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I think we should have a game of Mad Libs. You've all played it, right? If not, it's easy. We start with a story (which only I can see) which is missing a few key words (the "blanks"). I'll tell you what kind of word we need for our story. You give me the correct part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and I'll plug it into the blank. When we've filled all the blanks, I will read (or in this case, post) the completed work. How it turns out is up to you, the contributors.

It will work best if we are spontaneous about the words I'll be asking for. Use the first thing that pops into your head, and I'll use the first post I receive.

Now, usually an online Mad Libs crawls too slowly if one word is asked for at a time, therefore, I will post several of the words we need and plug in the collected posts when I return.

So put on your thinking caps, grab your grammar books, and off we go! For the grammatically challenged (or those who haven't had it in school yet), I'll try to give you a hint on parts of speech as we go along.

For those of you who haven't been at school for a while, here is a list of the different kinds of words:

Noun: A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea.
Verb: A verb or compound verb asserts something about the subject of the sentence and express actions, events, or states of being.
Adverb: An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," "how much".
Adjective: An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies.

Here is the list for the first one - a short one to start!

1)a verb, past tense
2)a noun
3)another noun
4)another verb, past tense
5)a verb ending in “ing“
6)an adjective
7)another adjective
8)a verb, intransitive (does not take an object, like "walk": "I walk down the street")
9)and another noun

Post in order from 1-9 etc and note which number you are up to for easy flow.

Have a go and lets see how we go!! laugh.gif

(Thanks to Marae for the use of your speeches, wording etc wink3.gif )
Ooh, good idea! clapping.gif

#1 ran
Rex Havoc
#2 (A Noun) Bulldozer
#3 a noun -> house
4 - another verb, past tense - squashed
#5 - another verb, ending in "ing" -> pushing

NOTE* you can add more than one word to any MAD LIB. Don't be shy smile.gif
Rex Havoc
6)an adjective --> Slippery

7)another adjective --> Sweet

OK!! clapping.gif
8)a verb, intransitive (does not take an object, like "walk": "I walk down the street") > uhh, run? blink.gif

9)and another noun > chicken biggrin.gif
Yikes!! you guys are quick.

I have a five more, then I can post the first one!!

10)a plural noun
11)a part of the body, plural
12)a place
13)another plural noun
14)a verb, past tense
10) faces

Edit: Marth should I expect that all of the llama things will be replaced by chickens soon? laugh.gif
11)a part of the body, plural

12)a place - Kmart
13)another plural noun > alpacas biggrin.gif
14)a verb, past tense > fried

(no, i'm not turning into a chicken) (and i'd better not find these alpacas fried shock.gif)
Ok - here it is.

[You are innocently wandering around somewhere and you hear this ghostly voice talking to itself.]

'I ran the moment I fell into the bulldozer that the house would not be squashed as I had planned. It continued pushing into that slippery expanse, of which I had only a sweet glimpse. I have tried to run where it might have landed, but I must admit that such a chicken is futile. Still, faces about whose eyes might one day hold my Kmart book are unsettling to me. I know my fears might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the alpaca has not yet been fried.'

[A moment later a book falls out of nowhere and nearly conks you on the noggin. So you open it up and -- oops!]

Now that was quick! shock.gif

Now that you know 'where' some of the 'stories' are probably going to come from, please still try to use the first thing that pops into your head, and not deliberately think of Myst.

I am off to bed - but if you are interested in another, I will put up the next set when I am next on.
Oh, that was histerical. laugh.gif Thanks Ra'phil. How about more? We are ready thumbsup.gif

You see Marth, no alpaca was mishandled during this game. smile.gif Better be careful next time you add llama to the list, you never know!!
roll.gif lmao.gif That was hilarious roll.gif

I like that...the alpaca has not yet been fried lmao.gif
Rex Havoc
Brings back memories of car trips when I was little!! No in-vehicle DVD's back then!!!
"Sit down, s... oh, nevermind!! shy.gif

roll.gif @ Rex!!


Well you all did that one so quick, this one is somewhat harder and longer. bleh.gif

1)a woman‘s name
2)a noun
3)a verb, intransitive: (does not take an object, like "walk": "I walk down the street")
4)an adjective
5)a plural noun
6)a verb, past tense
7)another plural noun
8)a man‘s name
9)a plural noun
10)a man’s name
11)a verb, transitive
12)a noun
13)a verb, past tense
14)an adjective
15)a plural noun
16)a verb, transitive
17)a verb, intransitive
18)a plural noun
19)a noun
20)a verb intransitive
21)an adjective
22)a verb, transitive
23)another verb, transitive
24)an adjective

[Transitive: you can hit a ball, or drop a hint, or sail a boat.
Intransitive: I sail over the ocean. So sail is both transitive and intransitive.]

Lets see if I have time to have more than a coffee this time! rolleyes.gif
1)a woman‘s name -- > Aurora
2)a noun --> TV
3)a verb, intransitive: (does not take an object, like "walk": "I walk down the street") > fly
4)an adjective > slimy biggrin.gif
5)a plural noun --> people
6)a verb, past tense --> swam
7)another plural noun -> forks
8)a man‘s name -> Jim
QUOTE (Marth @ Jan 28 2005, 12:52 PM)
3)a verb, intransitive: (does not take an object, like "walk": "I walk down the street") > fly
4)an adjective > slimy biggrin.gif

roll.gif yours fit perfectly!!! clapping.gif
9)a plural noun

10)a man’s name

11)a verb, transitive

9. antiques
10. Drederik
11. deep-fried
12)a noun -> desk
13)a verb, past tense -> played
14)an adjective -> wet
15)a plural noun Dragons
16)a verb, transitive trekked
17)a verb, intransitive - barf
18)a plural noun - Jackals
19: Frogspawn
20: Dance
dragonkin, i believe "trekked" is an intransitive verb...


Part of speech: intransitive verb
Syllables: trek
Pronunciation: trehk
Inflections: trekked, trekking, treks
Definition: to travel or make one's way, usu. slowly and arduously.
Synonyms: trudge, plod (1), slog (1)
Similar Words: journey, travel, voyage, peregrinate, traverse, tour

transitive verbs are verbs that take direct objects (for example: "ate" as in I (subject) ate (transitive verb) the (article) apple (direct object). )

hope this helps some with the differentiation between transitive and intransitive verbs...

Actually - I have used 'trek' it fits!!

Only 4 to go!
21)an adjective: preposterous

Edit: Since this has started on a new page, here is the remainder of the list:
22)a verb, transitive
23)another verb, transitive
24)an adjective
22) a verb, transitive - climbing

23) another verb, Transitive - blowing
Thanks Toria - i will have to use climb and blow - ok!!

One more to go.
24) Adjective -> Agoraphobic

[A moment later a book falls out of nowhere and nearly conks you on the noggin. So you open it up and -- oops!]

Following on:

[You find yourself on an island, and, while snooping around on someone else’s property, you find this personal message and, of course, read it]

Click here to view a spoiler.

I have put it into spoiler tags this time, just in case someone, somewhere thinks it is one.

WOW thats cooL!

I should have known not to let the Guild of Greeters forum unchecked for so long!

Great idea guys. Glad Toria guessed <hehehe> 2 transitive verbs!
LOL, bizarre but fun. Yeah now I *know* the meaning of transitive verbs LOL ha ha ha tongue.gif wink3.gif thumbsup.gif
OK that was cool. Now that Ra'Phil wants to contribute to one, I've made up my own. It continues the Myst theme but I'm not telling you where its from.

1. Noun
2. Noun
3. Noun
4. Adjective
5. Noun
6. Noun
7. Intransitive Verb
8. Transitive Verb
9. Noun
10. Transitive Verb
11. Transitive Verb
12. Adjective
13. Noun
14. Noun
15. Transitive Verb
16. Noun
17. Transitive Verb
18. Transitive Verb
19. Adjective

When you post, just fill in some of the numbers with words that match that category.

And the important part:
An INTRANSITIVE verb is one that has only a subject, such as "I laugh"
A TRANSITIVE verb is one that has a subject AND an object, such as "I eat the apple".
Most verbs can be both, but just be careful that you aren't posting one that doesn't fit!
1) noun - bed
2) noun - chair

biggrin.gif I can contribute!!
3) noun -> Tree

4) adjective -> large
5. Noun kitten
6. Noun grass
7. Intransitive Verb > jump
8. Transitive Verb > smack

roll.gif That was hilarious RaPhil. Especially the ending lmao.gif

Hi Eat My Shortz! bye2.gif
9. Dave
10. drive
11. Transitive Verb take
12. Adjective very heavy
13. Noun > Chicken
14. Noun > llama

wow, such fun!

**ra'phil, actually the verb "trek" doesn't work there, as a book cannot be "trekked" by virtue of its definition.

i was wondering if it was one of those things where the verb actually can be intransitive in nature but really transitive, but it really requires a true intransitive verb...

i remember going over and over this with my English students and it really is not one of the easier grammar concepts.

ok, now... onward and upward....

15. transitive verb ---> sing (or any of its conjugations)
15. noun ----> sky

rex, i remember these in the car on vacation too... heh heh ... those and crossweird puzzles.... smile.gif

QUOTE (d'rbeh @ Jan 29 2005, 04:49 AM)

**ra'phil, actually the verb "trek" doesn't work there, as a book cannot be "trekked" by virtue of its definition.


I don't worry too much d'rbeh - I figured it I got too pedantic about things, it wouldnt be fun. A bit of a case of a suggestion here and there and people will get the hang of things. Personally, I don't like transitive and intransitive verbs - even though the 'meaning' is, uh, perfectly clear blink.gif


17: transitive verb (wouldnt you believe it): hold
18. rotate
19. stinking
i agree... 'tis all in fun, but having been a former teacher of English, i never let an opportunity pass me by (well, yes i do, really)... i RARELY let an opportunity pass me by to help educate...

transitive, intransitive... bleh... verbs, the conjugation of which were the bane of my students' existences...

Wow! So many people responded. I hope I don't let you guys down.
Here it goes:
(Click the spoiler to open it up)

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