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Full Version: Max 200
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In an other online game developers are forced to squeese an item discription in to the maximum of 200 characters, which obviously can be pretty painfull if you want to use this for advertising the product. confused1.gif But this let me discover a new form of art and fun:

MAX 200!

Tell a story but NEVER use more than 200 characters smile.gif

Try it clapping.gif
You will see it's really fun.

Here is mine for today:

"It was his own blood bleeding from his mouth. Proof of the ordeal he went trough. He couldn't taste the salty liquid on his tounge. But the anaesthesia the dentist gave him wouldn't last for ever." (196)
i'll have a go... smile.gif

"he wasn't sure what to do, but he knew that he had to do it right. after all, if he miscalculated, or mis-stepped, he would have to go back through this dry land and reset all of those vents. he wasn't sure what was on the other side, but knew he must go there."

is that right, majandi?

edit: oh, i just read the word "characters"... mine is probably over that then.
yep. tongue.gif
Good start though but 262 characters. Try again!
"The air was full a butterflies, the ground covered with moss. All over it was Heaven, a response to Mr. Bacerd's loss."
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