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Full Version: Pillers
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I have made it through to the cave where I got the second Hologram. Have gotten the first piller back home but have not been able to make the jump to get any of the other pillers. Is there something more that needs done to get to them or am I just not jumping from the right spots?

Thanks for any help.
You need to do quite a lot else. You can't jump to another pillar inside the cave.
How did you get that first pillar? How many worlds have you been through? smile.gif
Ok,,Thanks ,,You saved me a lot of agonizing,, wasting of time. I'll try to figure out what all else I need to do,,,,I know there is so much to this game that I haven't even begun to find yet.

Have a great day.

Hi Jo,

I have two of the pillers now. I have completed two worlds but I am getting my butt kicked trying to figure out how to set the three dial things so that I can progress in that age. Any direct instructions would be greatly appreciated.
Questions about specific ages should probably go under the topic for that age. The age you're talking about is the one with the huge trees and the purple fog, right? That one is called Kadish Tolesa.

Minor Kadish Hint:
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