12/11 20:13:32) Pa'lua: The lack of information is difficult to deal with.
(12/11 20:13:45) kami: might there be a little something more victor......
(12/11 20:13:51) Victor Laxman: the Great Zero is critical in all the city's technologies that utilize coordinate systems
(12/11 20:13:54) Tweek: *odd even
(12/11 20:14:01) Dan'ni: how big is The Great Zero?
(12/11 20:14:07) Victor Laxman: we won't know everything it effects I'm afraid until we ...turn it on
(12/11 20:14:07) Cyman: LIke a tracking devise of some sort
(12/11 20:14:09) Thanakar: critical to teh link books themselves tehn?
(12/11 20:14:10) Dan'ni: it looks huge from what I have seen so far
(12/11 20:14:14) Victor Laxman: with all of your help I hope
(12/11 20:14:32) Pa'lua: We will help if we can.
(12/11 20:14:38) kami: yes ......when can we help
(12/11 20:14:41) Eltheras: How do we begin?
(12/11 20:14:42) LaReh: We are always willing to help
(12/11 20:14:43) Dan'ni: If oyu let us help...
(12/11 20:14:44) Christoph05: Here, here
(12/11 20:14:52) Dan'ni: If you only let us help....
(12/11 20:14:54) Tweek: Dan> I dont dunno how you could size up the Great Zero...I know its a temple on top of Ae'gura apparently
(12/11 20:14:57) Cyman cheers
(12/11 20:15:05) Thanakar: and if it doesn't require me to change shirts...
(12/11 20:15:08) Deg: Victor, How can we help? What specific things can we do to assist the DRC?
(12/11 20:15:10) Victor Laxman: we begin by me convincing the council to let me enlist your help
(12/11 20:15:15) Tweek: Well I'd be happy to help in any way I can Mr Laxman
(12/11 20:15:36) kami: politics eh?
(12/11 20:15:43) Eltheras: Is there any chance we may sit in on a council meeting in the future?
(12/11 20:15:53) Pa'lua: How difficult do you feel this will be Mr. Laxman?
(12/11 20:15:56) Victor Laxman: If you see other council members, express to them your willingness to assist
(12/11 20:16:12) Dan'ni: I only hope they will listen
(12/11 20:16:16) Christoph05: I feel when I have, it has fallen upon deaf ears victor
(12/11 20:16:16) MrM3FaN: Sounds good to me
(12/11 20:16:26) Tweek: I have only seen yourself Mr Engberg and Dr Sutherland since I first came down here
(12/11 20:16:29) Thanakar: would they be willing to listen to us more if we weren't wearing the shirt?
(12/11 20:16:46) Dan'ni: Thanakar> being with Yeesha doesn't mean being against the DRC
(12/11 20:16:55) Victor Laxman: well, the shirt can be a barrier to some
(12/11 20:17:04) MrM3FaN: Yes are we just being casted aside because of the shirt we wear?
(12/11 20:17:06) Christoph05: It is a shirt, and nothing more
(12/11 20:17:06) Pa'lua: No, and the DRC need to realize this.
(12/11 20:17:07) kami: oh geeeezzzzz i gotta change again
(12/11 20:17:16) Dan'ni: well then perhaps the DRc should take the Journey too to understand why so many war the shirts?
(12/11 20:17:21) Thanakar: To some it IS a barrier Tweek
(12/11 20:17:23) Deg: Not of the shirt, but of what it represents
(12/11 20:17:30) Tweek: Well with the typical english weather we've been having apparently I should really wear a coat
(12/11 20:17:32) Dan'ni: because how can you restore D'ni if you don't know everything?
(12/11 20:17:40) Victor Laxman: not castes aside MrM3
(12/11 20:17:43) Christoph05: The shirt is a gift, that is why I will choose to wear it
(12/11 20:17:58) Thanakar: Victor is here Snert
(12/11 20:18:31) Cyman: I have not seen the docks
(12/11 20:18:33) Tweek: Airship? hmm interesting
(12/11 20:18:42) LaReh: Don't judge a book bu it's cover
(12/11 20:18:53) Tweek: I have a dock in my RElto...I have a link to it if you want it Cyman
(12/11 20:19:01) Victor Laxman: I honestly am not certain why a philosophy is dividing the explorers so - but again, I'm an engineer through and through - I'm much more at home with my projects - and any who are interested in those sorts of things I will endeavor to include
(12/11 20:19:19) Thanakar: Jenu...we all hear you
(12/11 20:19:31) Dan'ni: well I am an IT student so I love all the IT stuff...
(12/11 20:19:41) Dan'ni: and the technological things
(12/11 20:19:47) Cyman waves
(12/11 20:19:50) Thanakar: Victor..will you allow us to help you adn allow us to wear our gift?
(12/11 20:19:54) Dan'ni: that is..when I'm on the surface...
(12/11 20:20:13) Pa'lua: No, just as we should not judge someone for the color of their skin, we should not judge by the clothing we wear.
(12/11 20:20:25) Dan'ni: bingo Pa'lua!
(12/11 20:20:25) Deg: Victor, please do yourbest to convience the Council that we can help.
(12/11 20:20:29) Dan'ni claps his hands
(12/11 20:20:35) LaReh: Well said Paula
(12/11 20:20:37) Deg: but the tshirt represents an idea
(12/11 20:20:40) LaReh claps his hands
(12/11 20:20:42) kami: thank you paula
(12/11 20:20:45) Deg: they are judge against the idea, not the shirt
(12/11 20:20:47) Victor Laxman: of course Thanakar, but it does make the political aspects of my job harder
(12/11 20:20:49) sobeone: except you can change your shirt smile.gif
(12/11 20:20:49) Snerticus: t-shirt?
(12/11 20:21:12) Dan'ni: there're so many people here... from different cultures sociaties... and they all work togther
(12/11 20:21:12) Thanakar: I think you should take the journey we took..its very enlightening
(12/11 20:21:15) Dan'ni: they're all together
(12/11 20:21:32) Kehrin: I found I had more questions after the journey.
(12/11 20:21:34) Dan'ni: why should the whole side stuff divide us now?
(12/11 20:21:34) Pa'lua: Yes, but I should be judged for myself and my abilities.
(12/11 20:21:51) Tweek: Thanakar> I agree..
(12/11 20:22:04) Victor Laxman: I'm not much of a soul searcher I'm afraid - give me a wrench some bottled lightning - that's all the philosophy I need
(12/11 20:22:22) Thanakar: how bout some bottled white lightening
(12/11 20:22:25) Dan'ni: *gives Victor a wrench*
(12/11 20:22:29) Kehrin: A practical man. I can appreciate that.
(12/11 20:22:31) Deg: My philosophy is CAD programs
(12/11 20:22:41) Dan'ni: wink3.gif
(12/11 20:22:59) Thanakar: as an engineer then, do the strange reflections in the clocks bother your sense of order?
(12/11 20:23:39) LaReh: Will there be any timetable on the Great Zero team?
(12/11 20:23:41) Victor Laxman: well I'll see what I can do with the council in regard to opening up this project - its clear despite the ideological differences that we all have some common ground eh?
(12/11 20:23:54) Thanakar: yes..the restoration of D'ni
(12/11 20:23:56) Dan'ni: yepsies
(12/11 20:23:58) Eltheras: Agreed Victor
(12/11 20:24:02) Kehrin: Yes! And many of us would love to help.
(12/11 20:24:02) Deg: agreed
(12/11 20:24:03) MrM3FaN: Yes
(12/11 20:24:06) sobeone: indeed
(12/11 20:24:07) kami: yes
(12/11 20:24:08) Christoph05: I'm with the purpouse
(12/11 20:24:12) Pa'lua: Yes, we do have common ground.
(12/11 20:24:32) Victor Laxman: thanks everyone - be safe!
(12/11 20:24:38) Kehrin: You too, Victor.
(12/11 20:24:39) Dan'ni: you too
(12/11 20:24:46) Eltheras: Safe linking!
(12/11 20:24:46) MrM3FaN: you as well Victor
(12/11 20:24:46) Pa'lua: You too, Mr. Laxman.
(12/11 20:24:47) Thanakar (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(12/11 20:24:50) Quintin: thank you Victor
(12/11 20:24:51) Christoph05: see you soon victor
(12/11 20:24:56) kami: goodbye victor
(12/11 20:24:56) TheEggplant: Have a safe journey.
(12/11 20:24:56) Thanakar: See youi Victor
(12/11 20:24:58) Victor Laxman (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(12/11 20:25:11) Kehrin: I love his jacket!
(12/11 20:25:13) Dan'ni: whoa
(12/11 20:25:16) Tweek: interesting
(12/11 20:25:16) Dan'ni: what a night!
(12/11 20:25:16) Snerticus: me too
(12/11 20:25:19) Thanakar: Wasn't that special
(12/11 20:25:19) LaReh: Now THATT was interesting
(12/11 20:25:20) Tweek: me too Kehrin
(12/11 20:25:25) ...Chat.log stopped.

Very interesting night to say the Least (pun intended)!
Douglas Sharper: Sorry, just fun to say Eggplant


shock.gif Wow MrM this one is so FULL of tidbits we'll have to read through it again. Thanks a bunch!

I finally got into a hood while someone was there. The lag was outrageous and I couldn't even move. But at least I got a shot of Victor. From my view, he looked just like Captain Picard...well, with hair! But I'll let you decide. (but of course I think Captain Picard is very attractive.... blush.gif )

Here is a couple of my own shots I got from this meeting!

Phil and Others

Victor Laxman and Others
Thank you for this log! How interesting!

I would love to help the DRC with the Great Zero project! That would help everyone who is in D'ni now, regardless of politics. Helping is right up our alley, too!

I'm sorry ... but this one one of the worse chat logs I have seen yet ... and I'm very disgusted by what I read ... enough so that I could not even finish reading the log. A couple of things that stood out ...

Douglas can't get his story straight ... his pub is in JíTaeri and NOT Ae'gura.

Telling me I must follow her ... that I will follow eventually ... NOT!

Outright deception and lies ... especially when Mr. Laxman arrived.

Two-faced opinions about the DRC ... say one thing when the DRC is not around and something totally different when the DRC is around.

All this just totally sickened me and really turned me off this this game ... it is one thing choosing sides ... quite another when it reverts to slander and back stabbing and butt kissing.

I am very disapponted ... I don't care if this is a game ... I had higher opinions of the Myst community ... and did not think they would stoop to such tactics. ranting.gif
Duskrin D'tahree
Victor finally makes himself readily available to express a need for help, and I am not able to be there? What a quandry. I think I shall post my willingness to help on the DRC site. The Great Zero... that would do so much to further my studies of D'ni technology!

Nice smile.gif

And Gray... I do understand your sentiments. It is my sentiments exactly. In fact, I invite you into the Society for the Technological Study of D'ni. I do not care about allegiances. And I am not interested in politics. I wish only to do what it is I came here to do. Explore. And document. If you feel this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.

I am slowly starting to sway away from the Yeesha movement. I believe in Yeesha. Yet I am not an activist. I will help all I can. Perhaps, later on, when everyone is concerned with politics, the Society can add a little baseline level-headedness. I will make an official statement on the society, at a later date. When I have more of an idea on how to track our findings and such. Perhaps if I could find a forum for us...

Duskrin D'tahree
Two-faced opinions about the DRC ... say one thing when the DRC is not around and something totally different when the DRC is around.

it is one thing choosing sides ... quite another when it reverts to slander and back stabbing and butt kissing.

I was actually thinking this very same thing as I was reading this . One minute people are cheering Phil and Doug and Yeesha the next they want nothing to do with them and are sucking up to the DRC .

I am not sure what to think anymore . I will just stick with my Greeters shirt and for now and leave it at that .
In regards to your post Wolfie. I have to say that a do partially agree with you. The Yessha group speaks of wanting to be truthful with others and how they believe the DRC are hiding stuff from use. I was also very dissappointed when I saw all those ppl blantantly lie to Victor about whether Phil had been there or not! I felt that things were not right at all there. It made me feel that maybe this group was not that much different then the DRC as they say they are!

I think maybe ppl are not really sure (even if they say) who's side they are on. Since it is a game however the mind set could be that they can freely change there minds without any consequence and shouldn't be judged in RL for how they act IC.

Not sure there is really anything I can say to calm you Wolfie. What happened there was down right wrong and I to might need to step back again and rethink what I am going to be doing within this community!
QUOTE (MrM3FaN @ Dec 11 2003, 09:11 PM)
Not sure there is really anything I can say to calm you Wolfie. What happened there was down right wrong and I to might need to step back again and rethink what I am going to be doing within this community!

Thanks MrM ... I am calm ... just disappointed. down.gif

If these people (the explorers) can be this way so easily in a game ... I can't help but question what they are like in real life. The way I feel now from what I read ... is that I will not choose either side ... if I could give Yeesha the shirt back I would or at least burn it. I will NOT wear it!

Now if Yeesha decides to materialize and speak to me directly again ... then and only then will I hear "her" words and consider what she (and only she) has to say. I will not follow the followers of Yeesha and have no desire to ... my respect and trust have been severely damaged at this point.

The DRC has not given any reason not to trust them (although I'm not saying I do trust them). They have been accused of with holding information, but then this is true of most corporations and/or companies ... not necessarily a fault. I think the DRC is basically confused and overwhelmed with what is happening in the cavern and not sure how to deal with the situations at hand.

I will keep my distance and watch ... think of the wolf at the edge of a forest just behind the trees ... watching ... observing ... feeling his (my) way. I have never been a follower and see no reason to start now ... the lone wolf arises again from within.
This is really getting out of hand. What is the purpose of a community that is constantly having fits over IC drama? I NOW agree with the thought that staying out of the limelight with all major characters might be for the best. This will not be received well if the point of the game is an IC "reality show". I'm personally am tired of being asked "what is there to do around here". These newbies; like us old dogs; want places to explore. I don't like the fact we have to get involved with this kind of story line in order to pay the price to go exploring!:no:

I'm going to wear my Greeter T and leave it at that.

Wayne Noffsinger
Avi: Knottyboy
Wolfie, I agree with you completely. I was shocked reading the log and am sorely disappointed with people's behaviour. shock.gif I don't like where this is going at all so I too will be treading very carefully.

I have not worn my Yeesha shirt in some time and probably never will again. I will proudly wear my Greeter shirt and sometimes I'll be wearing the lovely shirt with Kerath's Arch on it that Dr. Watson gave me - not because he gave it to me but because I like shirt. smile.gif

In the meantime, we can only hope for better times in and out of the Cavern. flowers.gif
If you notice, I never lied to Laxman, I told him that "They are interesting to listen to" when he asked about Phil and Doug, and then I basically hung back and watched the drama unfold. That doesn't mean I let him off the hook either. I asked him to tell us about the Silo and was ignored. I also told him not to judge a book by its cover.....meaning not to judge people by any shirt that they wear, following up on previous statements in the chat. It's always interesting to observe human nature and the precarious swings of mob mentality. wink3.gif

BTW, I still support Yeesha, after all I am her Godfather! wink3.gif
How's THAT for a surprize.......... shock.gif
Maybe I should change my name from Mr. Lag to Mr. Bag.
Here's a paper bag. Breathe in & out slowly.
(note to self: Order more paper bags)

I was about to say 'I don't know why everyone is getting so upset' but I do know why. Let me remind you of what planet we live on & how the majority of people act & react. I won't go into details, I think you know them already.
I made a choice long ago that clings to reason. I decided to love people regardless of their actions. If there's anything I'd have to hate, it would be their actions, but not them.
What I've seen in this log is Dougs' attempt to win over people to wear Yeeshas' shirt by joking & dancing. Doug animal.
Then I read Victors' posts, & he seemed like a nuclear scientist who just stumbled into a nudie bar in Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break. I couldn't help to notice how 'alone' he felt.
He leaned toward the idea of people helping to get the Great Zero working. Notice in our Ki's that a lot of Age locations have 000 000 0000 next to them. Getting the Great Zero running would give actual #s next to them.
Also remember that there are other Ki's in the game. One in upper Garrison, & one in another inaccessable part of the game. I assume each would have its own color scheme.

You know what I did last night? I went to the City & enjoyed the lag with Snerticus, then went to the GG Hood & enjoyed the lag with others, then went back to the City & enjoyed the lag with even more people. I yakked. I had fun. I saw black ghosts run around. I wasn't upset. I was happy. I'm going to enjoy this game. And when the monthly fees start kicking in, I'm going to enjoy it then too. Especially because the exploration aspect will open up again at that time.
Whether I follow Yeesha or the DRC or Tink (yes...that's who I'll follow!), I'm going to have fun.

Don't get emotionally wrought struggling with 'why' some people are making irrational choices in the game. You know how I'm going to decide which side to choose? Eeny meeny miney mo. That's how. Either way, I win, because I'm not going to get frustrated trying to rationalize a mob mentality. I don't get paid enough to do that.
Better yet, have Sharper and Watson play Ayoheek and you follow the winner!
Well said, Mr. Lag/Bag! When all is said and done, it's still a game, with different people playing different parts in different ways. I intend to have fun. If that means changing alliances five times a week, so be it. It's all about me. lmao.gif

Seriously, Wolfie and others need to realize that some of the folks involved in last night's events were merely playing their roles the way they think they're supposed to.
We all owe our Cavern participation to a strange combination of Yeesha and the DRC, and with our continued involvement perhaps we can achieve a balance.......the scientifically-sound restoration of D'ni with the morally-sound lessons of Yeesha as a guiding hand. Both sides need to learn lessons as they move toward a balanced center with a common purpose. thumbsup.gif
Please dont genralize about yeesha'll notice that I seemed to be the only person that didnt lie to Laxman..yes I was well aware of his pressence when I made the "DRC need to change" comments...and I feel they do.
I listen I learn I shall follow both sides and hear what has to be said..if the time comes when I really do have to choose...well we shall see..

as for

Douglas can't get his story straight ... his pub is in JíTaeri and NOT Ae'gura

J'Taeri is on Ae'Gura...its no different to me saying I live in Gloucestershire instead of Eastington...Gloucestershire is the bigger area about Eastington. (note I dont live in eastington anymore incase any UK visitors happen to know where it is)

Also I have a copy of the log that has a bit of banter with Phil before he got to the hood...nothing important tho but I will post it when ive edited the PM's out of the log.

You know?

ALL of this stuff . . .
is really a time-killing way of offering "choice", . . .

At least that's the latest "neural gut" feeling . . .
from the flitting mind of the DaTinkmeister . . .

(uh-oh . . .
Rob Schneider flashback . . .
sitting by a copier . . .
making all passersby run his gauntlet) . . .

What it boils down to:

If you are interested in explore-iding new places first . . .
go with the Yeesha pursuit first.

If you are interested in restore-iding D'ni first . . .
go with the DRC first.

If you change your mind . . .
change your pursuit.

No big deal.
Don't stew on the street drama.

Right now Tink is more interested in pursuing . . .
the puzzle of The Least . . .

and when going ahead and wearing Yeesha's gift . . .
begins to "see" the gathered . . .
their faces of stone.

Does donning of Yeesha's tee equal "seeing" rocks?

Or is it just more of Tink's infamous ability . . .
to see connections from anything to anything?

Dunno . . .
but FEELS like fun.

And Tink is intrigued . . .
with a refreshed prickle of "journey"s again . . .
like when spraying laterals right and left . . .
during last year's Zandi pursuits . . .
on the DRC forums . . .

It happens with every new "face" she spots.

If, in the future . . .
Tink spots something about what the DRC is doing . . .
that intrigues . . .
Tink'll head that direction for a while.

If it turns out that . . .
there ARE lines being drawn on the paver stones . . .

and divisive behaviors ARE part of the overall URU makers' plans . . .

and Tink begins to sour again . . .
on what's going down . . .

Tink will simply haul out her newly purchased Schizm II . . .
or her as-yet-unplayed Riddle of the Sphinx . . .
or old favorties like RealMYST, Riven, Ex|le, Timelapse, The Longest Journey, Syberia, Schizm, etc

and pass time that way . . .
until another idea about another thing to try . . .
in Tink's version of URU . . .
floats to the surface of ZeSwamp.

No biggy . . .
just the way it is . . .

After all Tink is that VERY "interest-ided in things MREDU" style of explorer . . .
who is also not one hundred percent the intensely focused avid.

Time is guaranteed to change all things.

And if you feel very uncomfortable . . .
with what another explorer . . .
or group of explorers . . .
is doing or saying to you . . .

like the behavior of an apparently developing "D'niLords" . . .
[Tink's term for them] . . .
city "gang" Tink encountered recently . . .

try to find a non-contentious way of expressing yourself . . .
when they try to mess with your head . . .

(sometimes a VERY hard thing to do for The Mental URU Mob . . .
when Goofedy is loose . . .
or DaBigRig is pursuing diplomatic relations with conepeople, +<| . . .
instead of sniffing out clues)

and go about what you were going about.

Check back later . . .
see if time has done its thing . . .
if the atmosphere is more inviting then.

Remember always exercise your toy named "laugh" . . .
and your toy named "imagination".

Tink is no longer interested in venting . . .

having fun again . . .
doing what Tink came to do in URU.

However, DaMob is also yanking at Tink's "leash" again . . .
trying to communicate the concept that . . .
Tink's running off at the Majick Box keyboard agai___

[Connection lost . . .
unknown "server" error]
OK ... yea!

LaReh and Tweek ... my comments were not directed at either of you. Neither one of you said anything to what I stated in my first post.

Now ... how can I enjoy a game when anywhere I go I get ... Have you seen Phil? Where is Phil? Have you seen so and so? Is so and so there? Do you have so and so's KI? What are we playing here, manhunt and goose chase?

What I choose not to participate in is being forced in my face and shoved down my throat... and then I'm called the one with the attitude problem? I DON'T THINK SO! and YES I do have severe trust issues ... so don't tell me to get over myself.

If I wanted this kind of lies and deceipt I will go play in the real world. Games are a nice momentary escape from all that BS. Unless, I play a game where this is specified.

Cyan tell us what you created and how we are to play this game. It's your dreams ... show us your vision with some explanation.

I'm sorry this is just really hurting cause I love this game and I love Myst ... but the actions that are occuring are getting to much ... as it stands right now ... those of us who just want to explore or just stand around and talk and play heek are not being given that right. OK, so this is your game and the majority rules.

So be it.
Must... follow... Tink... Lavender... is... beautiful... and... enticing... biggrin.gif
I never thought any of your comments were directed at me, Wolfie! shock.gif I just hated to see you so upset about things and since I WAS there, I thought that my perspective would provide some insight into the situation. As far as I know, you can continue to play without being involved in any of the politics or role-playing.
That's why Greeting is so great, it's a kind of neutral position to be in, or slide in and out of if the "game" gets too heavy. I don't like the idea of anything being forced down anyone's throat or against their will and I will staunchly defend anyone's right to play Uru unencumbered by the pseudo-political aspects of it!
People's feelings are more important that whose "side" they're on... rolleyes.gif
Especially a stand-up guy like you! thumbsup.gif
"You Are You", right? And you can play Uru any way you see fit. Remaining true to one's self and having standards are what's really lacking in the world today and I admire you for taking a stand for what you believe about all of this. I just hated to see you upset about it and I hope I didn't make it worse. down.gif
I meant well innocent.gif
Which side do you guys think we should be on? Yeesha and them don't seem to think the drc are doing a very good job. They are being really secretive about everything. I am sporting my yeesha shirt for now and I hope it turns out for the better. I think we should all just get along.
Wow! I just read about half of the log. It was all I could stand. It reminds me of TV scenes of Skinhead rallies, or maybe the Hitler Youth. If that's an example of what we are going to have to pay $10 a month to "enjoy" I'll join Tink in Schizm II or Syberia 2 when it comes out.

I remember back in the old text adventures that there were objects that appeared only if you were carrying some particular thing. It looks like there will be places or maybe linking books that only appear if you're wearing Yeesha shirt and others that exist only of you're wearing a DRC shirt. Of course someone will have the ability to control what shirts are in our closets too! So much for remaining neutral angry.gif

Been trying to get my hands around something that's been bugging me since reading the log... and the only way I can explain it is by using examples from fantasy novels I've read in the past...

Yeesha is like the benevolent diety... you're not quite sure what their motives are, but you generally think they mean well...

Phil is like the true believer, the oracle, the one who first saw the light, and is trying to get everyone else to see it too...

Sharper impresses me as a Wormwood (Tolkien) character, there's always one High priest who spouts all the lingo, and is really enthusiastic, but there's a subplot that's always related to personal power and ulterior motives. Usually the true believer is convinced that the high priest is on the up and up, and therefore doesn't always see that they're just "mouthing the words".

I could be in total left field on this... but that's the way my gut is taking me...

QUOTE (LaReh @ Dec 12 2003, 01:42 PM)
I never thought any of your comments were directed at me, Wolfie!  shock.gif  I just hated to see you so upset about things and since I WAS there, I thought that my perspective would provide some insight into the situation. As far as I know, you can continue to play without being involved in any of the politics or role-playing.

LaReh ... You are such a great friend! I have and do respect you and always will! I will continue to play and be a part of URU and the GoG ... although maybe not the way others intended! whistling.gif

QUOTE (walt_scRIVENs @ Dec 12 2003, 02:20 PM)
Wow! I just read about half of the log. It was all I could stand. It reminds me of TV scenes of Skinhead rallies, or maybe the Hitler Youth.

Walt ... this was exactly what I felt when I was reading the log convo ... hense why I got so bothered by it.

QUOTE (Groo @ Dec 12 2003, 02:29 PM)
I could be in total left field on this... but that's the way my gut is taking me...

Groo ... I do not think you are that far off. Something is not right here, but I can't put my finger on it and that's what bothers me! I will remain true to my inner self.
My opinion? Suffice it to say that the above log was self-conflicting.

As an observation, I do have to say that phil and doug seemed to rally everyone to yeesha's side almost to the point of cult status. Horrible scenes (the visuals I got while reading the log) that accompany this observation are mass suicides. I guess the reason being is that everyone was so enamored and believed in the individual's cause, that they would do anything for them. I hope that doesn't happend here. I hope that the only thing happening is that people are getting a "feel" for roleplaying - and are experimenting by taking each side as they are presented.

That, at least, is a theory that would make me feel better about this situation. huh.gif Since I agree with Yeesha from what she's said so far in Prime, I guess you could consider me on Yeesha's "side". However, I can also see where the DRC are coming from...thus I don't want to choose sides. I certainly do not want to be forced to wear her shirt. Although it's trendy, I think it looks terrible on me and will only wear it for special "occasions". I will continue to wear the GG t-shirt. My allegiance is with them. I guess that is the "side" I chose even before we had to choose sides. blush.gif
Snerticus, we believe, as you do, that everyone is feeling out their characters for this roleplay...including Phil, Victor, Douglas, etc. And Cyan is also trying to feel out our reactions.

We will wait. We see plans within plans. Neither faction is telling us everything. If Sharper and Phil and so certain that the DRC is holding back for dubious reasons, then where is the proof? Have they even given an example?

We resent being told that we must make a choice. We do not like being told that we WILL do something. We have abandoned those in our lives who try to exercise too much control. We see some of what the pride that Yeesha warned us of in both sides. This does not bode well.

Wolfie, we hope that you are never forced to make a choice. There should always be the option to choose not to choose. That is true freedom. You can always follow the unfolding IC story on the forums. It is unlikely that Cyan will require any hasty decisions. That will be death for this title, which seeks those not drawn to the non-stop, shoot-em-up, play-all-night-'til-your-eyes-bleed games. We have stopped playing one such game because of this. We hope that Cyan has done their homework and realizes that style is offered elsewhere (everywhere).


QUOTE (walt_scRIVENs @ Dec 12 2003, 10:20 PM)
It reminds me of TV scenes of Skinhead rallies, or maybe the Hitler Youth.

I had this thought flicker across my mind..

And Wolfie...I do apologise whole heartedly..I just dont like genralizations sorry.

I can understand your upsetment over this...but personally and speaking OOC its fantastic...its so immersive and so real...if you were actually down in teh real D'ni things like this would be happening...personally if people can remember that most of us (I cannot speak for everyone) are playing a part then I hope no problems are caused...If i picked the side of the DRC and grew to hate all Yeesha supporters doesnt mean I really do hate them..some of them will be good friends of mine..(please note I dont pick the DRC side I remain nutural still) I look forward to seeing how this plays out..Remember...this is not myst...Myst was very very different..this is us Humans <coughs> erm yes we do take sides and our nature will be carried into D'ni and cyan have seen this.

Oh Wolfie, console.gif I know how you feel. I was feeling that way as I read the log. I also agree with Snert.

Maybe this shows how good this game really is. I forget sometimes that it is a game, I get so immersed in it. Then I get hurt thinking that something is pointed at my way of thinking. Guess we just don't want our friends apart from us.

But I do keep reminding my self it is a game and I love everyone dearly.

I will continue to be neutral, I do not like sides. Even in real life, I am always on the middle of the fence, cause every side always has a good point.

I guess when I see a group of people saying yeah we are for you down with the other side. It reminds me of riots, where people would hang people because they got caught up in a frenzy and then after go what did I do. Maybe that is what they are trying for. Or here drink this poison, and we will all die together. Yes I realize it is a game it just brings flashes of scenes like that. Yes Walt I agree with you also.

I still make my own decision and I am going to stay right there with the Greeters. I feel the Greeters will always be neutral, or at least should remain so.

Our role I think is to kind of help everyone, show them all sides and let them decide on their own. It be their decision.

Since I am having a bloody bad time finishing Kemo guess I won't have to worry about the Yeesha shirt. I like my Greeter shirt and wear it all the time.

Granny hugs to everyone. wub.gif hug.gif
This is waaay off-topic but I'd like to poke my head in and tell memiki that you can have people go with you into your Ages and help you finish them now that you're in Uru Live. You don't have to play them alone! laugh.gif Have a Kemo-finishing party! With a few helpers, it'll be done in no time and be fun too! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (CAGrayWolf @ Dec 12 2003, 04:32 PM)
If these people (the explorers) can be this way so easily in a game ... I can't help but question what they are like in real life.

Here is a way to show some perspective on roleplayers.

On another game I have played these roles:
* Harsh slave owner who researches new ways to get 100% obediance and mindlessness from a slave
* Torturer who takes delight in seeing his victim's displeasure
* Liar
* Rumour mongeror
* Thief
* Back-stabbing-money-grabbing-miserable-so and so.
* Someone who manipulates others

I would hate for someone to judge me based on any of these characters smile.gif

Now this is a non-issue for me with Uru because I am roleplaying me (U-R-U after all biggrin.gif). But I know several people who aren't wink3.gif

I've also gotten angry at someone who said "cut the PETA nonesense you darn hippy" but then I immediately reminded myself the person was ROLEPLAYING.

I actually fell off my chair from laughing at this log smile.gif

As for your complaint of everyone saying "Where's <insert character here>" I've found that I've never had the question directed at me personally and the person stops asking after a minute, and I only ask those who are on my buddy list wink3.gif
I ... as well as all of you ... know I have had some problems with the role playing thing shock.gif !

Maybe I might understand better if those that are roleplaying were better defined. Perhaps what they are playing is too subtle for the rest of us to tell the difference between IC and OOC. But then this also shows a good actor when the rest of us can't tell the difference.

I'm also seeing that with so many different personalities in the game and so many different objectives from different players [users] in game ... that strict role playing to the in game characters will often become blurred ... not to those playing IC ... but to the rest of us.

Honestly, I do admire those that can roleplay a totally different person than themselves ... and yes, a bit jealous I suppose ... because I was never good at this. down.gif

Now to roleplaying myself [U-R-U] I can do this quite well and with this [playing myself] my opinions stand. I'm no patran saint by any means here either ... I have done my fair share of bad things in life ... but this is also where my experience comes from ... and where I can make my choices and decisions today.

I have become very curious about this RP stuff ... and I think I might be ok with it ... once I get the hang of it and learn to seperate the IC and OOC stuff ... though this in itself can be difficult as mentioned above ... for the lines ARE blurred.

Possibly ... I may want to have all those roleplaying understand that I am roleplaying myself and that these are by thoughts and beliefs ... as a character in-game ... and play on that. I like this idea! biggrin.gif

Tweek ... you are correct, it is fantastic.

granny ... hug.gif

John ... thanks for the perspective again, you're good at that! thumbsup.gif
John, I love watching a clever villian in a movie. And usually there's a resolve. I know actors love to play the villian. They get the fun lines.
But roleplaying a villian for months on end, with no resolve, would definitely affect someones' character, even if subconsciously. If there's any place a person could 'practice' being evil, RPGs are it.
I'm just not into that 'let's pretend we're evil' gaming. Now that you've had so much practice at it in other games, were you expecting to do the same thing in Uru? As far as I can tell, right now there's no 'bad' characters in the game. Right now there's divisions based on safety & exploration. If there are any characters, be it one of the DRC or Yeesha or Sharper, that later on reveal an evil streak, what are you going to do? Side with them because you also want to play an evil character in the game like them? Uh....they are the villian, not you. The most you could do is suck up & be a toady. You wanna be a toady? I got better things to do.
(This is not a slam at you, John. Just at the RPG genre.)
QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 14 2003, 06:12 AM)
But roleplaying a villian for months on end, with no resolve, would definitely affect someones' character
I know this is just a general comment, but with the characters up there, they were actually considered your normal, every day person wink3.gif There were still morals in the game and the "more evil" of the people were actually quite moral, just a heck of a lot different to our morals smile.gif Like in countries that have slaves.

QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 14 2003, 06:12 AM)
I'm just not into that 'let's pretend we're evil' gaming. Now that you've had so much practice at it in other games, were you expecting to do the same thing in Uru?
Definitely not smile.gif I was expecting people to roleplay themselves (but then again, I was expecting most people to roleplay wink3.gif). It didn't occur to me people would want to roleplay people other then themselves, whether it be just a few characteristic of their personality tweeked, or if it was a whole new persona. I know some people wanting to roleplay being a D'ni (amongst other roleplayers who want to roleplay that. They realise they can't roleplay with people outside their group especially the DRC wink3.gif).

QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 14 2003, 06:12 AM)
As far as I can tell, right now there's no 'bad' characters in the game. Right now there's divisions based on safety & exploration. If there are any characters, be it one of the DRC or Yeesha or Sharper, that later on reveal an evil streak, what are you going to do? Side with them because you also want to play an evil character in the game like them?
I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to side with the "baddies". The reason being, there is no such thing as an evil person.

Look at Sharper. Let's say he is using Yeesha's teachings to trick people to joining his side so he can gain as much power as possible. This doesn't mean he's evil. It just means he is self centered and only looks after himself. There are other people who are like that as well, so they're likely to side with Sharper to use him (I know I was going to side with him to use him before he became a follower of Yeesha).

QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 14 2003, 06:12 AM)
Uh....they are the villian, not you. The most you could do is suck up & be a toady. You wanna be a toady?
There can't be any good or bad sides. Both in real life, and in realistic roleplaying games wink3.gif Let's say we discover a D'ni who wants to destroy all of us. Why does he want to destroy all of us? Perhaps because he feels we're desocrating a holy ground. Now that is certainly not evil. Now let's say he gets a following. Why would people follow him? Perhaps they agree with him. Perhaps they think they'll be to move to a new Age and don't want people following them, perhaps they have a grudge against the DRC or perhaps he has bribed them somehow. These might seem like stupid reasons to join him to us, but look at real life and look at the reasons people do stuff wink3.gif You'll find sillier reasons there for why people do things bleh.gif

QUOTE (Corona @ Dec 14 2003, 06:12 AM)
(This is not a slam at you, John. Just at the RPG genre.)
Oh I know that smile.gif I think another problem with RPGs are roll-playing games (such as the final fantasy series, Dungeons and Dragons, etc). These often have villains who are evil for the sake of being evil. But I don't think we'll ever have those sort of people in Uru wink3.gif
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