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Full Version: There's An Elephant!
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Tink done found an elephant in Haven . . .
Click here to view a spoiler.

Can YOU find it?
Wow, Tink!

You're right! I can see it! clapping.gif
Rex Havoc
I wonder if that was intentional. It sure looks like an elephant!!
Things hidden in a Myst game?
Surely you jest!

I know . . .
don't call you Shirley.

Tink's working on her new buddy . . .
gonna get him to join in with her circle of . . .
cone people . . .
and lightnin' bugs . . .
and baboon-like aliens . . .
and robots that look like giant red Jolly Ranchers . . .


*small . . .
infinitesimal pause*

Now I gotta figure out a way to get him to listen to me.
Found it, found it thumbsup.gif Good catch, Tink, nothing misses your eyes.
Ken Telinome
That's hilarious! I never noticed that before!
AHHHH!!!!!!!!! BABAR!!!!!!!!!!! smile.gif
hidden in plain sight!
Nyrphame Danilaise
Oh, tink, thank you for finding the heffelump!

clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

That's just the first one spotted!

There's a whole herd!

Some of them will be featured in the next Haven journal entry . . .
when it finally makes it to the website.

Brace yerselves, guys . . .
Corona may now decide to pop in and tell us all . . .
what he thinks he saw . . .
when he was bumbling in DaJungle!

*shudders at the thought*
Now that I have my new computer....I have to get this game!
I thought I saw a baby one, looking out from underneath the big one.......
I have learned . . .
the more you look . . .
the more you see!
I think I vote Haven as the best Age in all the regular Myst games(not Uru).
Channelwood was a close second. Haven had great everything-music, animation,puzzles... linking.gif

My other favorites were(no particular order): J'nanin, Voltaic,Stoneship,Tomahna
Hiya, Joseph.

Welcome to GOG!

Exile's Ages were indeed spectacular . . .
and I enjoyed Voltaic very much.

Was the location of one of those "something OBVIOUS" puzzles . . .
I keep coming across in Revelation now.

Took me a bit of "stewin'" time . . .
and many many strolls past that something obvious . . .
within the dam structure on Voltaic . . .
before my trusty(?) ole peripheral vision kicked in and caught it.

Ended up being more of a head banger than the launching of my ride . . .
to DaNexPlace on Voltaic.
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