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Full Version: Favorite Exile Age?
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My favorite Age in Exile was the marble Age (I can't remember its name.) clapping.gif I particularly liked the wild ride at the end. But I had a lot of difficulty with the counter-weight puzzle - in the end, it was just trial and error.

What was your favorite Age in Exile, and why?
Ken Telinome
Amateria, the marble age, just like you. I loved the music and the overall atmosphere of the age. Sad and lonely, yet not.
I loved the whole Exile game, but I used to start new games just to hear the intro/entry music in Edana. As for a favorite age, it would be a toss up between Ameteria and Edana. clapping.gif Amateria because of the atmosphere in it. The age reminded me of my childhood in England, exploring every nook and cranny of Manchester, including Birchfields park, ignoring the weather and all of the rain, even sneaking off to the saturday matinee at the age of four with my older sister, our parents having no clue, thinking we were playing in the college grounds that connected to the back of our house. Edana because of the music and the elegance of the design, its originality in the way the plants were used as technology. Edana is just coooooooll. smile.gif
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