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Full Version: Waxing Nostalgic
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I was waxing nostalgic over on this thread.

As I did a short jaunt of online search engining . . .
and scouring an old archive fansite . . .

I came across this leedle Quicktime movie still on Cho.

Thought maybe you guys that are newer to MREDU . . .
might enjoy Cyan CEO Rand Miller's pretended . . .
"got caught" take.

I'm so glad Cyan hasn't dismantled all of Cho's mind yet.
and us nostalgic-given MREDU-ers can sill re-discover little jewels like this one in there.

So MUCH older stuff URLS seem to be converting to that new CyanWorlds front screen now.
Lotta Lagg
Interesting. Is that who I think it is? Thanks for sharing. shock.gif
*one eyebrow goes up, one eyebrow dives -- which makes for one weird-looking Mental Mobster*
Ummm . . .
I don't grasp your question yet, Lotta . . .
is who who you think it is?

Help me move out my Dense Mode?
Can you give me a hand here?
*No, not this --> clapping.gif *
Yup it's him caught off guard looks like. clapping.gif
Thanks Tink love it when old bits get rediscovered again. smile.gif
No boss button there to hide what he was doing shock.gif Thanks Tink, I have not seen these little jewel. clapping.gif
lol Makes you wonder WHO was taking the movie?
RAWA maybe?

Some good shots Here just for nostalgia.

D'ni Architecture

Eat_My_Shortz' Relto

Ok stopping the links now. blush.gif
QUOTE (Shadowcats @ Apr 28 2005, 09:47 AM)
D'ni Architecture
Ok stopping the links now.  blush.gif

Ah, yes . . .
the real Z-man!
Love the way that guy's mind works.

And no!
DON'T . . .

Don't stop adding nostaligia links?

Us ole fogies . . .
AND those NU2MREDU . . .
probably get a kick outta cruising them . . .
adding them to our favorites.
Ken Telinome
cry.gif I was completely unaware that Noloben had been fully functional, just never added to the game code. cry.gif

Out of curiousity, is that what the city looked like in Beta? Those background city walls are far more detailed than what we've been stuck with.....
There is always the 2 Myst comic books that are classics if you can get your hands on them.
I have them in PDF format. biggrin.gif
If anyone would like a link rolleyes.gif but not sure about copyright even if there in .pdf. unsure.gif
Ummmm...........we do have links to the comic books right here on our Dni Resources list that we put together. There are a great many sites (both fan and official) with tons of information for just about anything MREDU related that you could want. There are even some links for foreign sites in there.

And of course, if anyone has a site they would like included or notices any broken links, you can always contact me or one of the other Mods and we can include your site or fix the broken links.
Doh but that comic is only viewable on line or did i miss the download link?
Oh well blush.gif

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